Gossip, one of evils’ favorite tools

I asked you to explore your own individual breaking points, now in speaking of collective evil, I ask you to do the same with respect to your own relationships with different groups be it religious groups, the work place, activist groups, family, friends. How much do you actually take personal responsibility in a particular group situation? How much of your self are you willing to give over to another? Most likely this is difficult to answer until you are in a group situation where your integrity and your threshold of pain and suffering are tested. This can mean from anywhere from wanting to simply fit in to group conversation, so you go with the groups degradation of others in the guise of course of joking and sarcastic remarks. To singling out the victim of such behaviors on your part and gleefully rallying round the ringleader willingly bashing another in an open forum happy to not be the brunt of such pain and suffering.

This type of group evil can also be very subtle for example in schools, in work places where the victim is degraded and their integrity is quietly clawed at and ripped away like vultures ripping at the flesh of a road kill. How, do you do this you say, by glances from others, by whispers otherwise known as gossip, one of evils favorite tools. By indirect snide remarks between members of the group directly in front of the victim, oh, there are many ways group evil works at this level and most people will argue that this is normal.

Games of evil are not the norm and therefore, @ best they annihilate, often ostracize, if left alone. Depending on the nobility or thereby lack of in their character, they fall to one of two categories at that point. One, the lonely who most often relinquish all integrity for the sake of having the privilege of bonding with others no matter the consequences or two, the person of conscience willing to suffer the pain of annihilation from human bonds and rely on the one friend beyond all others, Conscious Self.

Ones’ individual concept of Self, oh, they suffer all right, the pain of loss is great for humans are creatures with the INATE deep desire to bond and relate with others. When there is nothing to relate to in others you either choose self-denial for companionship of a sort or you walk the path of life without that companionship or at best relationship with others being few and far between often superficial.

What is the point here you ask, I have spoken numerous times on laziness and there are so many little clichés in western language about people being sheep and how they need a leader, ruler, decider. ( This would be a whole book within itself) How willingly people debase themselves by forfeiting their integrity and lazily give themselves over to a so-called leader so as to relinquish all personal responsibility for their life. Ahhh, the good life you say, someone else making all the decision and what’s worse is, those at the helm don’t even have to try hard to convince you that their way is the only way. Why? Well, people would have to think for themselves of course, they would have to make decisions. They would have to consult their conscience and if they disagreed with the powers that be then they would have to suffer the pain of  public reprimand and the penalties for courageously standing for truth in the wake of collective self-denial. This could mean actual death, murder I’m saying, for those in power do not want scandal to reveal the truth.


Born Task Master with Compassion

Mother of Lite\Love


Evil seeks out immaturity AKA Spiritual Poverity – Age NOT included

Group narcissism and immaturity is highly volatile in the individuals standpoint, if not outgrown so to speak by the age of five up, and up until about seven. Then we will go on in search of ones’ with similar tendencies and form small groups, little clicks, larger scales, we form organizations, coalitions, all out of fear and the need for power. This power, of course, is to have I’ness in a group way. There is of course no other way, further it seeks to be right which means, humans cold hearted\ignorant minded are not sensitive to the needs thoughts, beliefs, feelings of any other. Could this be why you are blinded and so jaded to those who show us truth and love as the only way? Your wilfulness so entrenched, must therefore annihilate anyone or thing other than that which moves in the course of its’ own direction. Is this then predicated on feeling threatened, fearful of annihilation even as a group? Do we revert to survival of the fittest? In this example, we would say well there is hundreds of us and only one of you so that one, you, has to go, because you threaten the otherwise, us.

Evil seeks out immaturity, because immature people are perfect incubators for evils’ evolution to power over all else. A healthy human being is mature in that it recognizes right and wrong and weighs in thought and action the consequences and rewards, so to speak. SPIRITUAL POVERTY=IMMATURITY\IGNORANT
Most people find it perfectly acceptable, even worse right, to throw a small child into a large body of deep water and watch them sink of course forcing them to swim or drown, fight for their survival. Many people find it even humorous; I say it’s sadistic and maddeningly cruel. Trust is broken in that child’s heart right then and there. It is your fears that allow you to be so insensitive as to project your feelings of perceived or real threats onto them, so you throw them in, they pop up you say sink or swim, which is how YOU feel but you force them to act out your fears. Can you see what I am saying? If they fail then you demean them. If they succeed, in sheer terror of course, you still demean them, mixing in of course a little sarcasm. YOU have terrified them into losing trust. Sort of the old adage it’s a jungle out there, grow up and grow up fast. I won’t always be here to protect you. Well, needless to say this lesson need be done at a more mature stage in their life. As well as through any other means except inducing terror.

Adults take great pride in using certain birds and animals as target practice with their new gun, after all, some animals are over populated and there is no harm in keeping the population under control with a little target practice, Matricide\children, human collateral damage included. Besides its good food, either for us or other animals, no one will really miss them, well of course except the momma and the papa bird. Some consider this type of genocide good, good population control. Some find this maddeningly, maddeningly sadistic. If a young boy is given a BB gun for a present and shoots an animal, the adult will surely say, well he’s just sowing his wild oats or some stupid cliché an excuse like that. And we tell him to simply be careful that he doesn’t hurt himself or his friends, after all lawsuits and everything this can be a bother.

A sadistic father took great pleasure in telling This One how he was teaching a toddler how to shoot squirrls. This precious boy I know. Now, many moons later a young, once sensitive, abused child questions, ” Why was I made so SMALL and MEAN???!!!” Need you ponder the destiny of this reality? W\O positive impressions of his Heart\mind to neutralize\balance the earlier devolvement of his Spirit saturated in the darkness\ignorance it is obvious to the most casual observer the potential outlets to release the oppressed pain which anger supresses until……………

Be The Example of HOW NOT to BE, YOU can transcend the abusive past if YOU so choose     SO BE IT!



Your personalities, relationships and life philosophies are so incredibly distorted with this di-sease; your body mind and spiritual growth\attainments are confined in a mire of endless judgement and expectations of such stuporous multitudinous proportions that most of you have successfully forgotten the cure for this plague – ACCEPTANCE.

99.9% of humanity live in fear much of their waking hours – Why? As individuals and groups you feel threatened. You have to believe suffering gives meaning to life.

One of humanities BIGGEST problems is that the vast majority as individuals as well as groups are quite willing to ADAPT  to imposing beliefs and manmade laws without question. Some call this acceptance.

Relieved of responsibility, resentfully adapting, individuals and groups acquiesce. Applauding themselves for surviving, they hastily build internal as well as external defenses, believing this to be the exertion of free will. Few see, even fewer understand the obvious problem – FEAR.

Fear gives birth to all sorts of malevolence; I’m right you’re wrong. We are better than them. My religion is holy – yours is therefore evil – Complete with the ability to expound literal interpretations of scripture with prolixity minus feeling and true understanding, competition – supposedly resulting in the one most powerful; and those with the most are obviously more deserving. All of which require defensiveness. None of which stem from or give rise to acceptance, which by the way is an endless buried reservoir deep within the minds and hearts of all humanity.

We are an endangered species for at the very core of humanity is the biggest drought few of you concern yourselves with. If you are not willing to acknowledge the concepts and beliefs of one another the reservoir will dry up – be forgotten in your so called evolutionary process.

There is a way out of your ignorance. You can begin by detaching from your preconceptions of one another as individuals and groups. Once a day attempt to embrace the concepts of another person or group expanding your mind to the potentials of acceptance. You will find your fears weakening. Expanding your mind beyond the preconceptions you held helps dissolve your defensiveness. You are free to be accepting of others.

Suppression of acceptance at best produces tolerance. Tolerance is not enough for it gives birth to repression. We are all apart of life not apart from it.

Many blessings to ALL that ALL may be, a blessing unto one another



In the Bhagavagita, Sri Krsna says, “When goodness grows weak, then evil increases. I make myself a body in every age I come back to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness”. I say to you, “we are all but a reflection of what’s within”.

The wise one overflowing with truth born in love is still in human body of reflection illuminating as a beacon of goodness and filled with light. The evil one saturated in self-deceit, born of fear is still a reflection shrouded as a cloak of impenetrable power luring the self-righteous into darkness.

Blessed student, precious child, devoted one, the cycle  remember, you are not now and you are never alone. Do not let yourself believe that lie. For evil seeks out and thrives on the lonely; enforcing the lie through the pretentious play on ones willingness to remain in self-deceiving belief that it’s them against the world.

Love is the key which the spirit of evil vehemently opposes. Peace of mind, peace of mind, quiet hearts are necessary for understanding. Don’t be afraid if your heart is in turmoil, this may be a very good thing. But, do not be caught with the minds attachment to the turmoil. The mind will say, I am this, and therefore, you will become that.

If your emotions are stirred by what we’re speaking of perhaps this is a good thing. Don’t let your mind roam around in circles of what if, and how about, and all the ridiculous coercive forces of evil that it can take upon itself. But, instead look back on what we have said, what we have talked about. Formulate your questions. There is no question without an answer. There is no lie that cannot be disproved. There is no ultimate Divine Truth that can be shattered.

Pure Radiant Light is The Dispeller of Darkness  YOUR True self CLEARLY extends WELL BEYOND the vessel YOU OCCUPY… (similar to the saying, “YOUR TRUE COLORS ARE SHOWING”)




 ” If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won’t have to struggle; we won’t have to pass fruitless idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which consciously or unconsciously the whole world is hungering.”
Gandhiji, Nov 19th, 1931.

Love is the Key
Truth is the Answer
Faith is the Path

The key of Love sits on the throne of everyones heart waiting for the mind to attach to its beauty and constant presence.

When we concentrate and introspect on our perceptions and make room to contemplate life for other human beings whom we are unfamiliar with, we expand our awareness. From this contemplation we can begin to meditate on the interrelationship of all humanity, all of life, the One Presence in all expressed in so many different forms, religions, life styles, philosophies, political views etc… In meditation the mind is centered and focused, one is able to understand the different expressions of the One, the differences are accepted because ones knowledge is that the manifestations of the One are limitless. The answer to all aversion is truth—the truth is felt and perceived through meditation—the truth being human beings individually and collectively differ greatly, but the differences need not pose intimidation to ones personal realm or worldly existence, the only path for us all to follow inwardly is that of love and devotion.

Inevitable change, means unavoidable, karmically subjective this is the time to renounce all anger, hatred and resentment with individuals and groups of people here, there, and everywhere. With a calm mind reach into your heart ready to receive the Love of The Great Cosmic Mother of God, the key, the answer and the path.

Do not fear The Great Mother
Fear not knowing The Great Mother

The Great Cosmic Mother of God is not the cause of war and the suffering of humanity. Its your ignorance of  mans’ god that gives birth to the evils of mind and belief that your acts of violence are justified by your perceptions of  your gods will. Each individual and collective religious and political view is thought to be the right one therefore, all opposing views are wrong and should be punished.

Consider the literal words in the bible that mans’ god is not a loving God and all the patriarchal gods’ children are not spiritually equal. Listen to your soul, for the children are listening and watching us all as to how to resolve conflicts and differences. Better to teach them how to have a loving response to each other and all differences rather than a fear reaction of violence based in intimidation and war.

The only battle worth fighting is the battle within against hatred and the desire to destroy each other because you express yourselves differently.

Dictators rule through coercion and physical force. Leaders lead with love which by nature is all accepting and inclusive.

 Blessed Be everyone and everything
Prem and deepest Shanti,

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
January 2002


We fight for it and we struggle against it! We speak of having and wanting what we call unconditional love, but we do this according to our expectations of how to love and how we believe we should be loved. Human beings therefore determine love by their concepts of what unconditional love is. Therefore, we experience many variations of the One Love which is difficult if not impossible to limit by definition. Love, in and of itself, has no boundaries. Love is beyond all concepts of logic and reason.

Mankind has filtered and divided love into categories of acceptance-conditions, levels and degrees according to who, what, when, where and how much or how little. This is segregation. This segregation is found in the collective consciousness of various groups and is based on prejudices, judgementalness, basically a lack of knowledge of Love Itself. Loyalty is a big part in this separation of us and them. We divide Love through religions, societies, cultures, races, color, governments, neighborhoods, sexes, sexual preferences, money, family ties, and friends.

In Bhakti Yoga one invites The Lite of Love into ones heart through Compassion and Devotion to all of life in all beings. A Bhakta strives to release themselves from the binds of ego attachments and aversions, knowing that Love is present to some degree in everyone of The Great Mothers’ creatures. True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings only distorted by egos dominant forces of separation. No matter how ego may limit or distort Love—all Love is essentially Divine. When human beings speak of Love more often they refer to the consequences of Love between two people. We have so conditioned Love by the worlds view of Love that we seem to prefer the sufferings of Loving such as demands, expectations, jealousy and possessiveness, so we feel pain and are able to enjoy short intervals of what we call love. In this illusive refuge we call happiness, we emote about our relationships of love and look forward to more consequences so as to be reminded of how love is suffering. But somehow worth the long term pain for the momentary pleasure. A true illness turns to dis-ease not addressed as such in mans medicine or psychology.

If we would take the time to not view love coming from external objects and focus on the Love within us we would see the capacity to love free from desire and pain is infinite. Love free from any attachment and aversion is Pure Bhakti—Divine Love.

True Love is Total Acceptance. Tolerance is far from the right direction, for it still denotes a sense of separateness. Only ignorance distorts The True Love.

Imagine, being in Love with Love. No objects involved. Imagine, the knot in your heart loosened and all doubts and fears cease to exist. Imagine, then the full capacity of the Love in your heart flowing forth without obstruction, without cause without desire; no need to identify with any particular form to define its presence. Completely intoxicated in Love, we would be unable to separate the flow of Love from our heart. We would not be bound by any law or code of morals or ethics to predetermine the outpouring of Love. This is called Motiveless Love.

Motiveless Love is found in the Guru Disciple relationship. This has been expounded upon by many a devotee who have experienced this Love first hand. Devotees have said to me many times, “but how can you love me when I continue to do wrong things. I cannot love you back the same way. I am filled with desires. I don’t know if I can be a good Bhakta.” Even some come to me and say, “but I am a christian or Muslim and not of the Yogic Path.” True Love makes no distinctions, everyone is suffering in the causes and effects of many lifetimes. There is always Love in a persons heart waiting to be unleashed from the binds of karma. If you want to be free from the quagmire of avidya—ignorance, come to know through experience the unbridled Love flowing from This heart to yours. Allow the cooling waters of Motiveless Love to wash over the walls of human passion around your heart and merge in the stillness of compassion.

I noticed with the events of  9/11/2001, the huge up surging of “God Bless America” flags and “United we stand and divided we fall” slogans. I always find these things interesting for we are a nation with many divisions, far from UNITED. Love is broken down into prejudicial loyalties based greatly on religions and politics. I mentioned to one of my disciples, if Americans believe themselves to be the all accepting melting pot, inclusive of all peoples and philosophies, and freedom is the motto; why do we not say “Great Spirit Bless Everyone?” Why not pour Love out in all directions to all beings. With some humor I asked if a slogan including many flags could be created. Out of Love she created this beautiful piece of art! Not every countries flags would fit, but the idea of loving the whole of humanity inclusive of all diversity is conveyed.

Learn to love freely. Have faith that it is possible. Practice Acceptance. We are all a part of The One Love.
Goddess Bless Everyone


Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
July 2002

(2013) the new pope carries the lineage of torture\abuse-specifically SEXUAL ABUSE to include HIS OWN heinous acts overtly committed covertly kept. Awareness in the collective consciousness is present; Acknowledgement is blinded by aversion to TRUTH for ACCEPTANCE requires removal of the veil of ignorance “ENTREING THE DARK NITE OF THE SOUL” and listening to the WISDOM of  THE FEMININE, THE SERPENT, LOVE-KNOWLEDGE-TRANSENDANCE, ADMITTING “taking a feminine name means nothing w\o the NATURE of HER ESSENCE manifest.”

Reflect(tarka) on the this eclipsed full moon Meditate on LOVE; releasing expectations, accepting realizations; fill your heart-empty your mind offering the Love of The Mother to all Life in kind!


Women: Where Would man Be Without Them?

The very oppressive nature of pure pingalic energy rears its ugly head, big and bold, as it has many times throughout the existence of human kind, beginning with feminine\masculine duality in this scientific ploy to create human beings without the womb of a mother. One more bold statement to drive home the unnecessary existence of womankind—except to serve mankind, if and when called upon and in the way he says.

Cloning. What kind of human being will we so coldly bring about as a by-product of some other human beings cells? It is said that in the bureau of missing persons there are hundreds of thousands of women on the lists, but it is this very population—women—that police seek to find the least? Men are not the backbone of families; women are; yet women are expendable. As you can see with our present social security issue, women and the elderly are less important and are most likely to perish under President Bush’s potential change-at-hand. Women have, for years, performed the very same job expectations as a man and have continuously been paid less. Worst of all, women have apathetically acquiesced to this overt oppression-Why?

Women everywhere are aware of the oppression and subsequent submissiveness, yet I question, why has there been no change; why the continuous subtle teaching of the girl child to remain the same? I see women fight for equanimity where it is not possible, say physically speaking, where it actually makes the least change or difference. Mentally, women far exceed men, but they are so steeped in the belief that they are less than men that women are still accepting the antiquated belief that a man is best suited for president, or as leaders in general.

I suggest women are mentally more adept than men because women in a problem-solving situation will much more often consider all aspects of a given situation from a round table point-of-view, rather than a desk point-of-view, which denotes “I am the final word”; the persons on the other side of the desk may voice their opinions, but have very little to do with the final outcome.

Women seem to have long since forgotten how to lead, even though they quietly, often with each other, discuss important issues of society and family. Instead of angrily trying to fit into a man’s system of doing things and begrudgingly keeping them (men) separate, it would seem more sensible to take command of themselves as women individually and collectively. Women need to remember and be re-taught (only because it’s so repressed in the female psyche), the art of self-mastery.

Sensitivity, a quality in the female that is not so prominent in the male, in order for leadership (from family to society to politics) to be balanced, sensitivity to life, problems, and creating the best solution for everyone must be the key. Think of this: in the beginning we’re all created female. The womb of life in the beginning was the great planetary ocean in which all of life was coddled and nourished—the female being the ocean. Even Charles Darwin states the earth was dominated by marine forms, which reproduced parthenogenetically, concluding that the female principle is primordial, In Eastern philosophy it is understood that prakriti (feminine energy) enters consciousness (male energy) in order for creation to occur.

Take honeybees for another example. The drones are produced and regulated by the sterile daughter workers and the fertile queen mother. Drones exist to mate with the queen. About seven drones per season will mate with her and then the entire drone group is destroyed. None of this is to say that males are unnecessary. Sexual reproduction enhances variety and the healthy genetic pool necessary for the complex evolution producing the human species.

Patriarchy did not exist first, the matriarchal society did. Women control their bodies. Men have little to no control of their bodies. Women can bear children and do many other things, too. Contraception and birth control have been practiced by women since time immemorial. This became more difficult when the establishment of a closed male medical profession occurred in medieval Europe, a joint evolvement of the christian church and a royal court system; the male-driven political power served to oppress all people, especially women. These women were labeled witches. The age-old feminine practice of healing was squelched. Now, the practice was to religiously and politically keep women in ignorance—show them where the true power was. Now look at where we have devolved. Women are told it’s their fault if they’re raped. It’s their fault if the home life is not balanced. It’s their fault if the work place isn’t running smoothly because PMS ruins their ability to function. Even insofar as PMS is a mental disease listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

In Genesis 3:16 the Bible condemns Eve for being disobedient by stating, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conceptions; in sorrow shall you bring forth children.” To this day in christianity, the woman is to blame for “original sin” which is the orgasmic experience, her genitals are to be feared and seen as unclean and therefore children are born disgustingly dirty due to having to be born through the birth canal, the vagina. This book is called the holy testament and testament stems from the Latin testis. Simply, testicle (male witness). I wonder where they came up with this book of testament.

For over 2,000 years the oppression has continued. Mans drive for power continues to drive his ignorance deeper into his psyche. His logical approach cannot destroy the sacred, practical truths of the world womb of The Mother. For this is where we all begin and when we die we return to the great garbha-the great womb. The ultimate conquest for the male mastermind is to annihilate the power of the woman. This is not done out of love, but a kind of necrophilic contempt for a power that thus far appears to be becoming extinct. In western culture a man works on the average of 40-50 hours per week at his job, a woman 80 or more. (2013) NO CHANGE!

In eastern philosophy we say this period we live in is Kali Yuga—the Dark Age, the Iron Age. I say the age ruled by the iron fist. But pay attention—the ocean swallows up all that it surrounds and allows the earth to be born right in the center of Her. The Great Mother allows the temper tantrum of the created mens patriarchal oppression in hopes that it will see the error of its ways and release itself from the ignorance and need to destroy the very energy it was created from. She will, as she always does, pull back into Her Womb all the mutant children, wash them for many lifetimes in her nurturing, loving womb and turn them back out again, as women.

Swami Shubhrananda is a living example of compassionate nature. She teaches self-mastery as the way to inner peace. She has worked in serving professions, and the dysfunctional mental health realm for many years. She has counseled thousands throughout this lifetime, (2013) continues to answer the childs’ plea for clarity, validation, sanity, love, truth, balance…

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
November 2001

Global Balance

Global Balance is a vision I believe is rooted deep in the souls memory track of each person. We all strive for that global balance at the level of our own small universes within this vast world we have created. We strive for balance in our family environment. We strive for balance at our work place. We strive for balance within our individual being. Our interrelationships affect us at subtle levels of our unconscious self and can cause us to react to life in ways that set and repeat patterns of existence for a very long time. If given the choice, we all choose happiness in place of unhappiness. This happiness is not attainable with the belief and expectation that “someone else” is responsible for our happiness or lack of it. We are responsible for our stage and station in life. If we want a happy life then we must begin the preparation for this happiness by taking a look at ourselves and begin the process of changing old patterns or habits creating disharmony, and dis-ease in ourselves. We must work toward the true nature of our soul, Truth. How?, one may ask, is this possible in this chaotic world. I will tell you, by focusing on you.

In Eastern Philosophy, it is said that the way to a happy life is through moksha (liberation). Liberate yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that keep you wrapped up in the fears of life. Life is not to be feared.

Adults, do you remember needing to be free as a child to run, play, think and sing al the top of your lungs. Have you forgotten? Are you holding your child back the way you may have been?

Children, are you attempting to spread your wings and be free like the bird and find it difficult or next to impossible so you look for manipulative, painful ways of finding your freedom because your angry?

Before long we become so distant from ourselves and one another we find ourselves spinning out of control in the crazed world of distortion and begin to believe this life is dog eat dog, so to speak, and it’s each person for themselves.

I do not believe this is the core desire of humanity. In fact, I know it’s not. In the many hours of each day that I sit with individuals, families and couples I witness the desire to be happy. Again, this begins with us as individuals. First, ask how am I affecting humanity? Then ask how am I letting humanity affect me? With children this may be more difficult because they are not completely powerful in their environment. With the adult in most cases we have the ability to change our life in the blink of an eye. Remember, in doing so we must always be aware of the changes we make and the effect these changes may have on others. In changing our world at the individual level we can attain a sense of well being and peace that can be the foundation of a happier more fulfilling life.

At one time, as infants brand new into this life we looked to our parents as the foundation to build a loving, trusting, understanding of the world from. For many, this does not happen. We stumble, and we fall, but for most human beings there is a fire deep within that keeps the soul-searching for its purpose.

We must have that foundation if we are to overcome the obstacles in the path of our life. We must experience unconditional love in the mortal aspect and it need only be once to rekindle that fire within each of us. Be it from birth, or be it at some turning point in one’s life, it is the souls remembrance of the Divine Love of Mother that moves us in the direction of truth and happiness. For some, the remembering is instant, for others it takes some time. For all of us, it comes to light eventually, whether it be in this life or the next.

My deepest love and devotion to all sentient beings

Swami Shubhrananda

November 1994

Here and Now April 2013 the vision of human beings is analogous to a child stirring their food around on the plate, alot of movement no REAL change. This is not so for the few conscious beings on this planet who place TRUTH above all else, knowing mundane human beings along with TRUTH fearing mongers with money and influence(no difference), will attempt to block out the light of self effacement. For transparency begins with YOU, fear not care not what “others” say or think of you; their expectations and labels matter not unless you are living up to them. VULNERABLE, CHILD-LIKE, TRANSPARENT in the face of lies, hate, projections of purposeful negative motive and intent to destroy your  peace\happiness is not possible. TRUST is thin causing imbalance. This coming Lunar eclipse of Taurus\Scorpio insists self effacement and relationship to others’. Look @ the state of this planet! Be not complacent! Build with This One TRUSTING, LOVING, UNDERSTANDING; it requires repetition with patience.

SO BE IT!  Dr. Shubhranandaswami

The so-called founding fathers were not christians

The overbearing puritan religious power was intercepted and changed by a secular power. What do you really know about the founding fathers, so they’re called? You know those guys, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Payne, James Madison, Ben Franklin, remember them? They manifested the ideas and the documentation of the American, British revolution. They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They formed the legal political structure of American government, more importantly, the ideals of freedom and independence of thought and behavior, maybe….?!?!

I find this interesting that pre-christian reign, that is in the ancient times of the original religion of The Mother, there was no need for radical reforms of anything, ideas, thoughts or behaviors. There wasn’t even a lack of or the thought of a lack of freedom. And independence, well, everyone understood themselves to be an individual, a part of the whole but, they also as you remember, recognized the interdependence, the inclusiveness of every part of the whole in order for there to be the working of the cycles in totality. The Iroquois Indians had an influence that is not taught in this countrys’ learning institutions.

These men, these founding fathers were not christians, however they were completely familiar with the Puritan way of life as they were definitely a part of such hell, it was a part of their own his-tory. Deism, being an 18th century rationalist philosophy, was their path to god, for them, god being the intelligence and organizing principle in the universe, but they considered it to be the principle deduced through rational thought and investigation. God was not considered by these men, to be some overseer of humanity, the big eye in the sky concept, whose will was to be enforced by gods’ chosen ones, through gods’ organizations or institutions, that being the priests and the church and the state under church rule or in collusion with church. When they spoke of god, they referred to a cosmic law. They considered themselves spiritual and good persons. They were against the judeo-christian dogmas of the church. Particularly we’re speaking again of the catholic church and the Protestants.

Please choose TRUTH beyond the ignorant condition you are in of relevant truth… Be Fearless


The naked human body

Consider this for some time. Start with yourself. Now extend your thoughts and your eye to include all others. How many human beings are fearful, if not terrified, of simply communing with nature, with Mother Earth Herself? How pervasive is the fear of and condemnation of, nature or naturalness? Meaning of course, the forests, the animals and yes, the human beings who commune with Her raw creations and become one with nature?

How pervasive is the fear in those human beings who consider the oldest religion(This One speaks of religion as ritual, a way of constant and consistent ways of life) so threatening to them? For one who fears not, and recognizes they are a part of life, and recognizes their part in life, lives a peaceful harmonious existence, at least within their own self. This is true freedom! Lest rare be you reminded. Take into consideration even the naked human body, just the mere thought brings about fear, shame, guilt and damnation in need of redemption. Yet, is this not how we enter the world, naked, natural?

Women kind fear revealing their bodies for good reason, they have been conditioned and through experience have been taught that they are the temptresses of the devil because of their bodies, because of their natural inclinations of sensuality. The beauty of their natural sensuality is considered a sin and should be kept cloaked because man cannot control his lust, oh yes, and that’s Her fault!!!???

Girls who are molested and sexually abused, are definitely at fault according to the patriarchal belief system. For the act of molestation, abuse inflicted upon them occurs, because after all, they were dressed indecently. They walked seductively, obviously they were asking for it. We see\hear of this daily lazily tolorating it as an EXPECTED\ACCEPTED act.

Man has intercourse with helpless animals: sheeps, cows, dogs, etc. Predators are so vile they see women & children just as helpless and easy prey. Priests actually sexually assault targeted children in their own homes with the parents  in the home!!! Fathers’, uncles, brothers, so called friends are just as vile.

The pretense of the many so called FOR CHILDREN people is < than noble. Few of integrity. Children know they are misinformed, deceived, conditionally “cared for”, unloved. Love for loves’ presence first, foremost is RARE to NOT.