Character Determination

The unequivocal teachings of going beyond the ignorance of bloodline concepts\perceptions and choosing to FREE the self of misinformation regarding the Truth and devoting one’s self to a life of Conscious Self Awareness and Peace is THE only path o\o suffering limitations of the human condition.  Love one another! Listen to one another! Be of service to one another! Practice Selflessness! Be KIND! Strive to go beyond your limitations. BE in the present! Participate in Quantum Activism and REALIZE Quantum Consciousness, The Great Spirit, The Great Mother, God, The Cosmos ARE all ONE just differing by words of human communication and karmic destination. LOVE is THE KEY ACCEPTANCE THE ONLY REALITY if WE are to co-commune in Peace and Harmony. The Feminine Principle will overcome and heal Mother Earth, redirect the motion of consciousness to protect the children as they return to the planet in like-minded unity to preserve the evolutionary lite of a new era community of Quantum Consciousness.




Impermanence comes to mind immediately with the start of this new year. Change may seem faster and more furious than ever in the lives of many on many levels, world, countries, governments, societies and in our personal lives.

In the United States we start this new year with a new president and new decision makers for our country as a whole. In latter part of 2000, when elections were taking place, there were many clues as to the path of changes set in motion and how they would be played out: with a great amount of turmoil and resistance; thus pointing out to a great degree the battles deep within the collective consciousness, not only in this country, but world leadership, and those who follow those leaders into the battles of “willfully imposing their rightness” on those who strive to live a life of balance and acceptance, and strive to teach their children the same. Oppression and dictatorship flowing through the collective mind unleashed because of fear and apathy WILL NOT DO! All beings together returning to the natural state, which is Wisdom—Wisdom is Love +Truth can make change in this flow of consciousness through “Action in Non-action”, thus creating impermanence in the present flow of collective mind. Change is inevitable – apathy is a disease. No one person or group of people has the right to rule over another—true leaders do not use force to lead.

The direction of leadership has changed. We must not collaborate with the enemies of hatred whose brothers are deceit, anger, greed and conversional forces such as oppression and violence. Throughout this year we will see the collective collusional forces of “dictatorship mindedness” fast and furiously at work. It will appear to be in the direction of a Oneness, not necessarily in the direction of One Love, One Truth, One Spirit and all acceptance of each other and the differences of human nature, but a forced oneness supposedly for the good of all.
Creating an impermanence in the stream of collective mind that gently wherever possible continues to allow for change in what threatens to be a limitation of the individual nature, worldly and personally, is what is needed. No need for violence, just steadfast determination with a meditative mind rooted in awareness that we are all born to the natural right to live happily, free within our own thoughts, and to express our individual nature without fear of oppression—as long as it is not in any way causing harm to another.

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
New Years Day 2001

A teaching given twelve years ago to the disciples warning with visionary accuracy the axis of EVIL is HERE in OUR OWN House white as it may be, yet filled with darkness that the collective consciousness so blindly followed into the gallows. Cynical is the mind of many regarding prophecy, yet your self-righteous egos refuse the light of TRUTH…Soooo here we be still wallowing in the self imposed ignorance; still nose to a** like cows in the pen with the gun to the head!  FIGHT YOUR APATHY ! Only a coward blames the messenger, This One knows all too well, but it does not change the message. WHY will you not listen oh ye’ ignorant ones!??!!!? This One speaks to you in LOVE shining the light if truth for your favor…



Is manmade god Accepting Of All??? No, for the bible & fundamentalists tell US so!!!

Goddess and Her God is accepting regardless of age, sex, color, or preference in ones’ life mate. Dogmatic religious organizations having creeds, demanding conformity, professing to know the One and Only truth and preaching with a convergent fervency that man made god is to be feared, lack or fail to observe and put forth the same acceptance.

I ask you, child of god, if we are told god loves us, god is love and further we need to put our trust in god for god is the everlasting hands of refuge we need to place ourselves in; Then how do we – Children of The One, surrender (renounce ourselves) to this hellish projection of supposed ultimate love? We don’t! Not willingly at least, with open heart and peaceful mind. We do, however, submit (comply, resign, conform) much I see in fear of NOT KNOWING GOD – Not knowing the truth. Perhaps we need to fear not knowing God, the precious light, the vital breath, the Divines presence within our very own true Self – The original Source, that, whose image we are born in, yet cannot see with these eyes filled with fear and forgetfulness. Yes! THAT’S IT – We all strive so diligently for the room to express our individual uniqueness and we scarcely know what that means let alone who that unique individual is – So quick  to conform for fear of facing hell; so quick to comply with concepts we do not fully understand or accept; and we cast damnation at all gods “other” children if they do not join in, with great scorn and a ferocious meanness against “them”. We set out in this mind set of fear based self righteousness, determined to bend and eventually break the spirits of gods developing children, be they one or 101, if they have not learned to fear god the way we do. Even those whom have worshiped and served Gods presence in nature and the human condition are damned to hell according to the doctrines and preaching of such religious organizations – Why? Because any other path leading to the ultimate love – Righteousness Itself is considered wrong or evil if it does not possess dogmatic tendencies of prejudice, being judgmental and the open un-acceptance (banishment) of all Gods other children. Children, I repeat, fear not knowing God, for to not know God is to live a life without compassion. Without compassion – which is, by the way, understanding and acceptance of all Gods creatures we cannot, we will not proceed by Gods will to the kingdom of Heaven that lies within. Gandhi said, “God is love and love is God”. I say, Fear not knowing That love – God. You see child, love knows no prejudice, no segregation, love just is. All other love is tainted with conditions – Human perceptions of the belief one is living the Word – But I know that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Goddess\God (SPIRIT & Elements in motion)

We are born of Goddess\God idea; that idea being pervasive love projected in (their) image – no more, no less, no change but ever unchanging love – Prem – Who are we to second guess in the name of mans’ made up God, and change the idea of Ultimate Preceptor to suit our selfish need to play God…..

Dr. Swami Shubhrananda
August 2001

Returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule is inevitable for the preservation of Spirit

Imagine, returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule, a universal perception of Goddess The Mother who is both feminine and masculine, bisexual, two spirit if you will, in spirit and practice, or as simply truth, none sexual or filled with imagination, sensuality only to be creatively expressed through the act of sexual union.

The Mother whom desires and encourages Her child to experience and express ecstasy and to partake of the fruit of immortality, no guilt, no shame, no paranoia, no hatred, no sin, no genocide, no hell on earth, ONLY LOVE! True celebration of spirit, imagine if our lives were lived in the same inspiration and fervor of a crowded football stadium. What? TOO IDEALISTIC you say for your rigid-frigid ego self.. YOU pride monger YOU!

It just comes to me that in the ancient religion of The Mother, all of life was built around the center, the heart, that being The Mother Herself. Where have we gone, what have we done? We put so much of ourselves into idolizing, which is supposedly not allowed in the patriarchal religions, idolizing men, football players, baseball players, soccer players, political rulers, you see?       We have come so far away from life lived in love.


The Power of The Great Mother is the COMMAND of Life seen in Womans’ month of March\Spring

To live in true peace and harmony the terrorization of patriarchal rule will have to completely dissolve, the male dominance and the pretend celibate hierarchy, the social pyramids, all must go.

Laughing, you are most likely, it almost seems laughable but, it is seriously a reality that must be realized. We see the power of The Mother reemerge, as the truth of all the sexually abusive priests is revealed. Many women coming forward about military rapes, college rapes, incest, non-consentual forced sex no matter what establishment or institution, meaning home, work, socializing catholic\christian schools boarding or not. Job applications often require oral sex @ least if you want the job as a women.

Now, this is not a new thing, this whole process that we have seen come about in the past year or so is nothing new, just the outcry of its hideous absurdity of the absolute heresy of it, the incredible delusion of the patriarchal religio\social economic beliefs. Beliefs are deadly, for they are fuel for the twisted abuses suffered in the psyche manifested in the psyche. Beliefs serve rational, reason and logic, worse is the karma that gives birth to individual\collective action\re-action due to A belief which collectively becomes a system of like minds filled with fear of “the other”= duality-either\or= war. KNOWING is the higher octave, but even so what one karmically does with KNOWING will either enhance life or serve to create more ignorance. CHOICE

The longstanding lies since the advent of Christian rule is the age-old problem that we have been addressing all along in this teaching. Always the same, an attempt to have power over spirit, the method first, use it, secondly, abuse it lastly, kill it. The bible story, mans’ invention and thus far religious political ticket to power so undeniably in need of being  recognized for what it is, a lie, or GREAT LIE. A self-righteous means to grotesquely doom humanity through oppression known as gods’ will.

Evidently man is not succeeding, the reemergence of The Feminine is vibrant\palpable. Fearless, She wields Her sword of Truth with command of wisdom\justice Knowing exactly what need be manifested. Spring forth slashing the illusional indoctrination of linear lies. Let your instinctual innate intelligence guide you, not the intellect of books filled with mans lies. Listen to Mother Earth Her moans are undeniable. SHE has persevered mans assaults and continued to feed you, you even kill for sport and proudly wear-let alone eat the dead bodies of your ancestors w\o a blink. THINK-FEEL WOMAN WAKE UP!!!

Walk in the path of the Ancient Wise Crones Let it be so! JAI MA

MARCH=WOMANS’ MONTH so VOW to REVEAL the ideology of contempt and hatred for Womankind

Why is it that women continue to live in secret contempt, anger and fear? Why do women continue to suppress and give away their energy of sensual, sexual and spiritual power? Why do women continue to pretend to be weak and stupid and in need of a man to tell them when to even take a shit? Why do women continue to live in male defined and dominated religious structure, based solely by the way, on the ideology of contempt and hatred for womankind, and further, the structure of the christian church institution? Why do women allow themselves to be continually controlled by their biological functions, their physical appearances and the way they act and think, and why do they allow themselves to be controlled and dominated with regards to a once natural fertility and reproductive cycle?

Now it is a choice of a patriarchal reign when a women conceives and even if she can let go of a fetus that she knows deep intuitively within herself is not supposed to be for her, it’s her choice. I mean think about it: incest, rape, and a woman is told that she has no right to make a decision regarding a life that was not her choice to bring into the world.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the women, and there are millions and millions of women, in the patriarchal churches removed themselves in spirit, mind and body from male dominance and collectively unified in the sacred beauty of oneness with The Divine Mother. Individually and collectively, can you imagine overcoming the fear of The Mother,  and seriously rejoicing in womankind, nurturing, loving and protecting what every woman knows deep within herself to be the truth beyond patriarchal rule?

Truly, there is little said or written on the very truths of the effects of god the father on the ideas, the intimate thoughts, knowledge and actual experiences of womankind herself. Maybe, women are simply afraid of patriarchal repercussions? But what is worse than chronic torture pschoneuroimmunologically and or physically, DEATH? Once a male student brought a knife to session and admitted, “I want to kill The Mother in YOU” and took the knife out…  Understandable not Acceptable, WHY? You can exist oppressed, suppressing your pain= breathing dead woman OR KNOWING THE PREDATOR may come to silence you @ some point however, not even statute of limitations should not stop truth of abuse coming forward.

Last May eclipse This One took a trip to Jacksonville Fla., Gulfport Ms. and Tucson Az. after a sister having sought This One out, first back in the late 90’s claiming to have experienced the EXACT same abuses as This One from same INCESTUOUS PREDATOR. Second contact, on this box. After much confiding on both parts woman to woman, sister to sister she claimed based on the PREDATOR having alcohol dementia and having been sexually inappropriate with our youngest sisters friends,( no reports made by those parents either) nothing mattered anymore. Knowing HE and the Other ABUSERS(PARENT TYPES ALSO)+ the list of others the parents did nothing about must be revealed. This sister was told by This One “HE” has ALL of his faculties w\o doubt. This One told her The TRUTH must come forward before they die or memory loss occurs, hence,book\doc spoken of, no names spared. The purpose for this little segue- hearing a MAN, Geoffrey Robertson, human rights lawyer re enforce the KNOWN. Mr. Robertson said,”Before one goes senile they should be tried.”

Aware that the SYSTEM is a joke from personal experience with it for years and thousands of children\women facing EVERY conceivable abuse, skipping the middle MAN and their unearned monetary gain straight to the pictures & point is most empowering to the Spirit. March is WOMANS’ MONTH…??? so a small sharing w\u. 99.9% of those seeking inner freedom and annihilating fear that come to me are abused. The effects are generational. ALL were told they would never be asked to do what This One would not do Herself. Sister, BKMAR which ever you go by name wize no matter Betrayal is unacceptable there’s no caring who your mother This Ones’ step-mother worked for in the SYSTEM. YOU opened the book “HE” abused our dead brother too! Why bother with all the unshown\told TRUTHS; SO THAT EVEN ONE MAY USURP THE STRENGTH THRU KNOWING they are not alone, not crazy and BE FREED. Karma brings us together as many times as it takes thru the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) until balance is attained.

Will womankind ever recognize the freedom within Herself and stop forsaking its presence? Will womankind ever choose to completely step away from male dominance and into the sacredness of Herself? The only thing that ever comes between two women is a male energy! Think about it!

May the circle be open but not unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


The EPIDEMIC of PARANOIA of FEMALE POWER infects women! symptom= STUPIDITY

The reductionist theory used by Christian rule on human beings to continue its oppressive reign, the epidemic of paranoia about female power and its insidious evil presence needing to be cleansed out of man and worthless women and children all born out of hatred. Lest I leave out how we must fear the world and everything in it because we’re all inherently evil.

The hatred and fear of women kind began with Christianity and is alive today! But let us not forget that women are the cause of this entire hideous existence. It would not have been possible for the matriarchal societies to have developed, evolved and thrived for over 500,000 years if there was not the reciprocity with all of life. Denial of one aspect of creation of The Mother is to deny all of Her creation.

Is not the human condition based on some battle for power to be won? I ask you these things, Of what power do we speak? What is the battle? Where is the battle to be fought? Whom is the battle with? What makes them the enemy? What is the reward for courage and bravery? What is the consequence of retreat? Someone will die in this battle for power, possibly you, maybe me, possibly others. All of these questions address the individuals battle within themselves. We have created this duality or worse, the schisms of our human condition, by separating from our origin and desiring to overpower that which is the very source of all power. Conquer and kill is the motive and intent of obtaining power, that’s true. In The ancient Mother religion  this is the spiritual journey through life, awakening to the power within one’s self, The High Priestess, The Sorceress, The Yogini, having and giving the knowledge.

Over NINE MILLION women, children peaceful people slaughtered, burned @ the stake in front of their babies, raped & tortured first in the 200 year conquering period of christians… his-story of the resurrection is manmade based on the TRUE celebration of rebirth\Spring.

No worries oh Ye’ IGNORANT wo-men Karma balances all! Here is a suggestion for you since reenacting distortions of  TRUTH is a christian pass time with monetary gain, why not have your men literally act out the atrocities inflicted on those burned as witches\healers\lovers of life & The Great Mother with YOU & YOUR CHILDREN just to get a TRUE FEELING for the COLLECTIVE HATERS you commune with, but are conveniently BLIND to; then while your daughter has the red hot pear prod shoved up her vagina til you confess to your man who speaks to his guy in the sky don’t cry simply BEG for resurrection of YOUR daughter & be proud of your participation in the christian RE- creation his-story that began in genesis.

An orthodox catholic hypocrite predatory child pedophile once told me this nation would be a better place if we cut the tongues o\o liars mouths and cut the hands off of thieves as he had learned from living in the Asian countries; in that case his-story should have earned him the slicing off of his penis, tongue & hands esp. in the Philippines. His enablers are numerous women & men. His seed, the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) planted in enablers pro created ALL daughters(enablers too!), except ONE. Remember ALL enablers have an agenda, ie. there’s something in it for them.

This One speaks of these truths for all the abused and bullied who fear speaking for themselves YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Women who go to war as soldiers of your man god and are raped and tortured and you kill other women\children remember karma is a balancing revealing itself in infinite ways.

Compassionately, Dr. Shubhranandaswami

Expand your mind

Here we are expanding our minds to the realities of eternal existence. I am certain that many may find that some of what I have said and will say may be quite graphic in my attempt to help you see the truths that lie buried deep within the collective unconscious, and the truths that  have been all but killed through means of physical torture and death of the body, and how people have learned to suppress their feelings, their emotions and the ancient knowledge from which all life has developed.

Hearing of that which has been kept buried deep within the unconscious collective mind for thousands of years can be disturbing. The memory of true ancient indigenous Pagan spirituality had at one time been all but destroyed. We do see the re-emergence of the love for Mother in many people and in some spiritual practice today.

But, this spirituality, the oldest, has been replaced with an inherent, nihilistic, fanatic, belief system of necrophiliac destructive means. Do you grasp what I have just said?

One man, is supposedly the sole heir to the kingdom of god, all others of course condemned with original sin, yet, they must pray for salvation from this materialistic invented god. I see this god the father as oz, the great wizard dominating all the little munchkins. Perhaps there is hope yet. The good witch is alive and well. The life of celebrating The Mother has been reduced to a life of corruption and evil. Dancing, singing, spiritual ecstasy, sexual union, celebration of Her presence in all of nature, degraded and abolished by the male godhead as sinful. This, I say, is what is known as the bardo of a living hell. This elitist belief system has condemned Her powerful presence, Her very essence, the very Origin of life. Life in all Her beauty; a living hell, and no hope, no escape from the wrath of god the father? Not so, for we have free will!

FREE WILL …99.9% of human beings do not understand it much less use its’ intrinsic presence, the very essence of your vibratory measure.

The ever present voice of inner shakti insisting the final touches on the book & documentary mentioned are a responsibility to all the abused children known in this physical existence and all whom we have not found each other yet; both are sure to EXPAND your mind. So these projects & completing the sites under construction we communicate thru determine steadfast attention.

Since SOOOOO many of you appear to be quite fixated on the bible\chakra teachings may they be mind expanding!!!

Meeting YOU where YOU are while we stay cyber connected is easier on the sound bitten minds resistant to inevitable change; This One gives her word to lighten the teachings on the blog for your minds sake.

Compassionately Revealing Clarity Thru Pure Radiant Light, Prem

Easter is an original Goddess custom, originates with The Goddess of spring, Eostre.

From the invention of the Christian patriarch and still to this day Christianity fears the people. To keep their fear in check, absolute control of body, mind and the economics is the means. The yoga of hierarchy rule. When people react to the severe repression, they are reminded their paranoia or weakening states of mind and body are due to their own sins. Still the Christian political rule feared the Pagan people so much that they patronized those who refused to stop their practice of the religion of The Goddess.

Where the temples of the matriarchal societies once stood, the patriarch built their churches and installed their images, allowing for a chosen few of the female images to remain. We see this active patronization still today, as it has continued on for aeons, they’re called missionaries. The patriarch moves in and conquers a whole culture by appearing to be kind and caring, bringing food and medicines in exchange for acceptance of Christ as ones’ personal savior. And if the people refuse, oh how they will suffer. Food just an arm length away, medicine that can cure your children’s ills and keep her from dying. Hence, the saying, “you don’t get something for nothing.”

Not only does the patriarch conquer and divide but, slowly, insidiously encroaches like a hungry animal with its prey. Only most animals don’t kill for the sport of it, like man. This insidious encroachment is how The Goddess rituals of expressing life and nature and Her seasons and changes were replaced with Christian symbology. Did you know the Pagan Anglo-Saxon calender was lunar divided into two seasons summer\winter until the christians insisted dividing it into four.

Just another typical dog and fire hydrant moment for mankind!!!

Have you not noticed every celebration, or we call them “Holidays”, have to do with Christ? This is not how it was and not how it is now. For thousands upon thousands of years before patriarchal rule The Goddess religion celebrated the winter solstice, now Christ-mass. The ritual of tree lighting and gift giving is a Goddess celebration. Even the old guy Santa Claus a man who showers children with gifts, stems from a Pagan custom of the Goddess religion. The winter solstice celebration was known as the wheel of the year when the sun moves back from the most Northern point. Even Easter is an original Goddess custom. It is the celebration of spring. Mother Earth and all Her creations move through the process of transformation, resurrection, rebirth. The season’s name originates with The Goddess of spring, Oestre. It is she who gives her name to the female Estrus cycle. The Easter eggs and those bunnies are actually symbols of fertility of The Goddess creating life. The worship of The Mother is in everything we do. Christianity could not get rid of Her. Those who worship nature, and The Mother’s presence in everything, revolted. They were fearless, they rose up against the patriarch and all those who had taken everything from them, from peace to possessions.

Any mothers that tell the true stories of stolen Pagan celebrations even while practicing tradition for the childrens’ sake knowing they will be bullied by others who have been raised by haters has provided the opportunity of possibilities for worldview! So BE It!!!

Seriously, a bunny that shoots eggs o\o its a**  or comes in @ night and hides all the hard boiled colored eggs left by the kidz which do you use as a traditional mindless lie. you were lied to, still are and you continue the lie. What about when money is an issue for the family? I have witnessed children told the bunny isn’t coming cuz they weren’t good. Is it their(the children) original sin that powers all christian reinvented celebrations which most parents are enablers of. Fear instilling power learned, perfected… Survivors cultivating victims on the linear time line of man; have we really chosen to deny the cycle of life !???

Jesus was not resurrected @ the Pagan symbology of renewal, the vernal equinox. The hare and egg symbology intrinsic to the celebration were folded into the christian farse  so they kept her name EASTER. The truth is undeniable, but hideously distorted.


The man Jesus the Christ denies The Mother including his mother, LIES? deception? patriarchal protection

In the Gospel of Thomas, Mary Magdalene was present with Simon Peter and Jesus The Christ. Simon Peter was the founder of the Christian church among the Jews, and was the apostles’ spokesperson. Simon Peter said to Jesus The Christ, “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life.” Jesus replied, “ I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman will make herself male, and will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Simon Peter has women to thank for the great domed cathedral in Rome because it was built with brothel taxes. Another piece of information conveniently left out. Interesting hey? Who knew? There are writings where Christ denies The Mother including his mother. He points out that, “there will be no more rebirth through The Mother.” In John 2:4 he denies his mother, “ Woman, oh Woman, what have I to do with thee?

Males are to be reborn through the male father god. All women are to be reborn males in order to be worthy of life itself. There’s text where Jesus said, “For I have come to destroy the works of the female or women. Death will prevail as long as you women bear children.” It is the blatant denial of life, the power of nature, and The Mother as Giver of life, Nurturer, Sustainer, and Protector, reinforced by the patriarchal fear of hideous hatred, lust and systematic annihilation of female power.

The peaceful existence of the matriarchal focused societies torn apart literally and figuratively and replaced by the prince of peace, Jesus Christ. The peaceful existence of the matriarchal societies torn apart literally and figuratively. Now I want you to just think of it, not before Christianity were there any theories of master races or inferior blood lines, no doctrines of despair and annihilation, no fears of condemnation.