“Perfectness, the constant state, no matter what else, perfection reigns over all things. It is in everything. It is all things. Remember? That is the spark of your life, that perfectness. That perfect energy is what keeps you a living being. It is the breath of Mother. The more we meditate the more we fix our mind’s eye all of our senses on perfection that lies within us, the more we rid ourselves of negative thought. Just constantly tell yourself, “I will remember my blessed perfect Self. I will remember by living my life consciously, by making conscious choices in this imperfect world.”
Always bask in the glory of the memory that you are a child of The Goddess. Born of the very seed and breath of perfection.


We’re the children of One Divine parent, not of a condemning father god.

People destroyed their elitist lifestyles by burning their castles and taking their belongings back. Well, this may not be a peaceful way of resisting I know but, it was the way that they say to attempt to regain their way of life. These people were known as the Brethren and Sisters of the Free Spirits. The women and the men who chose communal living and the sharing of property, and material property, it was their choice. Women absolutely refused to marry, as their original way of life was inclusive of sexuality and spiritual freedom. It was their Divine right. These women were the Mystics, the Priestesses. These women created whole women cities. This was during the 12th century in Europe. They were completely self-sustaining. They were craft people and they were dedicated to the education of girl children. The patriarch didn’t threaten them in any way. The women refused  to prostrate to the male god and his pawns. So the patriarch punished them with heavy taxes for being independent and successful at that.

Many of these people I speak of were homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexual people. They believed they were the children of One Divine parent, not of a condemning father god. Their societies did not believe in “mine” and “yours” but, they did believe in mutual acceptance, the ecstasy of life in One Divine Universe. They were burned for their beliefs, of course.

The people of The Mother religion often told of the coming of a female messiah, hence Joan of Arc, who was condemned from the Church and labeled as one of the rival religion. The people loved her. I have always said, there will come a time when The Mother’s presence will undeniably put the patriarch to rest; that all Her children are free to experience and express their interrelatedness to all of life.

The  Mother religion teaches the cosmos is One inseparable. Any illusion of isolation or separateness is ego, which is to be transcended by ritual ecstasy and deep meditation. Dancing, singing, rituals, passion, and emotion, spiritual, sexual freedom, education, love, reciprocity, truth, acceptance, inclusion, interdependence, these are the way of the oldest religion. These are mere words that I offer in an attempt to express the feminine power of living a life of peace and in harmony. While the patriarch insisted that wealth is the sign from god the father that one is in his favor; because god the father wants you to be prosperous. I suppose it all depends on what you perceive as wealth.

God the father, is the original voyeur. I call this the eye in the sky syndrome. Big brother is watching all the little Heathens. Under hierarchical observation the paranoia flourishes. The police being god’s chosen few, the political patriarchal spies, agents for christ. An unknowable, unseeable god the father who wields power over all, denies communal living and cooperation. Instead these ways of life have been restructured into prison like conditions to control the masses which were predominantly women, gods’ will carried out by the elite. The father god being the warden of the prison, the guards the priests, who consistently, constantly insure denial of the Motherhood of God.

May your minds be able to withstand even a little of what I have said to you.

May your hearts always be open to Love.

This is dedicated to Jamie


father gods’ will is man’s will!!!!!

We have been talking a great deal about how it is we came to be in the hideous situation of consciousness, physical existence and spiritual sleep that we are in. I want to talk with you a little bit about the foundation of this spiritual sleep, the hideous state that we find ourselves in, you see.

This country is said to be a Judeo-Christian nation founded on biblical principles and many Americans, many, believe such crap. Why? One, they do not know any better because they do not know the truth regarding the his-tory of America and secondly, and very importantly they’re lazy, they’re too lazy to find out the truth. So, even if they somewhat refute the above, as a lie, they do not have the knowledge to think, to speak or teach, otherwise.

The fundamentalist religion and political evangelically minded insist on such untruths. It was the English Puritans, who came to this continent with the strict belief that the old testament of the bible story was and is the only way of life and therefore, they formed their government and their societies accordingly, so consequently the witch hunts continued.

The puritans claimed this continent, the new world, theirs for the taking, of course. They began the immediate deforestation and depopulating of the Native American Indians. Remember, all done with the conviction of serving gods’ will, that is, performing righteous acts in the name of god the father. Well, this went on until 1800, when puritan religious power was broken, one of the most powerful changes in the influence of American life.

The karmic balancing of all the white mans collateral damage including all the socio\economic\enviro enablers are being sucked into the mothers belly(SINK HOLES).


Rape is rape

Any young girl child displaying any strength, physically, mentally or otherwise is immediately seen as a threat to patriarchal mind and must immediately be” put in her place.”

In the ancient time of practicing the Mother Goddess religion, these things, these ways of being were unheard of. The feminine, the woman was revered for all the same reasons she has been tortured, killed, raped, hated and dammed to hell by the patriarchal ruler. Hell all right, here on earth, at the mercy of god the fathers’ will and all his little policemen who carry it out. Yet, it so very interesting that man begs to be loved, accepted and taken care of by the very embodiments of the primal force, women.

Womankind, is still killed today by males who are refused  a womans’ affections or rejected and our legal system still carries out its very barbaric, puritanical old christian deemed laws. Constantly reinventing and modifying the punishments for a man who creates such a heinous act upon a woman\child and this very system that I speak of continues its dehumanization of women\children yet, backhandedly reveres their presence.

The pitiful patriarchy grows more impotent as the re-emergence of feminine power moves beyond the repressed state of being & takes command of  CHANGE!

Feminine Strength will over come the WAR of patriarchal Oppression…


Women Power is Everywhere vibrating with FULL MOON energy of Mothers’ left eye

The christian voice magazine HATERS insist,”Americas’ decline as a “world power” is a DIRECT RESULT of THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT for REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM & EQUAL RIGHTS! Cowardice under a pseudonym,”anonymous”, their verbal vomit splattered on this site. The christian cult is quite busy droning its’ conversional force onto weak prey. The Truth of Pure Radiant Light is understandably painful to ones’ dwelling in the darkness of ignorance; however, HATE is not welcome here.

RESPECT ACCEPTANCE COMPASSION LOVE TRUTH are qualities of One of strong character in tune with THE WORD!

Human rights, Womans’ rights, Childrens’ rights, GLBT rights Racial rights NO OPPRESSION… NOW that’s WORLD POWER!!!


Returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule is inevitable for the preservation of Spirit

Imagine, returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule, a universal perception of Goddess The Mother who is both feminine and masculine, bisexual, two spirit if you will, in spirit and practice, or as simply truth, none sexual or filled with imagination, sensuality only to be creatively expressed through the act of sexual union.

The Mother whom desires and encourages Her child to experience and express ecstasy and to partake of the fruit of immortality, no guilt, no shame, no paranoia, no hatred, no sin, no genocide, no hell on earth, ONLY LOVE! True celebration of spirit, imagine if our lives were lived in the same inspiration and fervor of a crowded football stadium. What? TOO IDEALISTIC you say for your rigid-frigid ego self.. YOU pride monger YOU!

It just comes to me that in the ancient religion of The Mother, all of life was built around the center, the heart, that being The Mother Herself. Where have we gone, what have we done? We put so much of ourselves into idolizing, which is supposedly not allowed in the patriarchal religions, idolizing men, football players, baseball players, soccer players, political rulers, you see?       We have come so far away from life lived in love.


“The Great Law of Peace”

Keep in mind the fundamental Christian religion is founded on two major points, remember: first and foremost, original sin, secondly, salvation, which can only come through faith. The deist proclaimed that one, all human beings are basically good; secondly, human beings are capable of progress through knowledge, reason, justice and liberty. They did not believe in the virgin birth of a christ nor of a christs’ divinity nor of heaven and hell or any notions of damnation and redemption.

The founding fathers revolted against the colluding powers of church and government. Remember, they lived the his-tory of hatred, rage, prosecution of an entire five centuries of Christian inquisitions. The tortures, the burnings and terrorism were the his-tory of their own people. For them this was exactly the entire purpose of writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, just exactly the way they did it.

Take a look at the first amendment. It was their intention to stop the Christian rule, to stop them from having control over a person’s beliefs or non-beliefs, religious freedoms, to stop the mind control of the church over the American people which, was of course backed completely by the government invented by the church.

You see, I am trying to point out to you, in case you haven’t seen it, this was a completely closed system of power, that is until the Deists stepped in. Already in place long before the puritans arrived was something called, “The Great Law of Peace”, of the longhouse people and this set a precedence of influence and the writing of the Constitution.

The Law of Peace was known as the Iroquois confederation or the league of six nations and was at least a thousand years old. The purpose of it was to bring unity to Indian nations, to tribes speaking in different tongues and to commune them into a body of alliance for peace. And to think the white man actually convinced themselves that the Indian people needed liberating, educating and of course cleansing of demonic forces! Well, the European fools needed to ratify their ignorance and embrace the simple practical wisdom of the residing people of this continent, perhaps, eh?

Many of the details and much of the wisdom and definitely the spirit of this Great Law was incorporated into the Constitution. The spirit of Paganism was and is alive and there for the understanding if one wishes to step away from the ignorance and the laziness and see the truth right there in the Constitution itself!


The bible story is not The Word The Word vibrates thru-out and beyond,undefind,unchanging

We fear nature because we have made Her something evil and therefore we must fight the darkness we have created. It’s not out there, its in humanity. She, The Divine Mother, has only birthed, loved, nurtured and protected her creatures. It is Her creatures, the human ones, whom have forsaken Her, yet, She constantly, through Her transformative power re-emerges again and again. She is The word.

The bible story is not the word of god. It is a story written and rewritten by many men. The Motherhood of God does not need a book of rules and regulations. The Motherhood of God, of Pure Love and expression of love in all of life, in nature only to be hideously perverted by man’s words filled with hate.

In Deuteronomy, 5:17, it says in the bible story, thou shalt not kill, yet also in Deuteronomy, 7:1-2 and Leviticus 20:1-27, which is the part concerning the heinous offenses, those heinous offenses of course, were anyone who is known to be offering their offspring to, who very simply put, is The Divine Mother, was to be put to death. And all the people’s of the land, shall stone her with stones, so punished by stoning. Also in Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Samuel, Kings all books of the bible story, god wills and states, his people must kill any and all people’s whom god finds to be offensive and against his will.

In Samuel, gods’ hero son must kill the enemy. He must completely annihilate entire villages of people. He must butcher all pregnant women, and tiny infants and all the old people’s, also all of their animals, and to do so through gods empowerment and importantly, with gods’ blessing. My goodness! At certain points in the bible story god appears to wield an accepting and loving power only to be contradicted by gods’ hatred and condemnation for women, for The Mother God, for anything other than his power.

 Jesus the christ in the bible story is seen as a revolutionary in some parts. Wasn’t it Jesus the christ who said something about it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven?


“Pagan DNA” is in The Mothers bloodline consciousness

I realize that throughout this blog, in case you are unconscious of it, that, that word Pagan may be a problem for most of you. Why? Because of your conditioned minds, because of the traditions that you grew up with in the culture and so, are you aware of how you fight it? You try to make it something palatable but, it can still continue to be somewhat of a negative feeling somewhere in the mind. Just be aware of it.

Of course, one must recognize the twisted relevance of truth when it comes to church and state and their dominance over people. Thomas Jefferson spoke clearly of this religious tyranny and hostility over the minds of human beings. And he said, “I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Of course, he was referring to the god of knowledge, the god of liberty and reason. Jefferson spoke of the god of the bible story as cruel, vindictive and unjust. Payne said, the bible story was filled with this relentless vindictive cruelty and he went on to say that, it was more demonic than god like. He said that he severely detested it and he spent the better part of his life fighting the god of the bible story. These men found there were many human beings willing to risk their lives to ensure the first amendment, that being freedom of religion. These men insisted that the development of human consciousness would only occur through knowledge, liberty and reason by investigation. Really?

There was in this time of his-tory another group of human beings who sought to live life in communion with nature, the Pagan people, whose desire was to escape the hell of the European hatred and torture sanctioned of course by their god’s will.

Somewhere in the recess of unconscious memory remained the belief in a time before christian hierarchy rule and there was a very deep desire to return to this peaceful existence, the oldest religion, the memory of true paradise here, Mother Earth. Many people embarked on the journey to return to a sensual innocence by communing with all of nature and Her creatures. They did so by joining Indian tribes, by setting off across the continent in exploration of Mother Earth, all the while moving towards the west away from Massachusetts, away from the terrorism, the oppression, the church. We never hear of these truths in American his-tory teachings, eh?

The so called system of education indoctrination children are chaotically forced into is a twelve year tyranny of abuse and lies by the staff and the restricted material they are force fed which is the white mans’ limited view much the same as the home schooled fundamentalist. Did you know economics is strategically taught to distort and keep the child confused? It is true.

Do you even listen to the children? Truly, the majority of teachers counseled by This One openly proclaim their hate and contempt for the system AND the students. In our counsel they are reminded the children are beyond the mind games and oppression and are RIGHTLY fighting for their sanity, freedom of speech, thot , imagination, and expression of their personhood. They are repulsed and rebel! When the children turn the oppression, lies, mind games and militant tactics on the system and\or each other its’ inevitably made to appear as a “bad seed” or potential terroristic launch @ the establisment so you call for re-enforcements rather than reformation to include the children speaking WITH all involved.

Life, She is beautiful it is human evil masquerading superficially as a caring doer of good. A child or child like being SEES all too perfectly!

Deepest Prem, Mother

The Power of The Great Mother is the COMMAND of Life seen in Womans’ month of March\Spring

To live in true peace and harmony the terrorization of patriarchal rule will have to completely dissolve, the male dominance and the pretend celibate hierarchy, the social pyramids, all must go.

Laughing, you are most likely, it almost seems laughable but, it is seriously a reality that must be realized. We see the power of The Mother reemerge, as the truth of all the sexually abusive priests is revealed. Many women coming forward about military rapes, college rapes, incest, non-consentual forced sex no matter what establishment or institution, meaning home, work, socializing catholic\christian schools boarding or not. Job applications often require oral sex @ least if you want the job as a women.

Now, this is not a new thing, this whole process that we have seen come about in the past year or so is nothing new, just the outcry of its hideous absurdity of the absolute heresy of it, the incredible delusion of the patriarchal religio\social economic beliefs. Beliefs are deadly, for they are fuel for the twisted abuses suffered in the psyche manifested in the psyche. Beliefs serve rational, reason and logic, worse is the karma that gives birth to individual\collective action\re-action due to A belief which collectively becomes a system of like minds filled with fear of “the other”= duality-either\or= war. KNOWING is the higher octave, but even so what one karmically does with KNOWING will either enhance life or serve to create more ignorance. CHOICE

The longstanding lies since the advent of Christian rule is the age-old problem that we have been addressing all along in this teaching. Always the same, an attempt to have power over spirit, the method first, use it, secondly, abuse it lastly, kill it. The bible story, mans’ invention and thus far religious political ticket to power so undeniably in need of being  recognized for what it is, a lie, or GREAT LIE. A self-righteous means to grotesquely doom humanity through oppression known as gods’ will.

Evidently man is not succeeding, the reemergence of The Feminine is vibrant\palpable. Fearless, She wields Her sword of Truth with command of wisdom\justice Knowing exactly what need be manifested. Spring forth slashing the illusional indoctrination of linear lies. Let your instinctual innate intelligence guide you, not the intellect of books filled with mans lies. Listen to Mother Earth Her moans are undeniable. SHE has persevered mans assaults and continued to feed you, you even kill for sport and proudly wear-let alone eat the dead bodies of your ancestors w\o a blink. THINK-FEEL WOMAN WAKE UP!!!

Walk in the path of the Ancient Wise Crones Let it be so! JAI MA