Repetition of sacred sounds called mantras energises the mind.

Our bodies are three-fold, causal body, astral body, and physical body. The astral body consisting of what we call the chakras, beginning at the root center at the very base of the spine up to the throat center, the place where we communicate as human beings.

At the root center, The Word, Her Divine essence, awaits awakening to Her presence. Beginning at the throat, remember the place of audible speech, we must awaken next the heart chakra, which is thought and then descending to the navel chakra, which is illumined speech, and finally the root chakra transcendent speech. We say in yoga this is done through repetitious sacred sounds called mantras energizing the mind. These sounds are speech relating to sensation. In other words, the power of speech must descend to the root chakra in order to allow the energy of consciousness to ascend, therefore awakening to our highest potentiality. This requires discipline; discipline of the mind, the breath, and the body, thus energizing the divine word, which is then audible at the throat.

These are what we know to be the utterances of the seers, who speak from this very experiential knowledge. This is wisdom in the form of the language of audible speech.  This is not solely the claims of Hindu masters but of all those who practice the religions of the Great Mother.

To worship Her fully requires knowledge, for knowledge is Her true form. Again, I remind you, self inquiry is the means of acquiring knowledge. We do this through meditation on the Goddess. We must search and through our discoveries, find that which is secret, hidden, a mystery, subtle yet knowable, and sensitive, Her Divine Self in us. She therefore is the teaching itself and that which is comprehensible.



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