Evilology = Absence of Love and Compassion = The Predator\Enabler of WEAK Heart-Mind

The victimization is not solely the act of the just one parent or the other in fact in most instances both parents are the perpetrators, in other words. There is a collusional force at work here. I use this word collusion for a very good reason. I want to strongly point out that in this collusive relationship, one parent or person is evil manifest, while the other, the enabler, colluding with evil enough to fit like two perfect pieces of a puzzle, you see.

The enabler, I’ll call it, can still at any moment willingly stop its collusional force with evil providing that there is the strength of will to do so. Because, this makes them helping to enforce the power of evils work by their very lack of the use of free will to walk away and take the helpless child with them.

I have counseled many who come from incestuous families even those who have been sexually abused by their clergy and spoken to a parent about it. The startling number of parents and other siblings who collude against the abused is frightening. Even cases where the abuse is of a different nature, not necessarily sexual abuse, there is always the evil person and their passive sidekick. The evil person has of course gone beyond lazy but, the sidekick remains lazily, passively, non-resistant to the truth of evils prominence be it overt or subtle which is usually the case. All the while, this passive one, building the walls of self-deceit higher and higher, thicker and thicker. Remember, as redundant as it may seem to you, I must remind you from time to time, evil needs a warm body, weak mind and heart so filled with emotional turmoil, so as to have the fertile grounds for it to lay down its roots.(This warm body, weak mind and tumultuous heart is easily found in those persons who are needy and dependent.)

Now, we all know, of course, the child is dependent but, lest we over look the natural dependency of child gone unmet or exploited by evil, develop into adults who become needy. In need of love and the necessary emotional stability to develop into a normal healthy adult, this is what I am saying. Often these people seek out to fill that void by reverting back to these otherwise natural tendencies of the young child. Evil has an eye and a nose for such weaknesses of character I assure you. But, I must also ask you to consider, does not laziness seek out that which will meet its dependency needs? Sometimes people are saying, “Well, all right then, who is worse the one who will meet the needy persons’ tendencies preying on the neediness or the person in search of the one who will meet the need, remaining in complete dependency?” Can you not see how this relationship of sick twisted collusion works so well?One has sold their soul while the other is in the process of doing so in lieu of persevering on the path of developing personal strength of mind and heart. Exploring one’s own feelings and thoughts and beliefs, it’s important. The passive one has all but given up.

What is the human fear of facing its own imperfections, ie. Fear of change that is not planned or foreseen? Fear of the pain of the process of battling for clarity verses the self-denial of having been unconsciously committed to killing ones’ own spirit? These are just questions. People Fear greatly of standing in the Truth. Many people have often said to me, “I don’t want to be alone”. To me, this speaks very clearly of the pervasiveness of the presence of evil.

The force of evil is greater then most are willing to admit. This submissiveness that I am speaking to you of is summoned up perfectly in the statement; If you can’t beat them, join them. In other words, perhaps it could be better stated; If you’re not willing to completely sell your soul then,  fence straddle as long as you can and hold out in collusion.



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