In children, indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice

Indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice. It has been for quite some time, just look at our own children and how they are handling life and their surroundings. Adapting to indifference while still fighting the pain of its’ evil reality all around them.

The children do suffer to the depths of self-mutilation trying to find their soul, trying to feel, to express, if you really pay attention. You will find that what they do create is the expression of evil coursing through their little veins.

They are reminded daily that they must fit in with the norm. Do good in school that’s the number one rule. Just shut up and follow the rules. Go to college; get a job with a good company and oh yes, most importantly, do not think for yourself. Parents will out right refuse to pay for college if the child wants to be say, be an artist or a musician because that is not a profession that will actually earn a living, according to many.

I have sat with these parents and these children and entire families where the refusal to help with the college endeavor was yanked out away from the child where it once was in full tact. But, the child’s choice of what to study did not align with what the parents want and after all it is their money.

Are we to give up hope, then in that case and accept doom as the reality or are we to change our values and teach the truth?  What if we were to teach acceptance and love by giving children classes in school, beginning from grade school all the way up, on different societies, cultures and religions in their truth. Why not teach them the very nature of evil, it’s psychology, how it works and how to prevent the disease from infecting them. Or if in fact that has already occurred giving them measures to eradicate it from their own self. For that matter adults would greatly benefit from such teachings as well.

2013 UPDATE: In order to give the children of sight the advantage of further teachings to include that which is required of the state to “graduate” the institution of public school enhanced in their intelligence rather than repress them, confine them in tradition you would save an other wise secluded, or suicidal demand sure to end in a misinformed moment of life and death decision. If so called “loved ones” do not support the idealistic child they will perish in silence till’… or arrive @ their station in this life to serve humanity in their plight to remembre  KARMA!

“Working Class Hero” by John Lennon  speaks directly of the oppressive reality of children in America, remember? feel that memory? The mental\emotional states you adapted to helped shape your character along w\ the collective consciousness you were influenced by and what you did or not with such.

The child sees you no matter your self delusional force of conversion! …   THE ONE


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