The naked human body

Consider this for some time. Start with yourself. Now extend your thoughts and your eye to include all others. How many human beings are fearful, if not terrified, of simply communing with nature, with Mother Earth Herself? How pervasive is the fear of and condemnation of, nature or naturalness? Meaning of course, the forests, the animals and yes, the human beings who commune with Her raw creations and become one with nature?

How pervasive is the fear in those human beings who consider the oldest religion(This One speaks of religion as ritual, a way of constant and consistent ways of life) so threatening to them? For one who fears not, and recognizes they are a part of life, and recognizes their part in life, lives a peaceful harmonious existence, at least within their own self. This is true freedom! Lest rare be you reminded. Take into consideration even the naked human body, just the mere thought brings about fear, shame, guilt and damnation in need of redemption. Yet, is this not how we enter the world, naked, natural?

Women kind fear revealing their bodies for good reason, they have been conditioned and through experience have been taught that they are the temptresses of the devil because of their bodies, because of their natural inclinations of sensuality. The beauty of their natural sensuality is considered a sin and should be kept cloaked because man cannot control his lust, oh yes, and that’s Her fault!!!???

Girls who are molested and sexually abused, are definitely at fault according to the patriarchal belief system. For the act of molestation, abuse inflicted upon them occurs, because after all, they were dressed indecently. They walked seductively, obviously they were asking for it. We see\hear of this daily lazily tolorating it as an EXPECTED\ACCEPTED act.

Man has intercourse with helpless animals: sheeps, cows, dogs, etc. Predators are so vile they see women & children just as helpless and easy prey. Priests actually sexually assault targeted children in their own homes with the parents  in the home!!! Fathers’, uncles, brothers, so called friends are just as vile.

The pretense of the many so called FOR CHILDREN people is < than noble. Few of integrity. Children know they are misinformed, deceived, conditionally “cared for”, unloved. Love for loves’ presence first, foremost is RARE to NOT.



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