The religion of The Goddess is a reciprocity, the religion of father god is a taking, raping, forsaking

In the matriarchal society girls as well as boys were taught the ancient yogic practices of conquering the disease of ignorance. The important point to remember is this: the ancient religion of The Mother did not teach so much about negation or separation, but instead acceptance and inclusiveness with nature.

The patriarch had and has the one-pointed belief of exclusiveness that is, all of life is created for man’s use. The inclusive identification with god the father, rather the exclusive identification with god the father denies any connection with or dependency with Mother. Mother is all, the origin and source of existence. Hence we have Mother Earth. The religion of The Goddess is a reciprocity, the religion of father god is a taking and not giving back. Guilt, shame and suffering are the means of existence. Yet, this was unheard of in The Mother religion, whereas guilt, shame and suffering being the means of the patriarchal religion were to ensure a constant indebtedness of all of life to god the father. Therefore, aggression is the means of oppression.

The terminology of the patriarch was used against the people. To be humble, to be pious, to be meek, were supposedly the words used by Christ himself. These were terms of aggression to keep people submissive to the hierarchy. The priests were god the father’s high-ranking officers in god the father’s army. The patriarchal rule used these means to punish and at the same time cure the people. The reality is these were exploitation of the matriarchal societies to secure wealth and power for the Christian empire. Since the patriarchs had destroyed and forbade all knowledge of the matriarch religion and way of life, the people were forced to live their life in guilt, fear, and oppression, fed by the Christian dogma; whereas, the priests and the scholarly men were the only ones permitted education.

Now pay attention, since man believes all of life is created for his taking, he does not give to life anything without self-serving motivation. In other words the patriarchal religion suggests its members piously share their wealth with those less fortunate. Those they took from, that is, not out of love and kindness mind you, but to please god the father who will then in turn give them check marks by their name in the Big Book so they can earn their place in heaven, earn being the key word. The higher-ups in the church promise to put in a good word for pious individuals and protect them in god’s name. How does that really work? Through exploitation and deception but, when people suffer in life these high ranking insist that god is simply punishing them for their sins, so there’s nothing they can really do to help. Perhaps they should give more to the church to atone for their sins, this is the usual suggestion.

It is from this very patriarch that all institutions of profitable games are modeled. The pitting of boss and worker bee, worker bee not allowed to see and know the overlord or reigning father. The hierarchy has in place a middle person sort of like the whole scheme of Oz again, hey? This is not cooperation. This is not inclusion and reciprocity. This is dictatorship, exploitation, an assault on human dignity.



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