Mother of All

To experience the unconscious desire, to accept what we intrinsically carry in our being, the truth that we have all at some level experienced the desire to be held, fed, rejuvenated, protected, loved, and sustained. In that peaceful release of the unacceptable self-image we have and feel completely that we have been accepted for a moment in time. Suddenly a gap is created in the mind, there. And so realization alights in you. Your soul for that moment soars as you feel the nurturance, in the memory being stirred from within, accepting the answer to a deep unfilled desire. Every child’s wish is to have a mother who accepts them wholly.

This acceptance of one’s self, one’s totality is to feel secure and self-accepting. Our belief system our social environment, our religious history, tell us that god the father is not all accepting and can be quite ugly and punishing, condemning I believe is the proper word, if things do not go his way. Not too accepting I would think.

It is out of fear we deny The Motherhood of God.  And I say that it is out of fear that we do not let go of certain perceptions and beliefs that do not serve our consciousness, our collective psyche, and I further suggest to you that you not completely release yourself from perceptions and beliefs, but that you may simply include the acceptance of the deep feeling that you have known all along, which is a love deep within the hearts and an attachment in the mind to that love, a desire to love and be loved, unfulfilled by the oppression of a father god who denies love as the very source of all of life.

Genesis 2:17 Eat of any tree ,just NOT the tree of Knowledge and Good ( from mans main his-story book written in his favor )

Mark 14:21   ( appears to be The Mothers child Jesus saying via the scribe Genesis 2:17 will be the failure of mans desire to play god)

BETRAYAL is one of the key means by which you are controlled and kept ignorant, chaotic and fearful, yet logic\reason will not awaken your birthrite HAPPINESS

What will it take for you to wake up? The Catholic church and its brethren of christian splinter institutions remain political\economic money pits while they continue to betray you! Man made religion is a front to keep you ignorant and fearful and PAY for your original sin while the priests prey on your children reminding you all the while to pray even tho it will not help.

The Soul of the collective consciousness grieves as it gimps along on 2 strands of controlled DNA.  Wisdom bearers are here on this planet to assist the willing, with compassion, love, patience, discipline to take action for change to reveal TRUTH.



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