Group evil and evils’ power of indifference

When I was a very young and we lived in the woods and at certain times of the years fireflies were abundant. I told my friends they must be fairies or at least related to fairies out playing with us and we would runabout chasing them and a couple of my friends told me that I was stupid and ridiculous. That fairies didn’t really exist and they would prove it so. So, they caught the fireflies to prove to me that they were just bugs. One of the friends was much older than the rest of us, and so we trusted and of course looked up to him. He said, they were special bugs, with special powers and that we were supposed to take off their lights and wear them like rings and then we would have powers and we could fly like them. He showed us how to take off the light and then let the bug go, he said they would have a new light right away. Then the dreaded moment came we all had to have a ring to be a part of the group and form a secret circle of power. Everything in me knew it was a lie I grew sick at the thought. Everyone else did it, pinched their little butts off and I was lagging and subsequently being daunted I began crying at just the thought and I was crying at the bullying and then I did the unbelievable, I was so devastated with my own ignorance and weakness, I immediately fell to the ground with inconsolable sorrow. I begged the Mother of all fireflies to forgive me.

I made a shrine in the woods when I was by myself with my own clothing, some belongings, toys, food, my own hair, in my own childlike effort to aide all little creatures in life, of course, from then on my friends were unable to be my friends. I didn’t fit into the group, too wimpy and they absolutely could not understand my sentiment for living creatures, who really had no apparent worth in life. Because of this, we parted never to come together again that is I was not a part of the group. I impart this particular story to you as an example of group evil, group pressure, innocence, non-innocence lost to evil due to evils’ power of indifference in which case, my friends were already insensitive at their very young tender ages and my fears and how the psychology of evil played upon any minute weakness were verified. 



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