Guise: Concealing the true nature of something.

To be so willful as to wield a power in attempt to control others and of course project the others need to be controlled such as in politics, I believe it is grossly referred to as leadership, in truth this is called evil. When the Chinese government took over Tibet, it was called liberation. When the American government and its war with Iraq I believe termed in somewhat the same manner. The difference of course is Tibet had isolated itself from the world, somewhat like Iraq, but not by evil political rule, like Iraqis people suffer. And since 1959, the Tibetans have suffered in the so-called liberation of their people with not a lot of cooperation from western governments or other governments. Although Mother India gladly, openly accepted the Dali Lama to live in exile along with thousands upon thousands of Tibetans, they so were reluctant to go to war with China.

We must understand war no matter what is evil and no matter what government is involved war is always about each individual governments battle for control. And, I ask you, what better way to guise it than attempting to liberate others, from their suffering? There’s always, I believe the quote goes, “a few good men” and now even women willing to take up the cause at governments grunting. You know you’ve heard, era, era, that means jump up there and get them.

Interestingly, this is the way with modern western worlds religion also, you see. The Christian Coalition, I believe it’s called, pride themselves as they march into countries to save or liberate innocent god-loving, their own god of course, their concept of god, people. Just minding their own p’s and q’s and going about themselves, but since Christians believe that Christ only loves and saves Christians they make it their mission in life to change everyone’s thoughts, beliefs, traditions and concepts gladly accepting the job of rearranging the way a particular society and their cultures exist.

Notice however, how the choices of people they set out to save seem to be the very ones in need of the simple basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and only if they wanted it. I said basics; they should be given the opportunity to experience having these things out of love by various governments, including our own, especially our own. And, taught how to provide for themselves without any stipulations such as only if you accept Jesus as your savior and allow us to preach the doctrine of Christianity to you in order to liberate you.

Who knows what we may say or do as a desperate person to feed our starving children and ourselves? Hum. Without even knowing or caring who this Jesus guy is, we may sell our soul. Where is the good in this way of being? What could be better than belonging to a huge organization infested with evil believing we are not like them over there and sticking our nose and beliefs with carrots attached, you know power over another, into their lives, in order to make ourselves feel righteous? Then, when we are murdered or our family members who are preaching for the liberation of others are murdered, why, we project evil onto them, the others, crying that we were merely trying to be helpful and liberate them from their ignorance. And, what? Save them from themselves. What about “will” here? Do we suddenly just become evil? Does someone force us against our will to become evil? I think not.



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