Human Beings are severely limited in knowledge that is based in logic and reason

Together over these past few weeks we have explored evil from many angles and in it’s many aspects, individuals, parents, children, groups, leaders, followers in its’ opposite, good. I have mentioned karma, genetics, laziness, narcissism, fear, religion and a key point, self-denial of any imperfections. I have tried to offer you clarity through example. It is only through wisdom, and knowledge that some have beyond human consciousness.

You are severely limited in knowledge that is based in logic and reason. If you go on in your belief of what is the current norm then you are bound by the process of following relative truth based in mans bias of scientific logic and reason.

What about intuition? What about feelings? What about love? What about evil? If we live by majority rule, we cannot be living in truth only relevant truth. Relevant we deem, because only they have the knowledge to proclaim the end result based on their limited analysis and conclusion. Do you see what I am saying? We leave it all up to them, those who are scientists, those whom are the scholarly ones who have all the grossly limited deductions, along with a common recipe for ALL. The ability to philosophise, to go beyond your limitations of perception.

I caution you as a student of this teaching be careful of your judgment, or there by lack of, being judgmental, simply based on what you have learned here. A little knowledge can be more harmful and do more damage than good, if ones’ focus is completely strictly evil bound, you see.

The next time you are interacting w\ another notice how often your mind races to your mental files while the person continues to speak w\ you, their voice in the distance as you formulate your answer before the one speaking has finished. Conscious Awareness, Compassion, Listening beyond hearing words, this is amrit to the human Spirit. The flow of light is a reciprocity, rejuvinating the mala of consciousness; everyone benefits.

May You Resonate in Love,    Satya Maa


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