Impermanence comes to mind immediately with the start of this new year. Change may seem faster and more furious than ever in the lives of many on many levels, world, countries, governments, societies and in our personal lives.

In the United States we start this new year with a new president and new decision makers for our country as a whole. In latter part of 2000, when elections were taking place, there were many clues as to the path of changes set in motion and how they would be played out: with a great amount of turmoil and resistance; thus pointing out to a great degree the battles deep within the collective consciousness, not only in this country, but world leadership, and those who follow those leaders into the battles of “willfully imposing their rightness” on those who strive to live a life of balance and acceptance, and strive to teach their children the same. Oppression and dictatorship flowing through the collective mind unleashed because of fear and apathy WILL NOT DO! All beings together returning to the natural state, which is Wisdom—Wisdom is Love +Truth can make change in this flow of consciousness through “Action in Non-action”, thus creating impermanence in the present flow of collective mind. Change is inevitable – apathy is a disease. No one person or group of people has the right to rule over another—true leaders do not use force to lead.

The direction of leadership has changed. We must not collaborate with the enemies of hatred whose brothers are deceit, anger, greed and conversional forces such as oppression and violence. Throughout this year we will see the collective collusional forces of “dictatorship mindedness” fast and furiously at work. It will appear to be in the direction of a Oneness, not necessarily in the direction of One Love, One Truth, One Spirit and all acceptance of each other and the differences of human nature, but a forced oneness supposedly for the good of all.
Creating an impermanence in the stream of collective mind that gently wherever possible continues to allow for change in what threatens to be a limitation of the individual nature, worldly and personally, is what is needed. No need for violence, just steadfast determination with a meditative mind rooted in awareness that we are all born to the natural right to live happily, free within our own thoughts, and to express our individual nature without fear of oppression—as long as it is not in any way causing harm to another.

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
New Years Day 2001

A teaching given twelve years ago to the disciples warning with visionary accuracy the axis of EVIL is HERE in OUR OWN House white as it may be, yet filled with darkness that the collective consciousness so blindly followed into the gallows. Cynical is the mind of many regarding prophecy, yet your self-righteous egos refuse the light of TRUTH…Soooo here we be still wallowing in the self imposed ignorance; still nose to a** like cows in the pen with the gun to the head!  FIGHT YOUR APATHY ! Only a coward blames the messenger, This One knows all too well, but it does not change the message. WHY will you not listen oh ye’ ignorant ones!??!!!? This One speaks to you in LOVE shining the light if truth for your favor…




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