December 24 Evening Meditation 2000

As we come together this very evening may it be in the light of truth and love. And though this may not be the very evening that the Jesus child choose to come upon the earth, it is the very evening that he is recognized. As a prophet, as a Guru, as one who came to speak the Word. And the Word is Spirit. And Spirit is the whole purpose of human existence. It is She that we are made in the image of. We are the vessel that houses the soul and the soul is but that small drop in the vast ocean of goodness and light. And we are that, and I never want you to forget that. And so may it be that we gather in the light and the love of all the ancestors and all the lite bearers, who bless us again and again by returning to the earth to bring us home, to remind us of our true divinity. And even though you may find yourself chronologically old, you are still and always will be a child of The Mother. We all are.
There is not just one son of the Cosmos, but in fact we are daughters and sons of Cosmic light, and may we never forget that. Some of us are very blessed to have the karmas to call, and call, and call upon our Guru in this lifetime until we pull ourselves into the realm, into the energies of That One. You see what I want you to remember is that Jesus didn’t even know his own purpose, until he was baptized(lit the flame of site) by his own Guru, John the Baptist. And once that occurred he remembered, I am here to be and may I do exactly as the Mother\father would have me do, as the Mother would want me to do. And that is the same for all of us. And may you always remember that, we’re all one.
So as you pull that energy inward, turning away from the worldly existence together right now. May the flame of Truth be ignited very brightly in yourself. May the mantra of compassion turn within your heart, spinning outward to all sentient beings, that all beings will benefit from our being together right now in the name of Love, Compassion, Truth and Light.
Very powerful forces stir within the universe and time and space right now. And you, each of you, as we all are a part of the universe. We all are tiny universes, and we are affected by the movement of the energies in the outward plane, and it is the outward planes that are affected by the movement of the energies of our own consciousness.
We are the only conscious beings, always remember that. We as human beings are the only ones capable of truly understanding love, and what that really means. Love at its deepest level. To love requires that our heart be purified, to truly love.

To have faith in yourself and in one another requires that you purify your heart. So that’s a prerequisite, that’s what I’m saying, to truly feeling, knowing, understanding, and experiencing love, purifying your heart.
Faith is not something that you can learn from anywhere other than having a pure heart. That requires that we be vulnerable to all aspects of life. That we not only tolerate one another, and each others’ thoughts, and ways of being, but that we Accept it, acceptance of each other. And in reality is that we might see that life itself is absolutely, absolutely beautiful, beyond the illusion that we place life. There are no Incarnations that return to this earth to preach any particular religion, or to teach any religious goal other than the Truth. Always remember that.
If anyone tries to convert you and your soul in any direction and it does not feel right to you, turn away. Spiritual is not a conversional force. Love is not a conversional force. Love is the very essence of life.
Since we have been chanting for sometime, I was hoping perhaps we could possibly share in a song together. And I happen to know that there is one there, oh I believe his name is Nirodha, and he knows this one very well. And so if you will join in with me, and I will do my best from this far away to share with you, and I want you with all of your whole self, all the light within your heart, to chant with me.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see. Was grace that taught my heart to fear (ignorance) and grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed.(in yourself)
When we’ve been there ten-thousand year bright shining as the sun.
When on this day to sing of praise than when we’ve first begun. (slight word differentiation)

We all struggle with that blindness, some people more than others. Just remember that blind is centered with the earth. Just a veil, maya Herself, at Her best. And we all have the ability to overcome that blindness, all of us. So as you sit there in that asan may you soak in the grace of  birth. May you absorb the blessings of Guru. May we honor together just in this evening the One in which name so many at its lowest point, always sends The Self out in whatever form it is that group gather, honor that Jesus child.
And it happens to be at this point in Kali Yuga that many of us need the Mother, we need Her. We need her love, we need her arms, we need to know that we can give birth to the Goddess\Godlike Self within ourselves. We need to remember that it’s possible and none of us are exempt. There are many things that are said about this time of year, a lot is said about the giving, and receiving materialism, capitalism, and all the things that we hear and see, but I ask you to step away from that with me right now. And I ask you to look within your own self. I ask you to question, what truly is it in my little self, in my tiny universe, that I have to offer to humanity, to life? Well, I as the Mother will ask you, please don’t make it too hard on yourself. Don’t search and don’t think, just pull out the love within yourself. When we have stopped speaking together this evening don’t forget to share the compassion with the person next to you, and behind you, and in front of you, truly share it, mean it.
Well, I always ask you to remember that, you must always think that, “Well tomorrow may never come.” Now, that may sound very disturbing to you. But it always helps us to not take the day for granted, instead to very much regard the preciousness of life right now.
A precious child shared with you Her innermost Self. And you are too a child within yourself. Will you share that with someone else? Don’t buy them something. Write them a poem, draw them a picture, put your arm around them, pinch their cheek. It matters. And as you sit there with your sweet little eyes closed, focusing all your energy on your heart, know from this many miles away I send you my deepest love and blessings. May you not keep it all to yourself, but will you share it with others.
Life isn’t about what we can get, life is about what you can give. Because to tell you the truth child you have every thing you need. And from all that you have, what are you going to give? It’s about karma, you know, it’s about Bhakti. It’s about the highest Bhakti, Prem. Let no person be a stranger, let no person be an enemy. And although not everyone can be our brothers and sisters, we are all, all of us, all of life, is interconnected, at some level. We must all take care of each other.
And so as you sit there again, with your spine straight in your centered self, focusing all that energy in the heart and using the Ajna chakra to visualize your highest ideal, I ask you to allow the prana deeply within all of life to flow through you and out of you, and connect it with the person next to you, across from you, in front of you, outside of the shrine room. And right now I ask you in your own self would you please take the time to connect with a person that you would least expect yourself to, and right now please take the time within your own tiny universe in yourself, to say to them something with meaning. Whether you actually ever see that person or ever have the opportunity to say it, whatever it is. Let it be something with compassion. Be at the level as you would want them to be with you. How would one do that, another person to be with you.
I sat with many people last week here, and we spoke of many deep truths about life. There were many questions, and something very important impressed
upon them is, this is life and it is not a game. But it is a precious moment, a moment in time. And you must not waste one precious ounce of it. Every thought, every breath counts. Not really anything to do with your next life. No we don’t, we don’t want to live the life, “well next time”, because everything we do, and think, and say, and want in this life, right now determines everything about your life a few seconds from now. So whether you are ten years old, or twelve, or fifteen, or twenty-two, or forty-six, or fifty-five, or sixty-nine, it doesn’t matter, what matters is right now.

There are those of us who are very familiar with the many times that we have come and gone. That doesn’t make us anything special let me tell you. But what it does, it allows us to have that great compassion for the causes of suffering. And it allows us to have that great compassion for the suffering itself. It allows us to be the example of how we can remove ourselves, not only from the suffering, but to never take on the cause of another suffering. We have teachers in life that are willing to take us through that path. And if we should ever come across That person, That being, That lite of Truth could tell them how to go about themselves, show them the ways, but not everyone is willing to know the true causes of suffering. Not everyone is willing to go through the suffering to teach others, not everyone is willing. And so he took that few chosen ones and he taught them on the Sermon on the Mount. There were a great deal of people who were given many truths, just as we are this day right now on December 24, 2000. Many of us are shown and told many truths, may we take in such truths. May we love the vessel that houses wherever it comes from. But most importantly, may we love the teaching itself. Right now as this Guru loves you, I feel the softness in your heart, I feel the softness in your heart. I feel that you have truly let go right now, just for now, anything and everything that bothers you outside of those temple doors. And as I sit with you there on that chair that was so lovingly, and painstakingly made for this little body to sit on, I’m sitting there with you, and I look, and I see the desire is in each one of you to know the Truth, no matter how far away we seem. To experience love, even if it’s hard to accept and to give. So I ask you, please live your life as though tomorrow may never come. And I don’t say it with a dooming, I say it with sincere desire that you should want to live life fully, be careful with that, right now fully. Understand each moment, look into the eyes of the person whom you are sitting near, whom you are close to, or someone you don’t even know, and just desire to love them. Simply because you are you connect with them at some level. As we all are. We all have our faults, we all have our goodness, but more importantly, we are all made in the image of The One and that’s the truth. And we are all a precious being of joy in the ocean, in the vastness, and each and every drop matters, especially now.
Chant with me one round of the japa of Sah Ham. Three times. So make sure the body is straight, and the body is comfortable.

Sah Ham
Sah Ham
Sah Ham

The sun and planetary forces are very strong right now which means that the Guru Chakra, Jupiter, which aides you to the deepest meanings of life. This is in each of us, in each and every person, to feel and experience at many deep levels the understanding of the purpose of life, which is to know The Self. There are many beings that are not as fortunate as we are right now. May your prayers and your thoughts go to them. May you have at least thirty seconds in your day to send them, and to place all your energies into Spirit, and all the energies from our time right now. Now chant with me:

Om Mani Padma Hum

There isn’t any Guru that resides alone, none of you are capable of finding your way home alone. But, we are all capable of accepting. We need help remembering our True nature. So we must help each other, but first we must help ourselves. Acceptance of our own Guru gives us the ability to accept all of life as it is, exactly as it is with no expectations. At night when you’ve gone home and you lie asleep in your dreams, dreaming of sugar plums waiting for Santa to come visit you, remember , remember the magic in life, remember that spark. Remember that you are the wick and you were wise enough to search for Guru, to ignite the memory, the wisdom, the flame of truth within yourself, therefore you are wise enough to reach enlightenment, if we just remember to follow the path. Being a Bhakta isn’t always easy, but once you have faith in yourself securely, no one can change your heart in any direction other than that one purpose of The Absolute Truth. My blessings are with you and that blessing of all the ancestors through all of space and time immemorial are with you. Om shanti shanti shanti. Peace be with you in your hearts and souls. Namaste’

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
December 2000


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