A story comes up right here, once last year a disciple and I were traveling from Chicago and we stopped for gas in Missouri, now there were many people with these orange hats and coats and camouflaged clothing around. Now, in this example of orange apparatus and camouflage clothing, I tell you my whole being was alerted to the truth. However, idealistically I remained in thought and in my heart with no one would truly want to kill another living being especially a beautiful defenseless deer. Refusing of course  to let my mind attach to what my whole being was speaking and warning me of so as to possibly avoid or “overt my eyes” as they say in the south, to falling on this horrific reality even though it was all quickly settling in. Just as I was walking up to two men and a women” dressed to kill,” huh, a little joke, so to speak, A disciple yells out, “Swamiji go around the building, go around the other way”,  and at that moment the woman and the men looked up, we all met eyes and they continued conversing in what was now ear shot for me. The woman complaining of how disappointed she was that there was a four deer limit legally for one person to kill and worse, only one of those four could be a doe. But, to her happiness, she had thankfully obtained her quota. Well, more boasting and with a friendly smile they all nodded and acknowledged my passing which was not quick enough for me, I assure you. My point is this exact scenario can be seen played out in many different situations, war on other people in other countries. Evil waging war on the human spirit which by the way as seen by many as less horrific than the use of guns or chemical warfare. If the deer was hit by a car hopefully this would not be intentional murder.

Now, animals do kill instinctually for the thrill of the hunt, at times this is the nature of some animals. But, human beings are not the same as animals. Some human beings are ogreish, I say, about killing. Some are cunning and sly hiding out in man-made camouflaged huts, waiting, lurking viciously for the unsuspecting non-violent animal to awaken and come out in the dawn in search for berries and leaves only to meet its death at breakfast.

Now, what sets you apart from the animal who kills out of sheer instinct, do you know? It’s not hard to figure out, it is that you are conscious of right and wrong. You know the difference between instinctually killing and consciously choosing to kill. You have free will, yet 99.9% NEVER TRUELY LISTEN to IT. The freedom to choose the direction you take. Oh, as human beings you have lost much of your instincts and you are therefore, quite predictable to a large degree even in so  much as to say your instincts somewhat may arise in certain threatening situations and you will completely regress into the evil killer. When it’s a choice, you have to choose either us or them then you immediately feel even more justified in killing. An animal doesn’t need justification, instinctually speaking, they are not choosing between right and wrong.

You have the ability either be killed or kill, especially when you are in a group situation of like mind. You seek to preserve the life of YOUR group at all costs. I am saying to you that evil is completely in opposition with the use of free will and those who openly choose to oppose, align with other factors such as fear, pride, wilfulness, power, anger, hate, fain, fortune, just to name a few. So, for human beings to kill the Spirit of others through oppression or the body of others for the protection of ones own self interests and saving face, lest you not forget ego is the gate keeper of conscious choice.

Now, many have tried to debate with me about this choice issue knowing somewhat a little about me they raise issues such as vegetarian, abortion, death row issues much to, of course, no avail on their part. Only to walk away inflamed in their evil self because they could not provoke me into an argument they felt sure to win. This inflammation inevitably incites a great deal of fear in them. Their apparent shallow wealth of knowledge has no real basis except in the attempt to arouse a fight. No knowledgeable human being would waste their breath on such frivolity.

The Law of KARMA Balances ALL,   GURUJI

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