The so-called founding fathers were not christians

The overbearing puritan religious power was intercepted and changed by a secular power. What do you really know about the founding fathers, so they’re called? You know those guys, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Payne, James Madison, Ben Franklin, remember them? They manifested the ideas and the documentation of the American, British revolution. They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They formed the legal political structure of American government, more importantly, the ideals of freedom and independence of thought and behavior, maybe….?!?!

I find this interesting that pre-christian reign, that is in the ancient times of the original religion of The Mother, there was no need for radical reforms of anything, ideas, thoughts or behaviors. There wasn’t even a lack of or the thought of a lack of freedom. And independence, well, everyone understood themselves to be an individual, a part of the whole but, they also as you remember, recognized the interdependence, the inclusiveness of every part of the whole in order for there to be the working of the cycles in totality. The Iroquois Indians had an influence that is not taught in this countrys’ learning institutions.

These men, these founding fathers were not christians, however they were completely familiar with the Puritan way of life as they were definitely a part of such hell, it was a part of their own his-tory. Deism, being an 18th century rationalist philosophy, was their path to god, for them, god being the intelligence and organizing principle in the universe, but they considered it to be the principle deduced through rational thought and investigation. God was not considered by these men, to be some overseer of humanity, the big eye in the sky concept, whose will was to be enforced by gods’ chosen ones, through gods’ organizations or institutions, that being the priests and the church and the state under church rule or in collusion with church. When they spoke of god, they referred to a cosmic law. They considered themselves spiritual and good persons. They were against the judeo-christian dogmas of the church. Particularly we’re speaking again of the catholic church and the Protestants.

Please choose TRUTH beyond the ignorant condition you are in of relevant truth… Be Fearless



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