Since  the beginning of this blog HATERS have been lurking especially re:”the bible and the chakras” finding out that ignorance is not bliss after all eh? Over time leaving out some of the most truthful, conscious raising teachings in order to assure stupid is as stupid does. Leaving some 33 or so versions of man doctrine to hold the ignorant in a fear based existence.

Matthew 6:22-23

22: The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.

23: But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

This is a prime example where reference to the truth of the 7 chakras of the body temple was not deleted. I bring this clarity to your attention:

(1) It is in reference to the Ajna Chakra (third eye)

(2) It pertains to Az. 1062 and the fundamental ignorant ones in the biz world for in YOUR book it states “in relation to money” POINT: If your LAMP (third eye) is lit then one sees clearly the interconnectedness of life and it’s natural state of reciprocity. Those of Higher Consciousness need take their$$$ elsewhere then the judgemental one’s businesses will be POOF like air! How then will U and your family faire?

The christian cult always playing the game of red rover-red rover if you don’t take aversion therapy and find your way over we will STONE YOU to DEATH and your life will be over!!!  Be careful, CONSCIOUS one’s DO NOT live in fear!!! CONSCIOUS one’s DO NOT live by manmade morals! CONSCIOUS one’s guide their life thru LIVING ETHICS!

To speak out is to expect backlash  To BE OUT deserves ACCEPTANCE not tolerance. EQUALITY!!!

I never see the need to force ignorance to accept reality… there are so many beings of like mind FEED THAT WHICH FEEDS YOU! Don’t allow the darkness to feed upon you! Darkness cannot exist where there is a glimmer of lite. Strive toward LOVE with ALL of your might!

Remember, in countries like Uganda christianity PAYS $$$$$ to enforce imprisonment\genocide OR red rover-red rover and the cult wonders why missionaries\do gooders are killed, imprisoned in countries who see them as the enemy they are. Do U put money in the basket?

Doctors who are for SB 1062 your actually advertising truth being… YOU took a HYPOCRITIC Oath.

QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS is BE-INGNESS in the Cosmic womb of ALL and NO-THINGNESS There is only WE…

PEACE be with us all, Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.



 ” If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won’t have to struggle; we won’t have to pass fruitless idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which consciously or unconsciously the whole world is hungering.”
Gandhiji, Nov 19th, 1931.

Love is the Key
Truth is the Answer
Faith is the Path

The key of Love sits on the throne of everyones heart waiting for the mind to attach to its beauty and constant presence.

When we concentrate and introspect on our perceptions and make room to contemplate life for other human beings whom we are unfamiliar with, we expand our awareness. From this contemplation we can begin to meditate on the interrelationship of all humanity, all of life, the One Presence in all expressed in so many different forms, religions, life styles, philosophies, political views etc… In meditation the mind is centered and focused, one is able to understand the different expressions of the One, the differences are accepted because ones knowledge is that the manifestations of the One are limitless. The answer to all aversion is truth—the truth is felt and perceived through meditation—the truth being human beings individually and collectively differ greatly, but the differences need not pose intimidation to ones personal realm or worldly existence, the only path for us all to follow inwardly is that of love and devotion.

Inevitable change, means unavoidable, karmically subjective this is the time to renounce all anger, hatred and resentment with individuals and groups of people here, there, and everywhere. With a calm mind reach into your heart ready to receive the Love of The Great Cosmic Mother of God, the key, the answer and the path.

Do not fear The Great Mother
Fear not knowing The Great Mother

The Great Cosmic Mother of God is not the cause of war and the suffering of humanity. Its your ignorance of  mans’ god that gives birth to the evils of mind and belief that your acts of violence are justified by your perceptions of  your gods will. Each individual and collective religious and political view is thought to be the right one therefore, all opposing views are wrong and should be punished.

Consider the literal words in the bible that mans’ god is not a loving God and all the patriarchal gods’ children are not spiritually equal. Listen to your soul, for the children are listening and watching us all as to how to resolve conflicts and differences. Better to teach them how to have a loving response to each other and all differences rather than a fear reaction of violence based in intimidation and war.

The only battle worth fighting is the battle within against hatred and the desire to destroy each other because you express yourselves differently.

Dictators rule through coercion and physical force. Leaders lead with love which by nature is all accepting and inclusive.

 Blessed Be everyone and everything
Prem and deepest Shanti,

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
January 2002

Is manmade god Accepting Of All??? No, for the bible & fundamentalists tell US so!!!

Goddess and Her God is accepting regardless of age, sex, color, or preference in ones’ life mate. Dogmatic religious organizations having creeds, demanding conformity, professing to know the One and Only truth and preaching with a convergent fervency that man made god is to be feared, lack or fail to observe and put forth the same acceptance.

I ask you, child of god, if we are told god loves us, god is love and further we need to put our trust in god for god is the everlasting hands of refuge we need to place ourselves in; Then how do we – Children of The One, surrender (renounce ourselves) to this hellish projection of supposed ultimate love? We don’t! Not willingly at least, with open heart and peaceful mind. We do, however, submit (comply, resign, conform) much I see in fear of NOT KNOWING GOD – Not knowing the truth. Perhaps we need to fear not knowing God, the precious light, the vital breath, the Divines presence within our very own true Self – The original Source, that, whose image we are born in, yet cannot see with these eyes filled with fear and forgetfulness. Yes! THAT’S IT – We all strive so diligently for the room to express our individual uniqueness and we scarcely know what that means let alone who that unique individual is – So quick  to conform for fear of facing hell; so quick to comply with concepts we do not fully understand or accept; and we cast damnation at all gods “other” children if they do not join in, with great scorn and a ferocious meanness against “them”. We set out in this mind set of fear based self righteousness, determined to bend and eventually break the spirits of gods developing children, be they one or 101, if they have not learned to fear god the way we do. Even those whom have worshiped and served Gods presence in nature and the human condition are damned to hell according to the doctrines and preaching of such religious organizations – Why? Because any other path leading to the ultimate love – Righteousness Itself is considered wrong or evil if it does not possess dogmatic tendencies of prejudice, being judgmental and the open un-acceptance (banishment) of all Gods other children. Children, I repeat, fear not knowing God, for to not know God is to live a life without compassion. Without compassion – which is, by the way, understanding and acceptance of all Gods creatures we cannot, we will not proceed by Gods will to the kingdom of Heaven that lies within. Gandhi said, “God is love and love is God”. I say, Fear not knowing That love – God. You see child, love knows no prejudice, no segregation, love just is. All other love is tainted with conditions – Human perceptions of the belief one is living the Word – But I know that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Goddess\God (SPIRIT & Elements in motion)

We are born of Goddess\God idea; that idea being pervasive love projected in (their) image – no more, no less, no change but ever unchanging love – Prem – Who are we to second guess in the name of mans’ made up God, and change the idea of Ultimate Preceptor to suit our selfish need to play God…..

Dr. Swami Shubhrananda
August 2001

father gods’ will is man’s will!!!!!

We have been talking a great deal about how it is we came to be in the hideous situation of consciousness, physical existence and spiritual sleep that we are in. I want to talk with you a little bit about the foundation of this spiritual sleep, the hideous state that we find ourselves in, you see.

This country is said to be a Judeo-Christian nation founded on biblical principles and many Americans, many, believe such crap. Why? One, they do not know any better because they do not know the truth regarding the his-tory of America and secondly, and very importantly they’re lazy, they’re too lazy to find out the truth. So, even if they somewhat refute the above, as a lie, they do not have the knowledge to think, to speak or teach, otherwise.

The fundamentalist religion and political evangelically minded insist on such untruths. It was the English Puritans, who came to this continent with the strict belief that the old testament of the bible story was and is the only way of life and therefore, they formed their government and their societies accordingly, so consequently the witch hunts continued.

The puritans claimed this continent, the new world, theirs for the taking, of course. They began the immediate deforestation and depopulating of the Native American Indians. Remember, all done with the conviction of serving gods’ will, that is, performing righteous acts in the name of god the father. Well, this went on until 1800, when puritan religious power was broken, one of the most powerful changes in the influence of American life.

The karmic balancing of all the white mans collateral damage including all the socio\economic\enviro enablers are being sucked into the mothers belly(SINK HOLES).


Women Power is Everywhere vibrating with FULL MOON energy of Mothers’ left eye

The christian voice magazine HATERS insist,”Americas’ decline as a “world power” is a DIRECT RESULT of THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT for REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM & EQUAL RIGHTS! Cowardice under a pseudonym,”anonymous”, their verbal vomit splattered on this site. The christian cult is quite busy droning its’ conversional force onto weak prey. The Truth of Pure Radiant Light is understandably painful to ones’ dwelling in the darkness of ignorance; however, HATE is not welcome here.

RESPECT ACCEPTANCE COMPASSION LOVE TRUTH are qualities of One of strong character in tune with THE WORD!

Human rights, Womans’ rights, Childrens’ rights, GLBT rights Racial rights NO OPPRESSION… NOW that’s WORLD POWER!!!


The bible story is not The Word The Word vibrates thru-out and beyond,undefind,unchanging

We fear nature because we have made Her something evil and therefore we must fight the darkness we have created. It’s not out there, its in humanity. She, The Divine Mother, has only birthed, loved, nurtured and protected her creatures. It is Her creatures, the human ones, whom have forsaken Her, yet, She constantly, through Her transformative power re-emerges again and again. She is The word.

The bible story is not the word of god. It is a story written and rewritten by many men. The Motherhood of God does not need a book of rules and regulations. The Motherhood of God, of Pure Love and expression of love in all of life, in nature only to be hideously perverted by man’s words filled with hate.

In Deuteronomy, 5:17, it says in the bible story, thou shalt not kill, yet also in Deuteronomy, 7:1-2 and Leviticus 20:1-27, which is the part concerning the heinous offenses, those heinous offenses of course, were anyone who is known to be offering their offspring to, who very simply put, is The Divine Mother, was to be put to death. And all the people’s of the land, shall stone her with stones, so punished by stoning. Also in Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Samuel, Kings all books of the bible story, god wills and states, his people must kill any and all people’s whom god finds to be offensive and against his will.

In Samuel, gods’ hero son must kill the enemy. He must completely annihilate entire villages of people. He must butcher all pregnant women, and tiny infants and all the old people’s, also all of their animals, and to do so through gods empowerment and importantly, with gods’ blessing. My goodness! At certain points in the bible story god appears to wield an accepting and loving power only to be contradicted by gods’ hatred and condemnation for women, for The Mother God, for anything other than his power.

 Jesus the christ in the bible story is seen as a revolutionary in some parts. Wasn’t it Jesus the christ who said something about it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven?


“Pagan DNA” is in The Mothers bloodline consciousness

I realize that throughout this blog, in case you are unconscious of it, that, that word Pagan may be a problem for most of you. Why? Because of your conditioned minds, because of the traditions that you grew up with in the culture and so, are you aware of how you fight it? You try to make it something palatable but, it can still continue to be somewhat of a negative feeling somewhere in the mind. Just be aware of it.

Of course, one must recognize the twisted relevance of truth when it comes to church and state and their dominance over people. Thomas Jefferson spoke clearly of this religious tyranny and hostility over the minds of human beings. And he said, “I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Of course, he was referring to the god of knowledge, the god of liberty and reason. Jefferson spoke of the god of the bible story as cruel, vindictive and unjust. Payne said, the bible story was filled with this relentless vindictive cruelty and he went on to say that, it was more demonic than god like. He said that he severely detested it and he spent the better part of his life fighting the god of the bible story. These men found there were many human beings willing to risk their lives to ensure the first amendment, that being freedom of religion. These men insisted that the development of human consciousness would only occur through knowledge, liberty and reason by investigation. Really?

There was in this time of his-tory another group of human beings who sought to live life in communion with nature, the Pagan people, whose desire was to escape the hell of the European hatred and torture sanctioned of course by their god’s will.

Somewhere in the recess of unconscious memory remained the belief in a time before christian hierarchy rule and there was a very deep desire to return to this peaceful existence, the oldest religion, the memory of true paradise here, Mother Earth. Many people embarked on the journey to return to a sensual innocence by communing with all of nature and Her creatures. They did so by joining Indian tribes, by setting off across the continent in exploration of Mother Earth, all the while moving towards the west away from Massachusetts, away from the terrorism, the oppression, the church. We never hear of these truths in American his-tory teachings, eh?

The so called system of education indoctrination children are chaotically forced into is a twelve year tyranny of abuse and lies by the staff and the restricted material they are force fed which is the white mans’ limited view much the same as the home schooled fundamentalist. Did you know economics is strategically taught to distort and keep the child confused? It is true.

Do you even listen to the children? Truly, the majority of teachers counseled by This One openly proclaim their hate and contempt for the system AND the students. In our counsel they are reminded the children are beyond the mind games and oppression and are RIGHTLY fighting for their sanity, freedom of speech, thot , imagination, and expression of their personhood. They are repulsed and rebel! When the children turn the oppression, lies, mind games and militant tactics on the system and\or each other its’ inevitably made to appear as a “bad seed” or potential terroristic launch @ the establisment so you call for re-enforcements rather than reformation to include the children speaking WITH all involved.

Life, She is beautiful it is human evil masquerading superficially as a caring doer of good. A child or child like being SEES all too perfectly!

Deepest Prem, Mother

The Power of The Great Mother is the COMMAND of Life seen in Womans’ month of March\Spring

To live in true peace and harmony the terrorization of patriarchal rule will have to completely dissolve, the male dominance and the pretend celibate hierarchy, the social pyramids, all must go.

Laughing, you are most likely, it almost seems laughable but, it is seriously a reality that must be realized. We see the power of The Mother reemerge, as the truth of all the sexually abusive priests is revealed. Many women coming forward about military rapes, college rapes, incest, non-consentual forced sex no matter what establishment or institution, meaning home, work, socializing catholic\christian schools boarding or not. Job applications often require oral sex @ least if you want the job as a women.

Now, this is not a new thing, this whole process that we have seen come about in the past year or so is nothing new, just the outcry of its hideous absurdity of the absolute heresy of it, the incredible delusion of the patriarchal religio\social economic beliefs. Beliefs are deadly, for they are fuel for the twisted abuses suffered in the psyche manifested in the psyche. Beliefs serve rational, reason and logic, worse is the karma that gives birth to individual\collective action\re-action due to A belief which collectively becomes a system of like minds filled with fear of “the other”= duality-either\or= war. KNOWING is the higher octave, but even so what one karmically does with KNOWING will either enhance life or serve to create more ignorance. CHOICE

The longstanding lies since the advent of Christian rule is the age-old problem that we have been addressing all along in this teaching. Always the same, an attempt to have power over spirit, the method first, use it, secondly, abuse it lastly, kill it. The bible story, mans’ invention and thus far religious political ticket to power so undeniably in need of being  recognized for what it is, a lie, or GREAT LIE. A self-righteous means to grotesquely doom humanity through oppression known as gods’ will.

Evidently man is not succeeding, the reemergence of The Feminine is vibrant\palpable. Fearless, She wields Her sword of Truth with command of wisdom\justice Knowing exactly what need be manifested. Spring forth slashing the illusional indoctrination of linear lies. Let your instinctual innate intelligence guide you, not the intellect of books filled with mans lies. Listen to Mother Earth Her moans are undeniable. SHE has persevered mans assaults and continued to feed you, you even kill for sport and proudly wear-let alone eat the dead bodies of your ancestors w\o a blink. THINK-FEEL WOMAN WAKE UP!!!

Walk in the path of the Ancient Wise Crones Let it be so! JAI MA

MARCH=WOMANS’ MONTH so VOW to REVEAL the ideology of contempt and hatred for Womankind

Why is it that women continue to live in secret contempt, anger and fear? Why do women continue to suppress and give away their energy of sensual, sexual and spiritual power? Why do women continue to pretend to be weak and stupid and in need of a man to tell them when to even take a shit? Why do women continue to live in male defined and dominated religious structure, based solely by the way, on the ideology of contempt and hatred for womankind, and further, the structure of the christian church institution? Why do women allow themselves to be continually controlled by their biological functions, their physical appearances and the way they act and think, and why do they allow themselves to be controlled and dominated with regards to a once natural fertility and reproductive cycle?

Now it is a choice of a patriarchal reign when a women conceives and even if she can let go of a fetus that she knows deep intuitively within herself is not supposed to be for her, it’s her choice. I mean think about it: incest, rape, and a woman is told that she has no right to make a decision regarding a life that was not her choice to bring into the world.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the women, and there are millions and millions of women, in the patriarchal churches removed themselves in spirit, mind and body from male dominance and collectively unified in the sacred beauty of oneness with The Divine Mother. Individually and collectively, can you imagine overcoming the fear of The Mother,  and seriously rejoicing in womankind, nurturing, loving and protecting what every woman knows deep within herself to be the truth beyond patriarchal rule?

Truly, there is little said or written on the very truths of the effects of god the father on the ideas, the intimate thoughts, knowledge and actual experiences of womankind herself. Maybe, women are simply afraid of patriarchal repercussions? But what is worse than chronic torture pschoneuroimmunologically and or physically, DEATH? Once a male student brought a knife to session and admitted, “I want to kill The Mother in YOU” and took the knife out…  Understandable not Acceptable, WHY? You can exist oppressed, suppressing your pain= breathing dead woman OR KNOWING THE PREDATOR may come to silence you @ some point however, not even statute of limitations should not stop truth of abuse coming forward.

Last May eclipse This One took a trip to Jacksonville Fla., Gulfport Ms. and Tucson Az. after a sister having sought This One out, first back in the late 90’s claiming to have experienced the EXACT same abuses as This One from same INCESTUOUS PREDATOR. Second contact, on this box. After much confiding on both parts woman to woman, sister to sister she claimed based on the PREDATOR having alcohol dementia and having been sexually inappropriate with our youngest sisters friends,( no reports made by those parents either) nothing mattered anymore. Knowing HE and the Other ABUSERS(PARENT TYPES ALSO)+ the list of others the parents did nothing about must be revealed. This sister was told by This One “HE” has ALL of his faculties w\o doubt. This One told her The TRUTH must come forward before they die or memory loss occurs, hence,book\doc spoken of, no names spared. The purpose for this little segue- hearing a MAN, Geoffrey Robertson, human rights lawyer re enforce the KNOWN. Mr. Robertson said,”Before one goes senile they should be tried.”

Aware that the SYSTEM is a joke from personal experience with it for years and thousands of children\women facing EVERY conceivable abuse, skipping the middle MAN and their unearned monetary gain straight to the pictures & point is most empowering to the Spirit. March is WOMANS’ MONTH…??? so a small sharing w\u. 99.9% of those seeking inner freedom and annihilating fear that come to me are abused. The effects are generational. ALL were told they would never be asked to do what This One would not do Herself. Sister, BKMAR which ever you go by name wize no matter Betrayal is unacceptable there’s no caring who your mother This Ones’ step-mother worked for in the SYSTEM. YOU opened the book “HE” abused our dead brother too! Why bother with all the unshown\told TRUTHS; SO THAT EVEN ONE MAY USURP THE STRENGTH THRU KNOWING they are not alone, not crazy and BE FREED. Karma brings us together as many times as it takes thru the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) until balance is attained.

Will womankind ever recognize the freedom within Herself and stop forsaking its presence? Will womankind ever choose to completely step away from male dominance and into the sacredness of Herself? The only thing that ever comes between two women is a male energy! Think about it!

May the circle be open but not unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


The EPIDEMIC of PARANOIA of FEMALE POWER infects women! symptom= STUPIDITY

The reductionist theory used by Christian rule on human beings to continue its oppressive reign, the epidemic of paranoia about female power and its insidious evil presence needing to be cleansed out of man and worthless women and children all born out of hatred. Lest I leave out how we must fear the world and everything in it because we’re all inherently evil.

The hatred and fear of women kind began with Christianity and is alive today! But let us not forget that women are the cause of this entire hideous existence. It would not have been possible for the matriarchal societies to have developed, evolved and thrived for over 500,000 years if there was not the reciprocity with all of life. Denial of one aspect of creation of The Mother is to deny all of Her creation.

Is not the human condition based on some battle for power to be won? I ask you these things, Of what power do we speak? What is the battle? Where is the battle to be fought? Whom is the battle with? What makes them the enemy? What is the reward for courage and bravery? What is the consequence of retreat? Someone will die in this battle for power, possibly you, maybe me, possibly others. All of these questions address the individuals battle within themselves. We have created this duality or worse, the schisms of our human condition, by separating from our origin and desiring to overpower that which is the very source of all power. Conquer and kill is the motive and intent of obtaining power, that’s true. In The ancient Mother religion  this is the spiritual journey through life, awakening to the power within one’s self, The High Priestess, The Sorceress, The Yogini, having and giving the knowledge.

Over NINE MILLION women, children peaceful people slaughtered, burned @ the stake in front of their babies, raped & tortured first in the 200 year conquering period of christians… his-story of the resurrection is manmade based on the TRUE celebration of rebirth\Spring.

No worries oh Ye’ IGNORANT wo-men Karma balances all! Here is a suggestion for you since reenacting distortions of  TRUTH is a christian pass time with monetary gain, why not have your men literally act out the atrocities inflicted on those burned as witches\healers\lovers of life & The Great Mother with YOU & YOUR CHILDREN just to get a TRUE FEELING for the COLLECTIVE HATERS you commune with, but are conveniently BLIND to; then while your daughter has the red hot pear prod shoved up her vagina til you confess to your man who speaks to his guy in the sky don’t cry simply BEG for resurrection of YOUR daughter & be proud of your participation in the christian RE- creation his-story that began in genesis.

An orthodox catholic hypocrite predatory child pedophile once told me this nation would be a better place if we cut the tongues o\o liars mouths and cut the hands off of thieves as he had learned from living in the Asian countries; in that case his-story should have earned him the slicing off of his penis, tongue & hands esp. in the Philippines. His enablers are numerous women & men. His seed, the sins of the father(BLOODLINE CONSCIOUSNESS) planted in enablers pro created ALL daughters(enablers too!), except ONE. Remember ALL enablers have an agenda, ie. there’s something in it for them.

This One speaks of these truths for all the abused and bullied who fear speaking for themselves YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Women who go to war as soldiers of your man god and are raped and tortured and you kill other women\children remember karma is a balancing revealing itself in infinite ways.

Compassionately, Dr. Shubhranandaswami