“The Great Law of Peace”

Keep in mind the fundamental Christian religion is founded on two major points, remember: first and foremost, original sin, secondly, salvation, which can only come through faith. The deist proclaimed that one, all human beings are basically good; secondly, human beings are capable of progress through knowledge, reason, justice and liberty. They did not believe in the virgin birth of a christ nor of a christs’ divinity nor of heaven and hell or any notions of damnation and redemption.

The founding fathers revolted against the colluding powers of church and government. Remember, they lived the his-tory of hatred, rage, prosecution of an entire five centuries of Christian inquisitions. The tortures, the burnings and terrorism were the his-tory of their own people. For them this was exactly the entire purpose of writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, just exactly the way they did it.

Take a look at the first amendment. It was their intention to stop the Christian rule, to stop them from having control over a person’s beliefs or non-beliefs, religious freedoms, to stop the mind control of the church over the American people which, was of course backed completely by the government invented by the church.

You see, I am trying to point out to you, in case you haven’t seen it, this was a completely closed system of power, that is until the Deists stepped in. Already in place long before the puritans arrived was something called, “The Great Law of Peace”, of the longhouse people and this set a precedence of influence and the writing of the Constitution.

The Law of Peace was known as the Iroquois confederation or the league of six nations and was at least a thousand years old. The purpose of it was to bring unity to Indian nations, to tribes speaking in different tongues and to commune them into a body of alliance for peace. And to think the white man actually convinced themselves that the Indian people needed liberating, educating and of course cleansing of demonic forces! Well, the European fools needed to ratify their ignorance and embrace the simple practical wisdom of the residing people of this continent, perhaps, eh?

Many of the details and much of the wisdom and definitely the spirit of this Great Law was incorporated into the Constitution. The spirit of Paganism was and is alive and there for the understanding if one wishes to step away from the ignorance and the laziness and see the truth right there in the Constitution itself!



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