All the Mystics and Seers remind us………….

All the Mystics and Seers remind us that universal love and peace are everyone’s birthright. We realize this constant by dissolving ignorance, or what Einstein referred to as an optical delusion of consciousness. I ask you to think of the idea that in reality we must develop and grow beyond our concepts of what we call natural reality and involute toward the intrinsic knowledge of un-natural reality. Natural being our concept of reality based on fragmentation of time and space. To move beyond the optical delusion of consciousness is to experience the interconnectedness of life and love that overflows. This is a joy unmet by any human desire or through any human desire. The integration of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awareness unfolds into the sea. The goal of life’s journey is met. We call it enlightenment.

By expanding our personal psyche to higher levels of consciousness, not just that consciousness structured by conditions imprisoning our minds. Knowledge is freeing. Why do we find it so threatening? Why do we perpetuate, and exacerbate fears and suffering as a means of defining existence?

By a woman, it was recently brought to my attention in Satsang that accepting the concept of the Motherhood of God is a bit difficult. Think of his-story’s evolvement in consciousness. First off keep in mind, we are emotional beings, reactionary. Secondly, a concept stems from a thought. Our perceptions are conditioned by our patterns of thought, as well as influenced by these patterns of our thought, our beliefs and expectations. Our perceptions and beliefs are supporting of one another. Our expectations are simply unmet desires; so the fear of accepting new thought as potential influence of our beliefs causes us to react emotionally.

In attempting to move along the circle of thought that has led you so far away from your self that, conditions over time; that has reinforced your fear and concretized your beliefs and now your memory is being stirred and now your psyche is awakening. The one human desire worth pursuing is aroused, perhaps just at the mere thought that God The Mother has always nurtured, sustained, and protected all of Her creation. The memory of unbroken connectedness to the source, of all of creation is stirred.



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