Mother will always answer a childs desires compassionately Whats YOUR desire?

The first love object for both the female and the male is the mother. The patriarchy changed this connectiveness making it so the son must reject the mother’s love in order to be powerful. The separateness, separation from mother’s love in turn would reinforce male dominance or an oppressive power over all of life. Men, then and now, are stuck in the quagmire of pressures to either serve the Great Mother or dominate by identifying with god the father. Patriarchal religious power over (TAKERS) and politics\economics forced the fanaticism, aggression and the extremes cause fear, further separation, and a whole host of phobias in the human being.

These mental, emotional, and spiritual rigidities lead to the physical limitation set in place for the female and the male and these limitations are followed to date. To further the dominance, women, once revered as the creators and the guardians of whole societies, suddenly somehow need liberating and civilizing according to the patriarchal reign. No longer were\are women permitted to be physically, mentally, and emotionally, spiritually free without father god punishment threats. The patriarchs used a surgical method called lobotomy as the means of insuring women remain undeveloped and obedient to a male society.  It was stated that lobotomized women make good housekeepers. It is more acceptable to lobotomize women than men because creativity, which then an operation, now a procedure totally destroys feeling and is in this society an expendable nullity in women, STILL! Oppression at its best I say “eh?” Don’t hide from the the truth of electric shock used to this day.

The Catholic church WILL fall @ the knees of The Motherhood of the church From the pope to the tele-evangelists , priests, and all you blind followers. The sick cycle of sexual abuse has ALWAYS EXISTED read your book people KILL RAPE AND TAKE ALL ELSE FOR YOUR OWN USE and so it was\is as father god said this is just!  From the inception of man made religion, institutions, rules, need to kill the feminine Spirit humanity exists not lives.  All those abused sexually go on in oppression and the mental health system drags out the pain and symptoms ignorantly but, profiting all along. Finally, not just the immediately sodomized, raped, abused are affected, NOOOOOO! All those lives they touch for GENERATIONS are cyclically affected too! Lest U NOT forget ALL the ENABLERS (hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil) choosing to be ignorant. Any of us who speak the truth expect the tyranny of a collective collusive consciousness to hate the out spoken. Surely you saw the documentary “Sleepers” The pope and all predators and enablers abusive human beings WILL get lost in the bardo of hell in fear of the memories they are seeing @ passing KARMA is cause\effect not pay back like you think. Bliss will require many life times of moving back up the food chain. No heaven for haters suicides politicians corporations( Pat Robertson, business man, Mitt Romney, biz boy too) and their enablers. Many of you have such difficulty reading teachings of this nature WHY?  Fear, logic, reason, protection of dogmatic beliefs you will not look beyond for change is too much work I understand, but change IS inevitable.  Either wake up or choose kicking and screaming. Be the change!



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