Why Is Violence In Our Children INTENSIFYING? Part 1

Violence is deeply rooted in the tensions of the mind. If  you do not re-cognize this in yourselves then you seek to destroy its insidious growth by the means of control; control of the world and its inhabitants around you for you do not see its roots deeply imbedded in you. It rears its ugly self in displays of superficial power.

Self-discipline provides you the opportunity to hack away at the inner roots of self-destruction, which you would otherwise project outward onto others.

Children become frustrated when they see the helplessness in their parents. The helplessness of not consciously knowing that they are destroying the seeds of creative expression in their child. How can this be you say?

When parents are uncomfortable with themselves they stifle the questions and explorations of a growing mind. In turn they help create the very monster they seek to destroy in themselves that has slowly and methodically killed their sense of childlike acceptance of life and its many diverse paths.

Fear is the predator that seeks its revenge. “This will hurt me more than it hurts you, but you will thank me in the end.” So, your children have you to thank for their loss of vulnerability. The tensions have now risen in their minds and bodies and they seek an outlet much like their monstrous mentor of violence.

First, through self-destruction – any way to numb the pain of the psyche, which All parents have experienced in some form themselves, admittedly or not. Eventually, outlets take form in outer expressions on the world for the child who seeks revenge on those whom have hurt them, but they fear retaliating on the parents for they are the care givers of their very existence.

The child knows what it is to be the smaller, weaker one and having to survive at the merciless tongue and hand of the oppressive parent. Therefore, they too will seek to destroy the unleashed expression of individualism in others.

This process of circuitous violence begins at home where the child is taught that their life matters little until they can stand up and pass judgment, ridicule, suppress and instill fear through violent means, which they have learned is the true definition of POWER.

We begin to see the insidious roots of continuous violent perpetration take form in the emergence of yet another monster breathing its life force from the very umbilicus of generations of hatred it was conceived in as early as 1-2 years old, sometimes earlier. It is noticeable in their eyes, in their attempts to express their frustrations with body language i.e… a set jutted jaw, the violent behaviors of lashing out, slapping, pinching, scratching and biting. When these little ones are with other children they seek to take from them what they have. As the child gets older they take out this inner tension on the family pet, sensing its inability to “fight back” that the child is so familiar with, yet cannot yet voice its protest.

We are all born with latent potentiality. Within each and every individual are both positive and negative qualities. As parents you help cultivate these potentials in your children through your own thoughts, verbalizations and actions whether you care to admit it or not.

The good thing is we all have choices. You can choose to re-cognize your own inner demons- (monster) and seek to change all the while cultivating the positive aspects in your children or teach them to live in the same ignorance you still fight against in yourselves as the installed and accepted way to survive in this world.

YOU seek to destroy the will of your children because you cannot bear their obvious strong-willed exhibits of freedom. As a parent you believe vulnerability to be a dis-ease of childhood cured by the heaping doses or teaspoons of the harsh reality of learning to survive a credulous life. Allow me to remind you, it is not life that is cruel it’s the people who live it! (Not all of them at that!) In your efforts to prevent or cure this supposed disease of vulnerability you teach the children the narrowing concepts of conformity, all the while insuring them it’s for their own good and protection.

This was taught many moons ago to many whom admittedly stated they were unwilling to change… too hard said they… A MUNDANE Existence is a choice o\o laziness for it requires nothing yet, depends on not facing The Light Barer of Truth or INDIRECT attempts to REASON w\ false logic to address relevant personal excuses to defuse the True WHY…   Spiritually, known as the shadow side ( Potentially, unconscious of til’ awakened) ; Psychologically, known as the sociopath (Conscious skilled bloodline, lacking in ego effacement, no selfless thots or acts)… just defense, destroy, ignore, …

Enablers are the smiling faces of the selfish that lerks w\in DO YA’ GET IT!???!!!

Truth is The Answer, The One who SEES   SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI


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