“Conditioning… A Conversional Force”

Conditioning… a conversional force led by unconscious fears is nurtured by the intensifying surge in humanities consciousness toward basic “survival of the fittest.” You are taught (programmed) to fit into society at the expense of integrity, yet you fight for your right to be different or individual. This imbalance of pushing and pulling in your minds creates entanglement of confused emotions forcing you to review your concepts and leaving you with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness because you suppress Love and the importance of  imagination and creativity from childhood.

This cycle in motion through generations in turn causes (you, yourselves cause) the effect (end result) which is retaliation on each other in the form of the many abuses we see every day and grow more and more indifferent to. Imagine, if you were taught and you would teach your children to question, what is my purpose in life and how can I best serve my time spent here on earth to insure a beneficial life for my self and others not spurred by fears of “survival of the fittest” but instead, based on a sound foundation of love, love of life, of self and for each other. How, you say? You can start by deprogramming yourselves from the ideas and misconceptions of the environment you grew up in. Instead of forcing yourselves to live within the narrow confines of someone elses concept of what life is, stop seeking outside for the answers to life’s questions.

When you do this, you are challenged to explore your own feelings and personal concepts, this challenge raises fear naturally because of your preconditioned concepts. You fear that what you think, hear, feel and see is wrong-you doubt your individual nature and this self inquiry. In the beginning, it leads you to evaluate your shaky foundation of self acceptance. If you are willing to take these steps you can remove yourselves from the concepts of others and their opinions of the Truth. This along with gaining a better understanding of your own concepts, is the beginnings of the practical tools on your spiritual path.

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.  THE MOTHER-THE ONE
November 1999


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