There is more True evil in the human condition than we want to accept

There is, for the vast majority of human beings the desire to be taken care of, there is as I have said, those who are childlike and those who are childish. The childlike individual is innocent and mature by innocence in this respect I mean not cunning, not charming, not planning their next move, fearless, forthright not blunt, there is no malice of thought and deed. There is no need for self-deception. Yet, there is the distinct awareness of malevolence in others be it overt or covert and it’s coercive collusional force in others to draw them into the childish realm of evils pervasive psychology of motive and intent.

Childish is of course, a regressive state it is best termed I believe, naive!, devoid of any childlike qualities. We live in such self-deception that we have co-mingled the words and the definitions of innocence and naive! to appear as one and the same.

To some of you there is a ghastly miss perception born of laziness, a willingness to excuse or an ignorance in order to blame other for not truly understanding the blatant difference of the two. Now, indeed who is really the scapegoater and the scapegoatee here? I realize this is difficult to ingest in your otherwise main stream of thought; because to accept what I’m saying to you would mean to accept that there is a great deal more True evil in the human condition than we would choose to take in. To accept its’ presence means the lack of ignorance vitalizes ones’ ability to begin the process of reversing the power which evil wields.

I wish for you all peace of mind, because of what you learn and how you personally can set out to create change within your own self and therefore, all sentient life.

My deepest blessing,

Shubhranandaswami Psy.D.


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