Mother the Creator, Her children, living beings, procreate, mankind, IS the WOMD

If one had the notion then, one could trace back the foundation of the perverse, corrupt enthronement of man god the father. Many have done it. The corruption of the oldest religion, that of The Mother. Roman Christianity, having taken all of its so-called sacred analogies, law, beliefs, rituals, and symbology, yes even their prayers and reinvented them to be the creation of the father god. A way of life, created by man to successfully reinvent the whole matricentered way. This required the complete destruction of the very core of their existing way of life.

Kill The Mother and all evidence of Her as the matrix, conform( recruit by conversional force) innocent girls and boys. This of course included the destruction of all temples of worship to The Goddess; all means of sustenance, as the people of The Mother God religion were largely agriculturists, vegetarian, mainly a peaceful, non-aggressive, non-hierarchal, non-exploitive life. People of the world, I tell you it is the true nature of the people we have forgotten. It’s time to remember. True nature= Compassion, Love, Trust, Intelligence(not intellect), Cosmic and communal connection.

Kill The Priestess, kill the girl children who were being taught the ancient secrets to the mystery of life. Kill the feminine completely, except for those enslaved, keep them alive physically so not all men had to resort to necrophilia, just pedophilia, sodomy and every other pheel- ya, the man invented by “perversizing” natural spiritual sensual sexual expression of ourselves. And, sodomize, torture then kill the men who refuse to collaborate. Usually, this was a Shaman and this allowed some men to” see the error of their ways” and have the opportunity to join the Christian coalitional forces. Destroy all ideals, these were images of The Mother God, carved of wood, and clay, and painted on walls, and stones. All rituals and ritual objects, however they appear to be of their Christian faith, have their foundation in the religion of The Mother. All rituals and ritual objects, including the robes are just bastardized to suit the relevance of a father god and his hierarchy. Beginning with the cosmic egg and the snake, to the world tree, the svastika, right down to the cross itself, are all sacred symbology stolen and “pervisized” to suit the patriarchal power of dominance over life. Instead of viewing life in all of Her spiral or circular movement, our conformed view of life is linear, all cycles separated or annihilated. All in order to separate man from The Mother. Separate, devastate, alienate, annihilate, reform/conform then pro-create.  Worship of the moon and the water changed to worship of the sun and the invention of some sacrifice called, “the lambs of God”. The building of churches became square, completely sparse, surrounding grounds had no trees or flowers, the reinforcement of the new linear existence. The dancing circles of The Mother religion were again mentioned by Jesus. He said, “event the passion I reveal to thee and the others in the round dance, I would have to call it a mystery.” Now this he was supposed to have said in leading the twelve apostles in a hymn to the father god.  I think we could look closely and see clearly the alteration of truth.

In this time of killing, more a” mass genocide”, the ancient women actually chose very hideous torture and even death, instead of speaking of the ancient ways. I expounded on this subject in my teachings regarding past lives, for many of these beings are here in this time to facilitate the necessary changes in human consciousness.

Remember, the only thing that comes between two women is man.  Man does not accept a powerful feminine, however we have never gone away.  Unfortunately, many gave up becuz man will still attack, torture, rape and KILL first the Spirit of girls, warning them of “their place”. A woman with Power has suffered the path; a true warrior for all feminine kind.

Women lite up your psyche see documentary, “Miss Representation”. May it wake you up!

The bromance (PDMF’s) of the catholic church is not serving Humanity nor any christian off shoots that pridefully have to be separate. I know an orthodox catholic man who since my birth is a perpetrator\ with a skilled team of wife and sisters who enable and a woman\husband enabler team who live in fear of hell for they are reborn hypocrites. Like their leader they RUN from the truth, but cannot hide.

The pope left and the fall of male dominance continues, just as it should be.  Another perp will be chosen and the people have no say!?

The wisest choice would of course be a woman who has experienced the sexual prowess and\or sexual abuse of a child and is able to FEEL the pulse of life.

Jai MA


Mother of All

To experience the unconscious desire, to accept what we intrinsically carry in our being, the truth that we have all at some level experienced the desire to be held, fed, rejuvenated, protected, loved, and sustained. In that peaceful release of the unacceptable self-image we have and feel completely that we have been accepted for a moment in time. Suddenly a gap is created in the mind, there. And so realization alights in you. Your soul for that moment soars as you feel the nurturance, in the memory being stirred from within, accepting the answer to a deep unfilled desire. Every child’s wish is to have a mother who accepts them wholly.

This acceptance of one’s self, one’s totality is to feel secure and self-accepting. Our belief system our social environment, our religious history, tell us that god the father is not all accepting and can be quite ugly and punishing, condemning I believe is the proper word, if things do not go his way. Not too accepting I would think.

It is out of fear we deny The Motherhood of God.  And I say that it is out of fear that we do not let go of certain perceptions and beliefs that do not serve our consciousness, our collective psyche, and I further suggest to you that you not completely release yourself from perceptions and beliefs, but that you may simply include the acceptance of the deep feeling that you have known all along, which is a love deep within the hearts and an attachment in the mind to that love, a desire to love and be loved, unfulfilled by the oppression of a father god who denies love as the very source of all of life.

Genesis 2:17 Eat of any tree ,just NOT the tree of Knowledge and Good ( from mans main his-story book written in his favor )

Mark 14:21   ( appears to be The Mothers child Jesus saying via the scribe Genesis 2:17 will be the failure of mans desire to play god)

BETRAYAL is one of the key means by which you are controlled and kept ignorant, chaotic and fearful, yet logic\reason will not awaken your birthrite HAPPINESS

What will it take for you to wake up? The Catholic church and its brethren of christian splinter institutions remain political\economic money pits while they continue to betray you! Man made religion is a front to keep you ignorant and fearful and PAY for your original sin while the priests prey on your children reminding you all the while to pray even tho it will not help.

The Soul of the collective consciousness grieves as it gimps along on 2 strands of controlled DNA.  Wisdom bearers are here on this planet to assist the willing, with compassion, love, patience, discipline to take action for change to reveal TRUTH.


Mother will always answer a childs desires compassionately Whats YOUR desire?

The first love object for both the female and the male is the mother. The patriarchy changed this connectiveness making it so the son must reject the mother’s love in order to be powerful. The separateness, separation from mother’s love in turn would reinforce male dominance or an oppressive power over all of life. Men, then and now, are stuck in the quagmire of pressures to either serve the Great Mother or dominate by identifying with god the father. Patriarchal religious power over (TAKERS) and politics\economics forced the fanaticism, aggression and the extremes cause fear, further separation, and a whole host of phobias in the human being.

These mental, emotional, and spiritual rigidities lead to the physical limitation set in place for the female and the male and these limitations are followed to date. To further the dominance, women, once revered as the creators and the guardians of whole societies, suddenly somehow need liberating and civilizing according to the patriarchal reign. No longer were\are women permitted to be physically, mentally, and emotionally, spiritually free without father god punishment threats. The patriarchs used a surgical method called lobotomy as the means of insuring women remain undeveloped and obedient to a male society.  It was stated that lobotomized women make good housekeepers. It is more acceptable to lobotomize women than men because creativity, which then an operation, now a procedure totally destroys feeling and is in this society an expendable nullity in women, STILL! Oppression at its best I say “eh?” Don’t hide from the the truth of electric shock used to this day.

The Catholic church WILL fall @ the knees of The Motherhood of the church From the pope to the tele-evangelists , priests, and all you blind followers. The sick cycle of sexual abuse has ALWAYS EXISTED read your book people KILL RAPE AND TAKE ALL ELSE FOR YOUR OWN USE and so it was\is as father god said this is just!  From the inception of man made religion, institutions, rules, need to kill the feminine Spirit humanity exists not lives.  All those abused sexually go on in oppression and the mental health system drags out the pain and symptoms ignorantly but, profiting all along. Finally, not just the immediately sodomized, raped, abused are affected, NOOOOOO! All those lives they touch for GENERATIONS are cyclically affected too! Lest U NOT forget ALL the ENABLERS (hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil) choosing to be ignorant. Any of us who speak the truth expect the tyranny of a collective collusive consciousness to hate the out spoken. Surely you saw the documentary “Sleepers” The pope and all predators and enablers abusive human beings WILL get lost in the bardo of hell in fear of the memories they are seeing @ passing KARMA is cause\effect not pay back like you think. Bliss will require many life times of moving back up the food chain. No heaven for haters suicides politicians corporations( Pat Robertson, business man, Mitt Romney, biz boy too) and their enablers. Many of you have such difficulty reading teachings of this nature WHY?  Fear, logic, reason, protection of dogmatic beliefs you will not look beyond for change is too much work I understand, but change IS inevitable.  Either wake up or choose kicking and screaming. Be the change!


Full Moon symbolizes The Mothers’ Left Eye

Symbols were used by the ancients. They are powerful images succored with the human hearts and mind. In the Mother religion, the interconnected-ness of all of Mother’s creation was expressed through plants, animals, all of life.

Klan’s as well as individuals had totems. Totem means related through The Mother, the knowledge that we are not separate from The Mother or any other form of Her creation. The Great Spirit is alive in and through all of life. The Great Mother Herself continuously/simultaneously assuming all shapes and forms. All of life is the rhythmic dance in Her breath.

Did you know that Jesus said, “the whole on high hath part in our dancing. Who danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass.” This truth has its origin of words in the ancient pagan sacred cave dances. Did you know that his-story about evolution is not inclusive of evolving spiritually, understanding the true meaning of human existence and an interconnectedness of all cultures, because that is her-story oppressed and requires understanding the nature of humankind. Instead the western Christian patriarchy insists on evolving through technology, through what is called analysis based on man, indoctrined logic, reason, and deduction based on inserted ego and some undeniable facts; or just mere human intellect, repudiation of spiritual truths and let us not forget the process of his conventional mind, called reason/logic for each and every man becoming one now for this moment. Here is the insertion of relevant truth and as a result wala!, we have alienated ourselves from The One, disconnected from the very Source of life. Yet, the rhythmic dance continues, even in our lonely fragmented existence; love, interconnectedness, peace, memory, and vision have all atrophied in the projected confirming vibration of patriarchal religion, especially Roman Christianity, a manmade road of rules.

As long as you continue to follow nose to ass like cattle the linear LIE line of what you are told and you do not question you will remain ignorant by choice. See the documentary EARTHLINGS with your children so they too are educated. These truths were given to the children The Great Spirit intrusted this One with @ every young years. When we crossed the street I held out my finger, impressing in their consciousness hold to The Mother, no one in those cars is watching out 4 U! It only took a moment in time for TRUST is our bond. Teaching them the truth of the human condition, what appears to be authoritative is fear mongers here to oppress your vulnerable view of life yet U must learn to live in this world strengthen the pineal gland be fearless. Know that what U hear in school is NOT the truth, most important NEVER allow anyone to speak to or do to U anything Your Mother has not. Symbolism,nonverbal communication encouraged telapathic  attunement. Experience with severe abuse @ the start of this life by a predator pedophiliac who fathered me and EVIL enabling womb bearing mother symbolizes why I did not allow them to experience the fragile little flowers I was cultivating in this beautiful garden of life. NO contact! This is inclusive of now deceased mother of the predator of a sister and deceased abused brother and husband of the bio-mother. The present wife and sister of the predator, included.

Born fully enlightened, old,tiny, overflowing with Love, unloved, a mother to siblings(they agree.) Caucasians can be slaves too!

This Ones life work has been undoing the fear,confusion and affects of abuse esp. SEXUAL ABUSE of thousands of children,serving to reshape the character of victimized survivors.

An ashram is the place for the feminine reemergence of your true Self, lifting your consciousness, grow\develope study, be safe and abundantly LOVED !


Motherhood of God Ancient Pagan Path of The Cosmos

The entire biblical story of god the father is founded upon the inherent truths of ancient myths found in the oldest religion of the Motherhood of God. Now, in the ancient religion we find a lot about paradise on earth, the garden, the birth and death. The cosmological teachings of the original path of ascending spirit, all suppressed and converted to appear as revelations of patriarchal mind. So we end up with what? The partial concept of human existence. What does that concept really say? Do you know? It says that, “human existence began with a crime against god the father.” That crime being, disobedience. Hmm… when and where did they come up with that? It’s not hard to figure out. So the Bible story would have us believe of course, that the fault of any consequences of this disobedience lies solely with the woman, who is said to be corrupt and disobedient of the father God. And somehow clever and deceitful woman-kind caused the Original Sin. And we are therefore, all damned under this Original Sin. And the patriarchal guidance is needed to liberate us from Her clutches and therefore, the Bible lays out the rules and the regulations of both men and women according to God the Father. And the laws and the rules are to be strictly followed. All of this is an evolving away from The very Source of creation. Human life has always begun and always will begin from the womb of Mother. Not the invention of a father who is supposedly deemed necessary for absolving humanity of their evil ways or following the circular path of nature’s rhythmical dance. All means of worship of the creative power of The feminine were\are punishable by death. THINK PEOPLE! Let me make it perfectly clear: the very thing we are, we come from, we desire to be sustained in, by, with, and for ourselves and each other, punishable by death! Father god is not inclusive when it comes to power, not inclusive of power that he was not the inventor of or has exclusive patent over. Now, this is a problem for even though there is plenty of “evidence” for the empirically minded, it is still denied wisely.

Well, I am hoping that this teaching, if anything, will make you think, most of all feel.

Better to be a heathen than a hipocrite! Those aware of the shift in conscious we are in for some time now insists on revealing the oppression of humanity by the lifting of the veil of ignorance. It is inevitable the “civilized, dogmatic, traditional, conversional, patriarchal dictatorship of church\politics be revealed and annihilated.  YOU have all been lied to and are still being lied to; the his-story of this country is a fantasy fed to your mind killing your heart and distroying your Spirit!

Communicating with U on this box is one dimensional     Compassion is just a word here  May YOU some how FEEL its resonance from This One


Matriarchy is The Ancient Primordial bloodline

The Universal Mother, creator, nurturer, sustainer, and protector was spiritually revered,men included,esp. Jesus until the advent of an angry man made Christianity. And I know secretly even afterwards, the Divine Mother alone created life from the cosmic womb. The woman, the feminine, is the one being who is truly alone. In birth she alone brings forth the life through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suffering, accepted by the feminine as a process to further spiritual development. She, bringing forth the life which she nurtures, sustains, and protects in her womb, the child comes forth, yet another thread in creation and existence. Remember, karmically not all women are present in the essence of mothering. Most of them have shut down the seed of compassion and for survival of the fittest joined patriocracy. These women have a condition called ENABLER, heartless,mindless,spineless with self righteous logic\reason.  Enablers span the whole of the human species consciously,willingly-why? There is always something in it for them!

The ancients tell us that the Great Mother’s divine body was the path and the way and life itself. The path traveled by itself and the spiritual seeker, the mother, the body, the path to realization of the mysteries of life. The path, a spiral, a labyrinth, always in connection with a cave a womb, the maze like spiral, labyrinth were always overseen by women. The Hindus relate the labyrinth with the convolutions of the brain, and the eightfold stages of the Manas, the mind, even the Hopi Indians, and the earlier creation relate to it as a place of the emerging of people, and of the individual soul, and place of birth and rebirth. This is why the spiritual temples of the oldest religion were circular often cave dwellings or cave like, with numerous chambers, the entrance a labyrinth, symbolizing the ascent of the spiritual being within ourselves. Dance, spiritual trance, expression of one’s pschophysical sensual, sexual being, often with the use of Mother’s herbs takes the person deep within, choosing penetration, so to speak, and  the dance of ecstasy. Connecting to the center, the void, the no mind, disillusion of ego mind, was the death experience, and into the created ecstatic rebirth, through the loss of the conditioned self, a powerful orgasmic ritual interrelated with sexual energies, directed by the breath. Mind and breath in union (yoga of the breath) and rhythmically linked resulting in the magic of sexual spiritual trance, reaching out to all others that all may touch, connect with our Divine Mother interrelatedness, soaring to the heights of psychic awareness. Jung, whose mystic symbolism is still denied in patriarchy and still feared because of his knowledge, perceptions of the ancient rituals of worship of the Goddess of creation, reminds us that the spiral is in all cultures and is representative of the matriarchal consciousness, only to be traveled by those with a special initiation and teaching into the mysteries of the collective unconsciousness. This mysterious world Jung insisted upon is depicted in Indian mysticism by the upward facing triangle, phallic symbol, and the downward facing triangle, the vulva, the ascent and descent of creative energies.  Mother

The Seed of Evil has to be Awakened in a Child.

There are children that are evil. Evil is a karmic, and cultivated in a child. I can attest to it for I have seen it and experienced it in children on numerous occasions. I realize for many of you this will not settle well. I understand the pain of even thinking in this way about children. I love them all dearly each and every tiny little individual. But, I do realize that our concept of what a child is or should look like based on our perceptions of children and presumed innocence. This could be a difficult thing to grasp. Nonetheless, I can only speak to you in truth, my knowledge and understanding of evil and its existence in the human being were painfully evident at a very young age.

When I was completely unaware of the concept of mental illness, it was and is of no matter to me what label its illusive presence disguised or disguises itself in. However it was important as to the depth and degree its roots had or have taken hold of in the human being. That was and is a pointed factor as to whether it can be expelled from the person’s personality and ultimately their psyche. Of course, the one ultimatum is a person’s complete willingness to destroy all self-deceit and its lifeline, Fear. Especially, the fear of revealing the deeply buried truth of ones’ soul married or in the process of being married, in fear, to the spirit of evil.

Harsh, this I know sounds harsh you may say. But, it cannot be denied. We think we see it, but we don’t. If we are to heal the wounds and the disease of our adaptation to accepting ignorance over truth then only the ones’ whom are truly motivated purely in love, the love of The Mother being the elixir for all souls on this journey of life will suffice.

All the book knowledge, all the scholarly degrees are of no avail in the battle against evil. Evil considers itself innocuous. No amount of inquisition can penetrate its ingenuity without the power, oh that word, I know no other, without the power of pure love. This is the unfortunate downfall of the so called mental health system; or is it?

Could it be that the spirit of evil reigns even within this very profession considered so highly reputable? Could it be that one of the chief characteristics of evil is confusion, subtly, cunningly weaves its web so constructively as to blindly keep the entire system in a shroud of individual and group self-deceit rotely following the rules they have carefully laid out, carefully constructed to follow, given a particular label or diagnosis, seems to be the key.

Once the mentally disturbed person is diagnosed and a treatment plan is in place, well, the job is done. The professional is paid, the organization is reward and even revered for a job well done, of course if treatment fails the professional has at its disposal endless paper work to back their attempts at curing or at best managing the sick individual.

Remember, previously I did speak to you of evil projecting all wrongdoing, mishaps, misfortune on all others. Never ever, can it or will it except responsibility for failure. Many times by various professionals in the mental health system, I was cautioned to reconsider my choice to work within the field of clinical psychology, mostly due to my unorthodox therapeutic approach. Not conforming to the textbook training that we had all richly received, so therefore, I was out of line, I was rebellious, otherwise considered a nonconformist and actually considered dangerous, so I was told. Dangerous to the patient, but, ironically the coworkers considered me actually a threat to them, individually and as failed not to yodel words of exemplification when the outcome of therapy gave them the result they had so desperately painstakingly tried to reach, though they very rarely approved of the means that I used and often suggested that I carefully choose the words that I wrote in my charting. After all, I was told it is a legal document and therefore, legally binding for all of us. This all being especially true in my work with sexual abuse, to include families, one that comes to mind, a father who was an admiral in the navy, I believe, and his daughter who was considered to be extremely, oh, malevolent I believe was the word, very dangerous, very violent. Although, when they sent me to work with her I found that in actuality she was just a very small child, in a very large body, attempting to survive. But, I was told, after all she is the daughter of an admiral, we don’t want to make waves. We are an institution that receives Champus, therefore, choose your words carefully. Of course, in working in the mental health profession there are many people involved. There are therapists, teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, counselors and they all have, of course, their own assess to look out for, that’s the only way I can describe it to you so that you would understand.

Well, they weren’t quite sure how I would accomplish what they had asked for. But, they never hesitated in their choice of counselor when they had a particular case and needed an impetus to provide them with the finances that were necessary to keep the institution alive. So often I was informed afterwards, after being, huh, sent to work with a, a victim I’ll use for now and of course the family. After a trust and a rapport  had been established with the patient, then, after they had received what it was they needed in order to continue, then a “more competent, more knowledgeable therapist or staff member” would be taking over from there. I saw many cases decline due to the lack of trust on the patients’ part, after so much work had been done and the inadequacy on the therapists part.

I do see. I have seen many therapist lack the ability to withstand much of a challenge from the client once the therapist uses up all their learn-ed tricks of the trade, so to speak. I tell you these things whether you have been in therapy or not. Perhaps, it has been you have found some wonderful people to work with and that is such a gift. Perhaps, you may have not, but, again I tell you these things for the sake of knowledge why should you not know what I know.

I have no desire to paint a picture of self-perfection on my part, it just would be a lie, for I am by no means perfect or I would not be here in this human body, you see. But, I will tell you that lifetimes remembered of battles against soul annihilation, fought and won leading to soul ascension, have bared their fruits of a knowledge far beyond human concept, a divine knowledge unveiled through experience; through memory of completely devoting oneself to the one truth untouched, unchanged, impenetrable yet, all accepting.

The Love of the Supreme Mother of all wisdom, love is not the end result of lifetimes of self effacement of ones ego, mind and emotion torn apart. Wisdom is born of experience. True love awakens despite ones battle in the heart for one has entered the cave. Hidden, yes hidden deep within the heart and the soul is at the helm, now in command of mind, clarity of the truth as to the existence of evil and its prevalence in humanity. It is with the deepest understanding I acknowledge the intensity with which we fight to realize the significance of accepting the psychology of human evil and the need to reveal it in order to heal and annihilate it.



Evilology = Absence of Love and Compassion = The Predator\Enabler of WEAK Heart-Mind

The victimization is not solely the act of the just one parent or the other in fact in most instances both parents are the perpetrators, in other words. There is a collusional force at work here. I use this word collusion for a very good reason. I want to strongly point out that in this collusive relationship, one parent or person is evil manifest, while the other, the enabler, colluding with evil enough to fit like two perfect pieces of a puzzle, you see.

The enabler, I’ll call it, can still at any moment willingly stop its collusional force with evil providing that there is the strength of will to do so. Because, this makes them helping to enforce the power of evils work by their very lack of the use of free will to walk away and take the helpless child with them.

I have counseled many who come from incestuous families even those who have been sexually abused by their clergy and spoken to a parent about it. The startling number of parents and other siblings who collude against the abused is frightening. Even cases where the abuse is of a different nature, not necessarily sexual abuse, there is always the evil person and their passive sidekick. The evil person has of course gone beyond lazy but, the sidekick remains lazily, passively, non-resistant to the truth of evils prominence be it overt or subtle which is usually the case. All the while, this passive one, building the walls of self-deceit higher and higher, thicker and thicker. Remember, as redundant as it may seem to you, I must remind you from time to time, evil needs a warm body, weak mind and heart so filled with emotional turmoil, so as to have the fertile grounds for it to lay down its roots.(This warm body, weak mind and tumultuous heart is easily found in those persons who are needy and dependent.)

Now, we all know, of course, the child is dependent but, lest we over look the natural dependency of child gone unmet or exploited by evil, develop into adults who become needy. In need of love and the necessary emotional stability to develop into a normal healthy adult, this is what I am saying. Often these people seek out to fill that void by reverting back to these otherwise natural tendencies of the young child. Evil has an eye and a nose for such weaknesses of character I assure you. But, I must also ask you to consider, does not laziness seek out that which will meet its dependency needs? Sometimes people are saying, “Well, all right then, who is worse the one who will meet the needy persons’ tendencies preying on the neediness or the person in search of the one who will meet the need, remaining in complete dependency?” Can you not see how this relationship of sick twisted collusion works so well?One has sold their soul while the other is in the process of doing so in lieu of persevering on the path of developing personal strength of mind and heart. Exploring one’s own feelings and thoughts and beliefs, it’s important. The passive one has all but given up.

What is the human fear of facing its own imperfections, ie. Fear of change that is not planned or foreseen? Fear of the pain of the process of battling for clarity verses the self-denial of having been unconsciously committed to killing ones’ own spirit? These are just questions. People Fear greatly of standing in the Truth. Many people have often said to me, “I don’t want to be alone”. To me, this speaks very clearly of the pervasiveness of the presence of evil.

The force of evil is greater then most are willing to admit. This submissiveness that I am speaking to you of is summoned up perfectly in the statement; If you can’t beat them, join them. In other words, perhaps it could be better stated; If you’re not willing to completely sell your soul then,  fence straddle as long as you can and hold out in collusion.


Karma, individually and collectively is something we need to be more conscious of.

Karma, individually and collectively is something we need to be more conscious of. It will manifest its self, and it will take a toll on those who are not centered in their spiritual paths. It doesn’t matter if you pull away in the spiritual path, you are still walking the spiritual path but, most likely you are doing it with an extremely profound amount of resistance, and confusion. When we pull away from the centeredness of our spiritual path then we set ourselves up, the jiva, that is the individual soul, to be influenced by those energies.

It’s important that you do the right things for yourself, and for those around you. You must look beyond yourselves, and you must keep in your heart and your mind on all those sentient beings, including yourself. Not just those who are affected by the manifestation of the hate, and anger, and evil but, for all of those who are suffering like yourselves, like all human beings, to fight against anger, hatred, and violence.

There will be overtime, particularly over this year, a great deal of influences that will come your way. If you are of weak mind then you will stray from where you decided at some point to be. When you received the adikara, vital energy, either you continue to manifest its presence within yourself, or you continue to hide from it. If you are hiding from it then you will see that there will be ones that come into your path, or into your life that appear to be something you need or want. Because there is always the desire to move forward, and move into a state of awareness then we will glom onto whatever it looks like that will help us or aid us egocentrically on our path.

When I speak to you about being individuals I am pacifying your ego. When I talk to you about being an individual, and I say that you are all individual souls on the same path. I speak to you, I speak to your ego in that we are not really individual. The only thing that is individual is the soul. The soul is one, separated into many bodies.

If you cannot see when a soul is shrouded in darkness, or shrouded in its own ignorance, and it come your way and says, “I can show you the light. I will take you where you want to be. I am the one that you should be with”, and you yourself sit in anger or darkness then you will naturally, as a human being, migrate towards it, believing that it will save you, or do good for you. You will be greatly disappointed at your time of death, and hopefully during your lifetime, if you choose to stray away from where it is that you’ve said that you want to be on the spiritual path.


The Planet Saturn (karma)

Saturn is the confining planet having to do with our karma (which is our confinement). It’s influence is strong because it has to do with karma. We must accept that we will face many of our own battles having to do with good and evil, right and wrong. With Saturn’s strong presence, we are forced to look at limitations—ones that keep us from expanding our awareness and perhaps limitations that we need to set personally and in our environment.

The planet Saturn has to do with coldness and indifference. This coldness has to do with our emotions, as well as physically speaking. Look, now at the state of consciousness of humankind—Some are showing a cold-hearted, closed-minded approach to the problems we face in our earthly existence. May the many caring souls melt the indifference of the cold-hearted ones by placing limitations on their own negative emotion by not using them.

Saturn can also be a foundation, a place from which to grow. Plant the seeds of love in the hearts of all the children so they may lead a life of compassion and awareness, so that their childlike ideals of peaceful acceptance of each other will come to fruition