The materialistic mind is dammed to poverty physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To the patriarchal mind, the inclusive communistic societies were deemed Godless, and desperately in need of law and reform. Here is where we cling to fundamentalism, the need for god the father ruling one nation under god the father indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Liberation from what, justice for whom? Only those who are mandated by god the father of course. To impress capitalism as the one divine law to be either colluded with or those who fragmented from this law were not of the true religion and therefore, dammed to poverty physically, mentally, and spiritually, as they were undoubtedly evil. This is the rationale of the materialistic mind. Alienate all who are not bound to the machine of uniform mass consumption as the fundamental reality.

Is it not the very bastardization of the truth of human existence, the very essence of matriarchy is unity, commune-ism in its truest form? Yet relatively speaking, the great patriarchal divide has separated Spirit from mind, matter and mankind deemed the power superior to all else.

Now, please realize in my use of the word communism I am referring to communal living, communities, inner circles, not the communism of today’s belief system, that which is a patriarchal communal thought. It is taking community to the lowest level and completely making it something that it isn’t. This dualism sets in motion the belief of superior and inferior, symbolizing man’s belief in power over that which has given him the very breath he needs to exist. By such deviation from truth man has forgotten his inner connectedness with the whole.

The very denial, neglect, exploitation and destruction of communal spirit is to be the means to the very destruction of Mother Earth, the power of Her essence in all of life animate and inanimate. Will man see the error of his ways? Or will he blame this demise on those who refuse to collaborate with the father god?



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