Good counsel is a psychophysiological spiritual experience.

In modern society we are not taught the art of how to live a detached life in our relationships, in the material existence, and still be the solver of our own problems, and in spite of it all be happy. To do so, one must know what it is to experience the changes in the quality of one’s own mind. This requires an education in and of itself. And it requires the careful process of bending and training the mind in right thought, so as to create right action. I say to you this, this is the process of truly good counsel.

Good counsel must be psychophysiological and spiritual. If you will, may we go so far as to say good counsel is a psychophysiological spiritual experience; and it takes time and patience. This is exactly what the True Guru does with the student, the devotee, the sincere student. Self introspection can, and it does, lead us to perfect realization, eventually. Perfection is the segue of every being, is it not, sentient and non-sentient, in ignorance, not knowing it to be, Being minus egocentric clinging to desires. Perfect-Being is the essence of you which ego overlays with the objectivication you define yourself by. You must choose, and even further, all beings can move only in the direction of one destination. They must choose. May it be that you, and we, all choose to serve the highest Self beyond I’ness, mine-ness. May it be that your one destination be known to you, and you honor its call.

Relationships never ever have to be as hard as we continuously make them. But it requires a willingness to go beyond ones own perceptions to bust out of the concepts\ illusions you have\are fed and you swollow cowardessly  fearing to see the Truth. The beauty is in the balance of union of lunar and solar.      As we entre the Vernal Equinox equality is the time the Earth Goddess is slowly awakened in the Northern Hemisphere by the emergence of a young and stengthening sun God reawakening All of Life from its’ winter slumber.

So Be It!



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