Breaking Truth… AMERICA, entire Country is STEEPED in HYPOCRISY, we’ll continue to update you

America, entire country is steeped in hypocrisy. You  are a mockery of truth because you cow tow to evil, that’s why, only because you choose to live in ignorance.  But many times the question arises, “Swami, do you think that people are evil deep within or good? The majority of people, would you say that they have good intentions or evil intentions?” Again, this is one of those entrapping questions, but again, I return to the place in the teaching, why is it that you are so willing to allow evil to be pervasive in humanity and accept its way as normal and then along comes the non-confomed person and they now are the trouble makers because they refuse to go along with the norm. Now, I ask you with regards to that question, what would you say, “How do you see it? Not, how do you want to see it, but, how do you see it?”

As a child I could not say the national anthem along with the Lord’s Prayer, you know we were supposed to in school, not that I didn’t love the praise of Spirit. As a matter of fact when I spoke about the Great Spirit in any way I had no control. I would always break out in tears, always. But, to bring together the rote words of dogma and try to make them a truth was very baffling to me. I couldn’t do it without getting severe adverse physical effects, of course, that was due to my own unwillingness to participate in such lies.

Being a young child as some, I’d say, most children would do, I tried to speak to my parents about the whole matter, bad idea. It only brought about severe anger and very painful punishments. Along with those punishments was the very harsh reminder that only a very bad evil person like the communists would think the way I was thinking and ask the questions that I was asking and that I was never ever again to demoralize or embarrass my parents or our, my family publicly by such questions or actions such as not saying the national anthem. I was to put my hand on my heart and I was to be completely grateful for living in the country of freedom and I was further to be very grateful for their feelings and thoughts for me. THEIRS WAS\IS NO LOVE for THIS CHILD. However, I understood what was being said. My birth mother had no qualms about sending her only child to bed without dinner, until of course, the admission of my wrong doings, and that was to be followed up with an apology. In order to make sure that I did this, I think for some of us we can relate, but, back then you would go through the process of having to write a hundred or thousand times, you know; I will not do this or I will not do that. This was fine for me, because I really enjoyed writing and I used it as a time of perfecting my letters. But, I was very young, at most five-six age wise it might have been first or second grade somewhere in that place. Anyway, I paid no mind to what I had to write I simply did the task. Well, I could not admit to any wrong doing and therefore, I had nothing to apologize about. This often went into the wee morning hours, 3-4 a.m.

Now, without a doubt, most of you would see this as an overly willful rebellious child, which is something some of conscious children struggle with at times. But, deeply in my heart I knew there was something wrong. Well, she did not budge in her punishment, complete isolation with the shades drawn down in my room and hunger, over some time, will cause you to find a way of making amends and so it was done much to indoctrined shame and the denying of my own conscience. But, still at such a young age I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it all. But, I can tell you one thing, I did not state the national anthem along with the Lord’s prayer ever again in school. Of course, my parents and the teacher had colluded in to informing each other of any more annoying ways of rebellious behavior. With my parents ending, of course, that they would immediately correct any problems that I caused. I learned to lip sync the 21st psalm like Millie Vanillie did. You know, I was saying that while the rest were saying something else. I admit I was not a good student with respect to history and government. But, I did learn to shut up because the group consciousness and power was large, bigger than I could take on at that time. Thanks to my pedophile birth father I had a pretty good command of speaking and therefore, I learned how to pose questions in class as I got older. I admit that they were questions that were sure to stir the thoughts of a least one or two other oppressed souls. But, nonetheless, without incident it allowed the teachers to go on with their instruction without too much disruption.

I am certain, without a doubt, that this is what has brought me to this place of institutionalized education, being in the mass problems that it is in now, children cannot deny their hearts. Yet, evil is huge, pervasive and difficult to stand up to when you are one dependent on its very self for your basic needs. And therefore, they know nothing else to do but to rebel in their own little ways. Yet, if you’ve paid attention to the teachings you recognize that in fact they learn\become the evil, little ones creating too much problem. Oh, we’ve tried to bring them all together in a collective oneness through uniforms, dress codes, trying too hard to indoctrinate cohesive training much to the power and liking of evil choice but, thanks to The Great Mother it doesn’t work.

How much better it would be if parents and others were able to see the Truth. The Truth is, I do not, have not, ever known any child who doesn’t want to learn. But, what I do see and I do know is they fight against lies and evil, thank The Great Mother. But, it isn’t because they don’t want to learn, they want to know the Truth. They don’t want to be told something because it has been the institutional norm for so long that the evil lies are accepted without question. May they always question, may ALL CHILDREN always question. I am concerned that it will only get worse before it gets better. Sometimes, manifesting childlike idealistic resonance of memory as to how would it be if all the children decided that they would not go to school and continue on in the way things are any longer. And, that if they were going to be taught, because they want to learn, that they would have more say so in how that would be. I am certain that it wouldn’t be as bad as so many believe they would make it because of course, we have to sit in self-denial and believe that they want it easy and they want it this way and that way so they won’t even try to learn, no, no it’s not true.

May we each and every one of us take action for the freedom of our own Self. May we be free from self-denial, that we may be an example of conscious awareness for children and all others to take in and learn that they may experience it in themselves.

You are LOVED, Mataji


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