“Holy Inquisition”

In the matriarchal societies the women passed on all possessions to the daughters? That was not to exclude males but, simply was the way of the matriarchal society. Now, this could not be, as it was threatening to the imperial Christian church crown, the rule of Europe.

Five centuries of the so-called “Holy Inquisition”, 300 years of witch hunts, millions of people, predominately women and children, subjected to merciless torture and deaths in god the father’s name. The motive to such madness, supposed disease of the women, to increase the wealth and power of the Christian church. All goods belonging to women were turned over to the church as women were seen as witches of satan. The children of the condemned women were forced to stand at the stake and watch their mothers’ burn, as they themselves were beaten for being the devil’s spawn. The children were then imprisoned in Christian orphanages to further be beaten, starved, tortured and killed.  How many of us are descendants of these matriarchal bloodline and their torturers? Dare to know the truth? This one’s memory serves well these distinct memories.

This genocidal mania was still going on in the 17th century you know & has not changed up to this day!! These men of god invented tortures that no child of The Mother God would conceive of. Graphic, I know. Hideous, I am certain, but mind expanding, there is no doubt. The eye gougers, branding irons, iron spikes, are just a few of the simple instruments that were used in these tortures. One very famous instrument of invention was called “ the pear” it was constructed of two metal halves, each one having a handle and a hinge to open, much like scissors or forceps. This pear was heated up to red-hot and then it would be inserted into the prisoners mouth, vagina, or anus, and then spread open as far as possible. Into scalding baths mixed with lime people were plunged. On and on these tortures went, more hideous inventions of cleansing the female soul of satans’ rule. Who would or could imagine and invent such hideous cruelty and sanctify it in god’s name? Only those who are willfully evil in heart and mind. These men willfully, self righteously claiming all these hideous acts were carried out in the name of the man Jesus and by man made gods’ will alone, of course, to liberate and save the human soul. Just like the chinese  LIBERATION of Tibet! EH?

In Exodus 22:18 of the Bible story it reads, “ thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” The Hebrew word for “poisoners” was purposely ill translated to “witches”, how convenient. All people who worship The Goddess were evil according to the Hebrew prophets and the patriarchs. Anyone known to be practicing the” rival religion” was to be murdered. This too was seen in the Old Testament of the Bible story. The Roman Catholic church, the Protestant reformers and all the power-hungry European men, fanatically obtained a gruesomely sick pleasure in the torture and disembodiment of human beings considered evil, especially women. It was easy. They had on their side the Bibles’ divine inspiration and sanctification to mandate murder in the name of god, in the name of Jesus the man, and were able to politically, religiously expand and secure one of the largest and most tyrannical power filled secular institutions on Mother earth, WESTERNIZED Christianity.

Remember, the law of karma applies for the wheel of samsara turns. People change VERY little from life to life therefore, ignorance is an on going inner hell constantly projecting & manifesting! Merrily,merrily, merrily, merrily LIFE IS BUT A DREAM…

Yours in the Dharma, PEACEMONGER


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