“Why does man seek to destroy their very breath?”

“Why does man seek to destroy their very breath?”

The answer to this question is, “because there is a collective unconscious, somewhat conscious, fear of feminine power.”

Simply, males must repress and mutilate the feminine power; for it is the Absolute Ultimate power, which they fear renders them helpless. That is the power of love. The perversion of this power, is further sanctioned by god the father, as necessary to keep the body, mind, and soul of womankind in control.

Love, remember has no boundaries. This process of repression and mutilation is not solely done in one place on earth but, everywhere on earth. Visualize it, if you will, for just a moment as an upward facing triangle. First and foremost at the apex of the triangle is god the father, creator of the world. In the higher center, man as creator deems, everything is for him, god the father said so. In the center, once again womankind is man’s servant. God the father deems it so. Womankind needs to be controlled and has one main purpose, to propagate the world of man and serve it willingly or not, but definitely quietly or else, and the very foundation of the upward facing triangle being the very foundation of every organization sanctioned by god the father. This is institutionalized according to god the fathers’ rule and laws. This is found in most religions and throughout the cultures of the world, the customs and traditions of its people.

Anyone who recognizes the facts, which by the way have been documented by men, mind you. The first relationships are with Mother and child. The first spoken words of a child are Ma Ma. First tools to be found were womans’ digging sticks. You can easily research and validate endlessly this truth.

Sustenance came first from Mother and womankind. Women were the first to gather for sustenance, for the tribes, and for the children growing older, water, plants, fire, all having to do with womyn, their gathering of foods of sustenance and the fire. First fire users were womyn using it for ritual, warmth, the cooking of foods, but not sacrifice of living beings. Womyn were the first to make eating implements and clothing. Womyn were the first medicine doctors, the priestesses, shamans. Womyn were the first to document on their sticks and on stones the lunation cycles.

The first teachers to man were womyn.



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