Women ARIZE To DEFACE the EVIL confusion causing patriarchal OPPRESSION

First off, evil is the cause of all mental illness, confusion is one of its covert characteristics or should I say, the willingness to bind with evil, gives rise to all mental dis-ease.  Yes, that’s it exactly!. In which case the ensuing belief that women-kind is evil and must be guarded against and killed gave rise to schisms in the mind, in the mind of all of humanity. Fear gave rise to paranoia, a mental illness, a mental disease, fear of god the father and his punishment, a paranoia.

Misogyny is a deep rooted strangle hold of patriarchal dogmatic tyrannical oppression!!! The Great Mother will continue to “shine Her ever Loving Light on All of YOU including ALL your cohorts(enabler sisters\brothers).” A necessary Compassionate act…

Paranoia being the  living result of a prefab God that we cannot see but, is watching our every thought, feeling, emotion, and according to  THE Church, witnessing our spiritual dissent caused by womenkind. Women were simply to be made a repository for man’s seed. He being spirit, and her a lump of clay, a vessel of enslavement, to procreate mankind, hence we have marriage, an institution deemed by god the father to be carried out by his inventors. I want to tell you just a little story that comes to mind here.

Speaking with a very old female soul. And she had questions about women Swamis, women priests being the heads of churches, and as she put it, “preaching to the masses”. I mentioned teaching, teaching people to yoke to the memory of being a child of the Divine. She had interest in Yoga, of course she was speaking of Hatha Yoga, not having a full understanding of Yoga and its meaning. She had mentioned that she had always wanted to practice Hatha Yoga. It seemed to her such a peaceful thing to do. She asked if I could explain to her, give her a better understanding of this Hatha Yoga, because, in speaking with the women in her church they had always condemned her desire, reminding her often that this practice of Yoga was a sin against God. Because, those who practice Yoga talk of something about coming to know the inner self and that was not permissible for one to do who loved God, or loves God. I simply said perhaps a better understanding of the definition of Yoga meaning, yoking to, connecting with, coming back into union with God, whom, I believe is said even in her religion to dwell in the heart. Yet, through the practice of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, there is no denouncement of God, simply a balancing occurring in Hatha Yoga within the body bringing a peace to the mind, allowing the heart to be open to one another. And if God dwells within us, would we not be yoking, coming into communion with, God, which would then of course , being in the heart, require a yoking in our inner self? Well, she had never heard this explanation, and found it to be quite comforting because she had for many years carried in herself the fear that she was interested yet had prayed to God to remove the interest because she wished to do nothing against God’s wishes. We spoke a little further about religion, God, and that if God truly was/is a loving God, then perhaps we could see the errors of our ways in life to just be due to an ignorance, what many call sin. I asked her if she had ever thought that maybe it was simply that we were ignorant to our own immortality. She had never thought of it that way and wanted to know then if that were true, would it mean that people are not inherently bad? I told her that the state of original sin was perhaps placed in place to keep us in our place, somewhat like being under the thumb, and that as human beings we cannot help but question, especially when we have doubt, knowing that we are not such a horrible person, so to speak. How could God see us as inherently bad simply because we think for ourselves and desire to feel more deeply and understand ourselves more clearly? Wouldn’t a loving God want that for all children ? It was a pleasurable talk.



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