The EPIDEMIC of PARANOIA of FEMALE POWER infects women! symptom= STUPIDITY

The reductionist theory used by Christian rule on human beings to continue its oppressive reign, the epidemic of paranoia about female power and its insidious evil presence needing to be cleansed out of man and worthless women and children all born out of hatred. Lest I leave out how we must fear the world and everything in it because we’re all inherently evil.

The hatred and fear of women kind began with Christianity and is alive today! But let us not forget that women are the cause of this entire hideous existence. It would not have been possible for the matriarchal societies to have developed, evolved and thrived for over 500,000 years if there was not the reciprocity with all of life. Denial of one aspect of creation of The Mother is to deny all of Her creation.

Is not the human condition based on some battle for power to be won? I ask you these things, Of what power do we speak? What is the battle? Where is the battle to be fought? Whom is the battle with? What makes them the enemy? What is the reward for courage and bravery? What is the consequence of retreat? Someone will die in this battle for power, possibly you, maybe me, possibly others. All of these questions address the individuals battle within themselves. We have created this duality or worse, the schisms of our human condition, by separating from our origin and desiring to overpower that which is the very source of all power. Conquer and kill is the motive and intent of obtaining power, that’s true. In The ancient Mother religion  this is the spiritual journey through life, awakening to the power within one’s self, The High Priestess, The Sorceress, The Yogini, having and giving the knowledge.

Over NINE MILLION women, children peaceful people slaughtered, burned @ the stake in front of their babies, raped & tortured first in the 200 year conquering period of christians… his-story of the resurrection is manmade based on the TRUE celebration of rebirth\Spring.

No worries oh Ye’ IGNORANT wo-men Karma balances all! Here is a suggestion for you since reenacting distortions of  TRUTH is a christian pass time with monetary gain, why not have your men literally act out the atrocities inflicted on those burned as witches\healers\lovers of life & The Great Mother with YOU & YOUR CHILDREN just to get a TRUE FEELING for the COLLECTIVE HATERS you commune with, but are conveniently BLIND to; then while your daughter has the red hot pear prod shoved up her vagina til you confess to your man who speaks to his guy in the sky don’t cry simply BEG for resurrection of YOUR daughter & be proud of your participation in the christian RE- creation his-story that began in genesis.

An orthodox catholic hypocrite predatory child pedophile once told me this nation would be a better place if we cut the tongues o\o liars mouths and cut the hands off of thieves as he had learned from living in the Asian countries; in that case his-story should have earned him the slicing off of his penis, tongue & hands esp. in the Philippines. His enablers are numerous women & men. His seed, the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) planted in enablers pro created ALL daughters(enablers too!), except ONE. Remember ALL enablers have an agenda, ie. there’s something in it for them.

This One speaks of these truths for all the abused and bullied who fear speaking for themselves YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Women who go to war as soldiers of your man god and are raped and tortured and you kill other women\children remember karma is a balancing revealing itself in infinite ways.

Compassionately, Dr. Shubhranandaswami

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