Evil leaves no Soul untouched, given ripe minds\ jaded hearts for the conversional force to root

I once  told  you of the woman who came to counsel with me for several years and she refused to allow me to speak of hope in her presence. She found it repulsive, that was her word. She claimed that simply just speaking about it hurt her. I know evil had its’ roots in her heart quite deeply. I knew her personality exuded evils’ presence more and more each time we met. I knew her mind was completely captive to evils demands.

I tell you this because in every meeting she pleaded with me not to give up on her. I always told her I’d never would give up on her. She could not; she would not accept the truth of her own self-denial. She insisted that she was not worthy of my love, it hurt. The stories she related to me about family left no doubt in my mind or my heart that her mother was in fact evil. Her father the passive one, her siblings the victims like herself. This is all from many sessions spent together speaking about the family dynamic, her growing up years. Growing up self righteously, arrogantly shrouding the human soul in the darkness of ignorance.

Evil leaves no Soul untouched. The self-righteous individual feels quite justified in naming another evil. Evil needs to blame to keep the light away and off of it. A healthy person of good judgment may see evil clearly yet, hesitate to name it in which case evil is working right here because the person rests in self-doubt and fear of what? Of being right.

A big reason that we choose not to see evil for what it is, first person, is judgmental, second persons of a discerning nature attempting to use good judgment. Evil usually wins out here because fear of bad judgment immobilizes you. You fear being right and you fear being wrong. Perfect breeding grounds for evil. I always ask a client in these types of situations, “what’s the worse that can happen?”. In other words, exercise your free will, make a decision. You are all willing to dole out pity for another, maybe they didn’t mean it, poor things, they’re just struggling. Pity is another word for \ poor them, arrogance, thank mans god its’ not me or us… but you are pitiful because smiling faces leave tell tale traces of the evil that lurks within, I see this Truth EVERYDAY!

Conviction rooted in Ignorance is not an excuse

Shree Guruji


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