What if you Knew you were reincarnated in the womb of your previous life Stool Stuper? Just a ???

Speaking as far as men and women, there was to be no pleasure, no expression of life, definitely no sexual orgasm, surely then physically no ecstasy. Sex, being a sin, became a very dark act. Not a union of love but, expressing the sin became a pornographic business of sex slaves, the children, the women, run by the church. No physical union permitted, without reproduction, except when deemed necessary by the church, and people actually obeyed out of fear of God. The Gods of male lust. Man was the power, is the power, so he deems himself. So, completely leaving out the beauty of union of ecstasy between two lovers, an ecstatic moment initiated by the woman, all seen as the work of the devil. Yet, womankind as a reproduction machine run by men, was encouraged to be lustful for men. Thu the creation of bestiality was born in the hearts and minds of men; rape, genocide, and war, acceptable means of gaining power over the people, over life.

Here are some interesting points I find important to share with you. One Saint Clement said, “every woman should be overwhelmed with shame at the very thought that she is a woman. Thomas of Aquinas believed that the woman being was a by product of nature’s active force, defective, and the fully developed being is to be born a male. As I mentioned previously, there are many written accounts of hating women i.e… Saint John, Chris Sostowem said, “among all savage beast none is found so harmful as woman.” Now I say this to you, because we cannot negate the hatred that brings these words to fruition, hatred is the only way to describe it.

A follower suggested we are a predatory species HE suggested @ best “MANAGEMENT”\tolerance  is our best option! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Imagine if women did not accommodate men in the work place like joining the military knowing men do not respect their presence or continue to do the same job for < pay when a law supposedly prohibits it… STOP ADAPTING!!!


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