The First Black Mass

Orthodox Catholics\ Christianity state that a person may only have one dream, the dream of redemption through Christ, from the sin of being born.  I tell you what great fortune to take on a human body. For clarity when ever the teaching being given refers to either fore mentioned belief systems they are synonymous.

Always so quick we are to point the finger at others for being evil, according to our concepts, which are really anothers’ that we have adopted. Our focus on evil and its hideous acts willfully carried out by those who are evil often seem to fall on the Holocaust and Hitler, as thought the atrocities of that time had not occurred before then. Not true. The Christians hold first place, first place ribbon, trophy and a reign of power fueled by hate, greed, lust, and sanctioned by a father god. They are the world record holders for mass killings! Its true. Millions of human beings in just the last two-thousand years tortured and slaughtered “in the name of Christ.” There is more than one documented holocaust, come now. Three hundred years of witch burning in Europe; Christians lead this genocidal war! World War II, 5-6 million Jews exterminated, including millions of others, 45 million give or take one or two, including women, children, homosexuals, handicapped; including 22 million Russians give or take one or two, and all the Japanese human beings who were slaughtered in a third Holocaust nuclear war of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Well, here we have three well documented Holocausts, all in the name of patriarchal religion’s “holy wars”, they’re  called.

Today these killings continue right here in” the land of the free”, carried out by Christians who believe they are liberating those who are possessed by the devil himself. These are people who are obsessed by the literal words of the Bible story, their victims, predominately children. The devil, satanism belongs solely to the Christian hierarchy. Think about it, if one does not believe the Bible story and patriarchal Christian anthology then there can be no devil, can there?

Satanic belief is really quite new, so to speak. In the court of Louis the 14th, the first Black mass was performed by some 60 or so Roman Catholic priests. The king hired them to conduct a mass performed on a naked girl’s tummy. For what purpose? To amuse the court. This satanic black mass was dedicated to the anti-Christ for the purpose of invoking and worshiping the principle of evil.  Think about it! This only occurred in the late 17th century and not surprisingly, it does not appear in his-tory until the 19th century. From this black mass the idea of satanism is said to be derived. Aside from amuse-ment is it not symbolic of power OVER The Feminine for She is layed out as the sacrificial alter while the patriarchal ritual was performed.

According to Christianity there is only one path to redemption: that is through and by one man, Christ. Only Christ can redeem our sinful selves from having to go through the evil of being born out of the woman’s vagina, like the baby boy Jesus…!? Because Christ is a man born of a male god, then he is our only hope of salvation.

So easily amused how you prefer to remain unconscious & confused!! There is No pity for your stupidity… The Lite of Truth shining brite causes the ignorant to take flight rather than fight. So it remains “of the people, by the people, F*** the people.”

Sooooooooo many of you voyeurs are stuck on the teaching on chakras in the bible, surely the Truth of the Black Mass is well known to you!

Happiness is the Birthrite of all THE GREAT MOTHERS children,



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