What is it that happens when you feel lesser than? What is it that you are likely to do or not do? I would say even the sheepherder, so to speak, at this point will accept responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their leadership and therefore, stake themselves as followers but, instead they may deflect their responsibility as a leader upon one they would call the ultimate leader or the one who’s directly the responsible entity.

Remember, evil is the unwillingness to acknowledge our own wrong doing, self-deceit. It is a willingness to plunge willingly into conforming to the mass mind of evils intent, even when someone in the collect group dies or moves on there is always another warm body willing to bring its willful power forward waiting for the opportunity to unleash that power. This is how the spirit of evil is kept alive.

I mentioned that human beings have a driving need to be needed and further they can be quite demanding in their usefulness and even more demanding that, that usefulness be accepted by others. Human beings want to prove their worth, this of course is an abundance of pride and pride is useful to evil.

Most human beings want to be remembered for something after all what better than to go down in history as having been a powerful leader of some group even the followers will feel a great sense of significance in that they followed a particular leader. For what they would term as a good cause, however, I find it interesting that Jesus was considered a martyr and yet the leading man in the christian organization, Jesus was in direct opposition to the forces of evil. He was in direct opposition to evil human beings. Therefore, it was evil in mass mind that needed him murdered because fear made it impossible to live, live in his leadership, do you understand? This fear is the pervasive factor in all conforming. He was a light shining the Truth in the conversional forces of mans karmic proclivities. The FEAR you have been taught is not of a Being of Love and Truth but, MAN  “playing A stage\station” not of their consciousness. So, disruptive of the law of karma chaos ensues pride, hate, greed, anger, vanity, self  righteous… Jesus had NO religion, He walked the path of all the ancient Truth he was awakened to in his time of  journey with the Wisdom Keepers.

Since there are SO MANY “chakra  in the bible seekers” combing these teachings remember, unless you have knowledge that there is much misinformation in mans revisions’ lest you understand there are NUMEROUS books you are not privy to and the LIE owns you your frustration and need to be rite will consume you. The Seven Seals in Revelations is a perfect example of that which you seek to deny! Indulge your mind a little… This One is aware that your use of these teachings is how you thwart the Truth and go out into the world wearing your various masks of deception to APPEAR to be “new age-ish” while building your MEGA HOUSES OF IGNORANT NEEDY FOLLOWERS INCLUSIVE OF HELL HOUSE, creationist theory, all for your mantra the all mighty $$$$$$$ 


NAMASTE’ The Motherhood of god


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