pope is patriarchal IDOLATRY There’s no-thing HOLY about the pope

For thousands of years The One leader, The One Sorceress, The High Priestess, The Wise Woman was consulted, be it for individual clarity and or for the good of the entire matriarchal society. The Christian priests threatened and obsessed with power, feared the power of The High Priestess. She was the enemy, the head of the rival religion, as they saw it. And this was dangerous for the patriarchal rule, drunk and deluded by power. Their stupidity shut them off from the true power, the power of nature, the power of true knowledge, the power of the human psyche, the power of the soul. Patriarchal religion insists on only god the father: there is no power in nature Herself and there is no primordial power connecting all of life.
The Goddess religion is inclusive of all energies, all power, natural and unnatural. But, the church must control, be the one power dictating and directing all persons’ faith, hopes, and dreams. Only those sanctioned by god the father can have revelations and no one else. And if one should express a religious experience or spiritual ecstasy they were known to be possessed by satan and put to death, after torture. Ancient knowledge was and is a sin, according to the patriarch. According to Christianity, nature is powerless and only the chosen few are graced by god.

Men of god the father would prove their power over nature. When torturing a female they implored her to call upon her Goddess, her God. And if she was a person of God truly it would be obvious and she would therefore, be spared. This did not occur of course. Daughters of The Goddess burned alive by the millions for using and displaying their extraordinary powers. You see, this witch stuff was directly related to the women’s knowledge and connection to nature, the earth, the moon, sky, the stars, the planets. Leviticus 19:26 of the Bible story says, “ Neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times.” Idolatry, divination, and the observance of time and seasons in that order were considered  absolute proof of devil worship. The Christian men, strictly interested in political power, having no knowledge of energies, land, seasons, and nature, insisted the sun and moon were made for us. How am I to worship what is here for my benefit to serve me?

These Christian men of god the father were the ones to claim that the earth was flat and the earth was the very center of the universe. The men sanctified by the father god systematically set out to reinvent the human existence, motivated of course by political power. The destruction of ancient knowledge – arts, books, whole libraries, whole cultures, all recorded knowledge – caused an imbalance in the collective human psyche and therefore, stunted severely the future development of humankind. Thousands upon thousands of years of knowledge was completely wiped out. The beautiful synthesis of human existence destroyed by terrorism. Sound familiar in this time? Terrorism, who do you think invented it and for what purpose? Ecstasy, entrancement, ancient Yogic techniques, divination, herbology, for knowledge and telling of prophets and dreams, all evil, and if practiced, one is to be punished by torture until death. In the Bible story Leviticus 20:27, “ a man or woman, in whom there is a platonical or divining spirit or that is a wizard let them die. They shall be stoned.” In Deuteronomy of the Bible story 13:3-5, “ thou shalt not harken unto the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams,and that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death.”

Patriarchy= the great gluttonous oz and all its gluttonous women and misinformed\angry children.



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