The vast population of victims of evil is our children.

The sole intent of evil is to obliterate, annihilate that which lives, I have said before we are all slaves, many choose to attempt the dance from one side to the other, good to the other, which is evil, in the end we can only serve one master. This choice of which master to serve has been made by each soul over many lifetimes of existence by each and every one of us and right now in this very life that we are living is the key factor in how we use our freedom to choose at any given moment.

Some, I have no doubt, will reject this truth that I am saying, believing life is not about the balancing of either or, and others will accept this truth, because they are able to admit to it, having experienced the battle, if  you will, of good and evil within their very own selves.

The force of evil is 99.9% disguised in the facade of love, you know, or…. kindness, caring, this appearance is motivated and controlled in self-deception. It is very difficult to recognize this. This is one powerful reason why we dismiss the psychology of evil at work right before our very eyes.

When we think of it just for a moment, we cannot denounce that the ultimate power as children are our parents or care givers, if you will. Now, without a doubt it is absolutely clear that the vast population of victims of evil is our children. Why? One reason, they are vulnerable. (A natural state of the individual soul)

Unfortunately, in my experience with the hundreds and hundreds of people whom I have counseled, many are adults of that victimization of evil and for one reason or another have hardened their hearts to the possibility of ever escaping the conditioning of the psychology of evil. In which they have shaped their existence and continue to fight for their very survival on a daily basis not realizing the battle is incessantly fought within their very own being. Instead, they have developed the hideous adaptation to self-deception and consciously or unconsciously, they project all their misdeeds, all the wrong doings, all the mishaps, all that goes wrong in their lives on the rest of the world around them.

Notice I did not say to you they live, no; I said they exist in the conditions of evil. Evil’s undermining psychology coursing through their very being.


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