MARCH=WOMANS’ MONTH so VOW to REVEAL the ideology of contempt and hatred for Womankind

Why is it that women continue to live in secret contempt, anger and fear? Why do women continue to suppress and give away their energy of sensual, sexual and spiritual power? Why do women continue to pretend to be weak and stupid and in need of a man to tell them when to even take a shit? Why do women continue to live in male defined and dominated religious structure, based solely by the way, on the ideology of contempt and hatred for womankind, and further, the structure of the christian church institution? Why do women allow themselves to be continually controlled by their biological functions, their physical appearances and the way they act and think, and why do they allow themselves to be controlled and dominated with regards to a once natural fertility and reproductive cycle?

Now it is a choice of a patriarchal reign when a women conceives and even if she can let go of a fetus that she knows deep intuitively within herself is not supposed to be for her, it’s her choice. I mean think about it: incest, rape, and a woman is told that she has no right to make a decision regarding a life that was not her choice to bring into the world.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the women, and there are millions and millions of women, in the patriarchal churches removed themselves in spirit, mind and body from male dominance and collectively unified in the sacred beauty of oneness with The Divine Mother. Individually and collectively, can you imagine overcoming the fear of The Mother,  and seriously rejoicing in womankind, nurturing, loving and protecting what every woman knows deep within herself to be the truth beyond patriarchal rule?

Truly, there is little said or written on the very truths of the effects of god the father on the ideas, the intimate thoughts, knowledge and actual experiences of womankind herself. Maybe, women are simply afraid of patriarchal repercussions? But what is worse than chronic torture pschoneuroimmunologically and or physically, DEATH? Once a male student brought a knife to session and admitted, “I want to kill The Mother in YOU” and took the knife out…  Understandable not Acceptable, WHY? You can exist oppressed, suppressing your pain= breathing dead woman OR KNOWING THE PREDATOR may come to silence you @ some point however, not even statute of limitations should not stop truth of abuse coming forward.

Last May eclipse This One took a trip to Jacksonville Fla., Gulfport Ms. and Tucson Az. after a sister having sought This One out, first back in the late 90’s claiming to have experienced the EXACT same abuses as This One from same INCESTUOUS PREDATOR. Second contact, on this box. After much confiding on both parts woman to woman, sister to sister she claimed based on the PREDATOR having alcohol dementia and having been sexually inappropriate with our youngest sisters friends,( no reports made by those parents either) nothing mattered anymore. Knowing HE and the Other ABUSERS(PARENT TYPES ALSO)+ the list of others the parents did nothing about must be revealed. This sister was told by This One “HE” has ALL of his faculties w\o doubt. This One told her The TRUTH must come forward before they die or memory loss occurs, hence,book\doc spoken of, no names spared. The purpose for this little segue- hearing a MAN, Geoffrey Robertson, human rights lawyer re enforce the KNOWN. Mr. Robertson said,”Before one goes senile they should be tried.”

Aware that the SYSTEM is a joke from personal experience with it for years and thousands of children\women facing EVERY conceivable abuse, skipping the middle MAN and their unearned monetary gain straight to the pictures & point is most empowering to the Spirit. March is WOMANS’ MONTH…??? so a small sharing w\u. 99.9% of those seeking inner freedom and annihilating fear that come to me are abused. The effects are generational. ALL were told they would never be asked to do what This One would not do Herself. Sister, BKMAR which ever you go by name wize no matter Betrayal is unacceptable there’s no caring who your mother This Ones’ step-mother worked for in the SYSTEM. YOU opened the book “HE” abused our dead brother too! Why bother with all the unshown\told TRUTHS; SO THAT EVEN ONE MAY USURP THE STRENGTH THRU KNOWING they are not alone, not crazy and BE FREED. Karma brings us together as many times as it takes thru the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) until balance is attained.

Will womankind ever recognize the freedom within Herself and stop forsaking its presence? Will womankind ever choose to completely step away from male dominance and into the sacredness of Herself? The only thing that ever comes between two women is a male energy! Think about it!

May the circle be open but not unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.



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