Why Are Children Becoming More Violent?

There’s no task that is going to change it – No amount of rules and regulations that will curb it—No medication will cure its tendencies (only mask the truth) – No mental “health” that will turn that “kid around” – No criminal “justice” system that will “scare” them into submission—No organized group of any kind that will make the difference because therein lies the problem… The freedom to question is a lot more pricey than we care to admit.

Our ability to provide discipline and teach the children at the same time is appearing to be on the brink of extinction. As a society we are lacking control. We must first have enough self-control as adults and parents if we expect to be examples for the children. This of course has nothing to do with being “controlling” which is what children are reacting to and reacting out against.

As violence increases we continue to make feeble attempts to be more controlling whereas, we need to have and teach self-discipline. This society is one of blaming, accusing and lacking in personal responsibility. Parents do not want to admit they are a large part of the problem. Why? Because they would have to accept personal responsibility for the hateful, vindictive, resentful, angry reactionary ways and actions of their children. It’s always easier to blame and accuse any and everyone else rather than accept our ill ways and make personal changes.

Children need to be taught(reminded) and shown how to be. How to be accepting of others no matter what. Tolerance still keeps us separate. Regardless of a persons personal choices in life our children need to know all beings matter. Children need to know they are right, especially when they are young. Children thrive living in the safety of structure built on a foundation of love, but they slowly die living in a controlling environment in and out of the home where they are only right if they follow the organized structure of others and feel wrong for asking questions. In the controlling environment the child learns survival at any and all cost including taking the life of another or their own, survival of more than the body is what they seek. Survival of their own mental processes (preserving some sense of self-identification and purpose and interconnectiveness.

The school violence we see has so little to do with what we are being told it is, i.e…”they are bullied and now they are reacting” – The truth is that those kids have far more humiliation, pain and un-fulfilling lives than just what occurs in their school life. If they are not inspired and taught how to live they do not develop character and a sense of integrity. In short they seek ways of feeling in control and that’s usually through self-abuse and violence inflicted on others. This provides a false sense of control by taking from others as they feel they have been taken from. Loss of freedom to express, question and live a life of self-control, a child will always react—Wouldn’t you/Don’t you?

My deepest Prem

Shubhrananda Ma
June 2001


4 comments on “Why Are Children Becoming More Violent?

  1. Children learn by example. Parents who say one thing and do another will lose all credibility in the eyes of the child. Then there is the examples being set on television.

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