Disgusting Behavior of a Priest or two or three or four……………all of them!



…. A boy runs into the arms of a lonely priest and says be with me, love me!


I have never been angered at such rubbish, as to what I heard on the news tonight!

A catholic priest basically saying, that little boys ask for it!!!!

See for yourself here….oh and his original statement was incredible saying: “Boys sometimes seduced him!”


There is no way in hey, that I would ever believe in that BULL!!!!

The comments drew criticism from all sides. A spokesman for New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a longtime friend of Groeschel’s, denounced the remarks and the newspaper that ran the interview, the National Catholic Register, which is an EWTN affiliate, removed the interview and replaced it with an apology.



This is just utterly appalling and downright disturbing! 

This is why religion is so messed up, because men like…

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One comment on “Disgusting Behavior of a Priest or two or three or four……………all of them!

  1. Love… Your nonsuperficiality is renewing to the Spirit! The 2012 Alex Gibney documentary,”Mea Maxima Culpa”, Silence in the house of god is spot on w\ your blog! Born to a pedophile,abused @ home brot up sexually abused in a catholic all boys school gave me much abuse & a mother equally as abusive. Both deny to this day! Karmically, it all awakened the means to a positive purpose in service of humanity, particularly precious little beings and womyn. Happy to FEEL your presence here. In Truth, Shubhrananda Swami Psy.D.

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