Collective minds filled with evil individuals

Evilology, for some, is somewhat of a difficult teaching to digest. And I understand why and I know that the teaching in itself is bringing up many questions. Hopefully it is thought-provoking and it causes each and every one of us to examine our own lives, our own thoughts, our own actions, our own motive and intent.
We have spoken of individuals affected by evil. We have also spoken of evil individuals. We have spoken of ones who collude with evil, unconsciously or consciously. And, I wish to mention here whole organizations or collective consciousness, collective minds filled with evil individuals. This of course is collective evil, group evil, a group consciousness collectively band together in similar mind, which is generally how we would view groups. People of similar thoughts and ways and beliefs.
Human beings naturally desire the company of another or of others. Most human beings fear being alone or more so feeling alone, loneliness. Collective groups are formed because there are several individuals of like mind and therefore, share similar likes, dislikes, beliefs and yes, even fears. In order to enhance or diminish that which forms the collective group out of similarities in the first place, the force of collective mind must be powerful and fear is an extremely highly motivating force unto which most will acquiesce even regress to basic drives of animal instinct and mere survival at all cost.

To be fearful makes us feel under constant threat and therefore, very uncomfortable. The constant feeling of threat, whether real or imagined, puts us into a state of constant anxiety. Under stress we all have our breaking point. A good question here is, do any of us really know our breaking point? What do we do in a stressful situation? How do we act or react? How far are we willing to go to get relief? Do we lash out or do we retreat? I suppose this is a good place to begin the practice of inquiry your own self. Asking if pushed to the edge of sanity and insanity, what measures would I take to preserve my sanity? What would I be willing or not willing to sacrifice and why? Tough questions to say, I agree. Some may pooh-pooh the questions arguing there’s really no need to consider such a thing. My life and life style do not require such a crucial question to be pondered in that case, just ask this simple question, why am I so willing to preserve my ignorance? Why do I choose to deny myself the peace of mind of knowing who I really am and what my character is made of? What’s my fear? Exactly, what is so threatening that we need to defend our belief in the right to remain ignorant about the very nature of our own personality, our character, our contemplation of choices when pushed to the edge? The answer I most often get emphatically is, “I just don’t even want to think about it”.

We as human beings prefer to remain comfortably numb to personal responsibility although at times numb to an overwhelming agonizing situation affords us the ability to function in times of disaster which in that case maybe seen as good. Human beings also will do this to simply survive a given situation in which their personal responsibility is a must. For example, if we are a part of group consciousness conducting evil doings and we are feeling in our consciousness its’ wrong to do it, but we continue the wrong doing because the force is already in motion and of course we are only one of many. Or, do you think it would be better to muster all of the sensitivity that we have and oppose the force at all cost to our survival or our reputation, our egos’ fear of losing face in the mist of things? Is this where we question, if we can’t beat them, join them?

When we are very young children, we are quite narcissistic and immature. The world revolves around us and we want what we want when and how we want it. Sound familiar? Evil, as I have spelled out is exactly this and this narcissistic immaturity evolves into a very dangerous state if not dealt with early on. Most people grow and develop beyond the “just me”. In an environment that provides the opportunity to reveal that there are certain ways of being and things that might need to occur outside of me and mine for their to be relationship with the rest of life.

May The Lite of TRUTH Shine On the Dark Corners of YOUR Mind!

Prem, Maa


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