Expand your mind

Here we are expanding our minds to the realities of eternal existence. I am certain that many may find that some of what I have said and will say may be quite graphic in my attempt to help you see the truths that lie buried deep within the collective unconscious, and the truths that  have been all but killed through means of physical torture and death of the body, and how people have learned to suppress their feelings, their emotions and the ancient knowledge from which all life has developed.

Hearing of that which has been kept buried deep within the unconscious collective mind for thousands of years can be disturbing. The memory of true ancient indigenous Pagan spirituality had at one time been all but destroyed. We do see the re-emergence of the love for Mother in many people and in some spiritual practice today.

But, this spirituality, the oldest, has been replaced with an inherent, nihilistic, fanatic, belief system of necrophiliac destructive means. Do you grasp what I have just said?

One man, is supposedly the sole heir to the kingdom of god, all others of course condemned with original sin, yet, they must pray for salvation from this materialistic invented god. I see this god the father as oz, the great wizard dominating all the little munchkins. Perhaps there is hope yet. The good witch is alive and well. The life of celebrating The Mother has been reduced to a life of corruption and evil. Dancing, singing, spiritual ecstasy, sexual union, celebration of Her presence in all of nature, degraded and abolished by the male godhead as sinful. This, I say, is what is known as the bardo of a living hell. This elitist belief system has condemned Her powerful presence, Her very essence, the very Origin of life. Life in all Her beauty; a living hell, and no hope, no escape from the wrath of god the father? Not so, for we have free will!

FREE WILL …99.9% of human beings do not understand it much less use its’ intrinsic presence, the very essence of your vibratory measure.

The ever present voice of inner shakti insisting the final touches on the book & documentary mentioned are a responsibility to all the abused children known in this physical existence and all whom we have not found each other yet; both are sure to EXPAND your mind. So these projects & completing the sites under construction we communicate thru determine steadfast attention.

Since SOOOOO many of you appear to be quite fixated on the bible\chakra teachings may they be mind expanding!!!

Meeting YOU where YOU are while we stay cyber connected is easier on the sound bitten minds resistant to inevitable change; This One gives her word to lighten the teachings on the blog for your minds sake.

Compassionately Revealing Clarity Thru Pure Radiant Light, Prem


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