We’re the children of One Divine parent, not of a condemning father god.

People destroyed their elitist lifestyles by burning their castles and taking their belongings back. Well, this may not be a peaceful way of resisting I know but, it was the way that they say to attempt to regain their way of life. These people were known as the Brethren and Sisters of the Free Spirits. The women and the men who chose communal living and the sharing of property, and material property, it was their choice. Women absolutely refused to marry, as their original way of life was inclusive of sexuality and spiritual freedom. It was their Divine right. These women were the Mystics, the Priestesses. These women created whole women cities. This was during the 12th century in Europe. They were completely self-sustaining. They were craft people and they were dedicated to the education of girl children. The patriarch didn’t threaten them in any way. The women refused  to prostrate to the male god and his pawns. So the patriarch punished them with heavy taxes for being independent and successful at that.

Many of these people I speak of were homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexual people. They believed they were the children of One Divine parent, not of a condemning father god. Their societies did not believe in “mine” and “yours” but, they did believe in mutual acceptance, the ecstasy of life in One Divine Universe. They were burned for their beliefs, of course.

The people of The Mother religion often told of the coming of a female messiah, hence Joan of Arc, who was condemned from the Church and labeled as one of the rival religion. The people loved her. I have always said, there will come a time when The Mother’s presence will undeniably put the patriarch to rest; that all Her children are free to experience and express their interrelatedness to all of life.

The  Mother religion teaches the cosmos is One inseparable. Any illusion of isolation or separateness is ego, which is to be transcended by ritual ecstasy and deep meditation. Dancing, singing, rituals, passion, and emotion, spiritual, sexual freedom, education, love, reciprocity, truth, acceptance, inclusion, interdependence, these are the way of the oldest religion. These are mere words that I offer in an attempt to express the feminine power of living a life of peace and in harmony. While the patriarch insisted that wealth is the sign from god the father that one is in his favor; because god the father wants you to be prosperous. I suppose it all depends on what you perceive as wealth.

God the father, is the original voyeur. I call this the eye in the sky syndrome. Big brother is watching all the little Heathens. Under hierarchical observation the paranoia flourishes. The police being god’s chosen few, the political patriarchal spies, agents for christ. An unknowable, unseeable god the father who wields power over all, denies communal living and cooperation. Instead these ways of life have been restructured into prison like conditions to control the masses which were predominantly women, gods’ will carried out by the elite. The father god being the warden of the prison, the guards the priests, who consistently, constantly insure denial of the Motherhood of God.

May your minds be able to withstand even a little of what I have said to you.

May your hearts always be open to Love.

This is dedicated to Jamie



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