People who fear homosexuality are ignorant U need to fear the self rightious betraying ones but, U are blind, eh!?

Just as people fear color rubbing off, people fear homosexuality as though it is a disease that can overtake the heterosexual person. The only disease to fear in this case is that of the ignorant mind, the mind filled with wrong thought that gives rise to wrong action. This is due to wrong understanding, narrow concepts, and the distortion of truth, leaving a society that prides itself in tolerance at best, and only if homosexuality doesn’t enter their realm of existence, their family, their neighborhoods, their work place, their church. Should we not awaken to the reality of the impossibility of such a fantasy? Or will we continue our violent means of BULLYING, genocide, ignoring, shaming, hating, ridiculing, abusing, persecuting, and yes, killing of ones Spirit and potential to destroy quality of life for generations to come!

Homosexuality, remember, has been since time immemorial, and will continue to be forever more. In the name of religion and so-called moral righteousness, we can remove basic human rights but, never can the nature of a person be destroyed, only distorted. Herein lies the cause of sexual deviance in the homosexual relationship. Rejection, BULLYING, tolerance not acceptance, abuse, incest, rape, the catholic\christian right church hierarchy on down to lay preachers can\does change the victimized @ the depth of Being.

Parents deny their homosexual children and attempt by force to make them be like everyone else. Thus, we see the psychological harm created by fear. These psychological ramifications lead a child into shame and self punishment. Love is no longer the basis of relationships but, the need to be loved and accepted becomes even more paramount and the means to attain it can and does become a dark vicious cycle often leading to self-destructive patterns in desperation.

Do any of YOU know what it FEELS like to know you are\were UNLOVED as a child? To FEEL that is what gives birth to the predator, the enabler, or The awake LOVER of Life born of compassionate understanding. Knowing Truth, Intelligence, never accepting the LIES we are fed as the foundation for surviving the human condition. The young ones will rise up and fight the establishment AGAIN and will succeed beckoning the lite of The Mother having enough BETRAYAL of entrusting in THE UNTRUSTABLE.

Everyone wants to be loved.



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