Spiritual knowledge, The Great Garba, the womb of Ultimate Truth.

In the awakening of The Absolute power within, one goes beyond the realm of what is known as transcending time and space and enters into that which is infinite, eternal, unchanging, everlasting.

Through the use of form and name personification, one moves beyond the sense realm to the impersonal Absolute knowable, truth. It is wisdom we seek, which is beauty and joy far beyond physically creation, yet it is found in all of creation. This knowledge I speak of is spiritual knowledge, spiritual knowledge being the Great Garba, the womb of Ultimate Truth.

Once we enter the womb we are reborn, we are transformed from the world of manifest knowledge and unfolded into pure consciousness itself. This process requires deep inquiry into our selves, renouncing little by little the gross knowledge of our perceived notions of life, our attachments to the world of objects to define our existence, and into the deeper truths, which are hidden by appearance. These realizations can inspire us to go even deeper and they can frighten us by the truths revealed about life itself.

I always tell students be careful what you ask for, for you may not like what you get. The process of Self Realization is not always a pleasant one. To unveil The Truth can be quite shocking to our minds. I’m not saying shun all the knowledge that you’ve gained in this earthly existence. I am saying, recognize its limitations to your consciousness. But, yes you must push aside the worldly knowledge and your tendencies to grasp at it as only that to be known, for it is mere information child, just data, thought infused with emotions.

One must move from logic and reason, what we call facts gained through the process of reduction, and into the realm of imagination, creativity, and be willing to participate through experience, entering the many dimensions within one’s own universe.

Everything exists in the mind. The entire universe is at this very moment flowing through your nervous system. Awaken your mind to Her Divine presence within you and all of life.



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