The potential consequences for uncovering evil will keep an individual and groups silenced with the perverse reality that even a single peep of Truth will be traced back to the lone courageous soul and they will be dealt with, and harshly so. Therefore, they will be the perfect example of why it is best to remain in fearful silence rather than stand out in Truth. With this example it is obvious why human beings prefer to feign unconsciousness to the Truth and this in turn is a permission of sorts to be lazy and inert, that is to allow someone else to make all the decisions. This is, oh so contraire, to the prided American saying, “I am free”.

America, land of the free and home of the brave, why is it that you are so ready to believe, in stead you are glazed eye and willing to remain in inertia and trade for being allowed to plod along in the collective herd hopefully mostly unnoticed overtly appearing to serve one master, mans god, of course. Freedom under mans god, one nation and oh yes, justice for all, that is, all that conform to the powers that be, while quietly complaining carefully of course choosing your audience and your words so as not to be singled out and made example of. I think maybe this is what you distort as freedom of speech.

Even as a group, you know you are doing wrong with the wheels in motion, you set out to absolve your part in the wrongdoing by convincing yourselves you are only one person and after all, you are sworn to the groups so, “carry on”, as they say in the military.

I want to point out right here that there are groups of collective evil; of course I would hope you realize there are groups not of collective evil. There are groups of collective good in which case you may see the one evil human being as separating  themselves or standing apart from that group because the groups good is impenetrable and the one evil being cannot find a way to reach its roots into that collective mind. This is just as much a reality as the group of collective evil is a reality.

Please do not see what I am saying to you without also viewing it in the way I’m asking you to. I have seen this for example in groups inspired in goodness, no malice, simply goodness. Where there is one or two who just cannot seem to find their place in the group and this I say is a beautiful sight to behold, rare, as rare, as rare can be, but it does exist. When that evil-minded being cannot find its place in the group the only thing left to do is do its best to create havoc within the group of good-by creating fear and doubt. By pitting group members against one another, now of course, if  there is any inkling that evil could arise in anyone of those good beings, it will. But, I have seen where it hasn’t. The potentials may arise but, they are quickly offset by Truth and by Love and therefore, the spirit of evil cannot flourish in that group.

COMPASSIONATELY, The Matriarch of LIGHT on earth


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