You do understand that all I am saying applies to the majority of human beings with regard to evil. It is not at all about each and every ordinary human being, that’s what I’m trying to get across to you here. There are those who are unafraid of unveiling the truth, be what it may. Therefore, they are very aware of any ensuing consequences of being singled out, for they have personally initiated the process you realize, by staying out of the circle of evil.

I ask you, how are the examples given any different from what Hitler did to the masses of Jews; I agree, the afore mentioned examples are seemingly on a much smaller scale but, nonetheless evil, this is my point.

Two sayings that are often used during my counsel with people often come up when discussing such things. I am careful in discussing evil with many human being because, for the most part most people are not prepared to even think about, let alone discuss it. One saying is something to do with, ” having your own agenda” and the other “having too much on my plate.” Now, these sayings produce somewhat cringing reflex in my whole being and my throat wants to close and this is because they reek, reek of laziness, inertia and narcissism. It leaves a person with plenty of room for an out; I wasn’t involved so how could I possibly know; it’s not my job, I’m only the little guy, I have no power to make decisions.

Now, I know better than anyone the absolute awareness of my childlike idealism. I brought it with me into this life and it has served me well and it will always be. And, I have been warned about my idealistic ways and many situations namely doctors in the clinical field of psychology and I have received very stiff consequences for it.

Numerous attempts to squash it, kill it, have not succeeded. If we’re punished harshly enough we may choose to see things differently, which of course, as we’re told will make our life a lot better, a lot easier, so why fight it. Well, of course, these consequences for refusing to go along with the collective norm, evil, plane and simple are confining.

I do Accept WILLING female students, perhaps we’ll meet in my travels teaching, or you will contact This One when you choose. You are @ least worthy to know of the matrifocal hidden studies since you live the patriarchal hell! Peace is in the BALANCE!!!



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