Apathy will lead YOU to Self Annihilation

Apathy and indifference, I would say to you that they run close in hand as far as definition. However, there is a difference in so far as apathy may be changed, whereas, indifference may be impenetrable, and the key word there is impenetrable. This is important, especially when we look at changing our present state, which is ignorance. It is true that they both require a good amount of energy to stay in their mode, each individually. However, indifference requires a wilfulness, a certain type of strength. I would say somewhat akin to an iron rod, no way through it except to melt it down.

Apathy, on the other hand, is a giving up, a laziness. Laziness is the exact opposite of love. Apathy is a self-centeredness, a laziness to step beyond one’s own self. A type of anorexia in that, there is no desire to expand, only to remain in the narrows of one’s perceptions, and one’s limited world of illness. Apathy equates to suicide in a sense, the slow killing of spirit via the hand of self-annihilation, a squelching of the very breath of life itself. Why do we do it? To start with, there is the strict belief in what I call the helpless, hopeless syndrome. It sounds something like this, “I cannot get out of my own limitation, or my world where I feel safe inside of myself, because there is only me,” you see.”

Another way to view apathy is that, an inner dialogue of something such as, “Those out there are preventing me from expanding or growing, so, I’ll continue to trot along inside my own little bubble.” Some people actually believe this to be a form of ahimsa, nonviolence, noncooperation. Again, I caution you because this stems from the illness of limited thinking. That is, by remaining apathetic, one believes that one is somehow making a difference. In what? Apathy is better understood from this point, to be non-participation, for if one does not participate in life or fight to remove the ignorance, then one gives up on freedom, on Conscious choices to be made about the direction of one’s life and the very life process that they are going through. In so doing a person actually relinquishes their life to all of those around them, and the forces of the collective unconsciousness. The example that comes to mind is that of a dead fish at the edge of the shore, it can only lie there on the sand. Its only movement is when the tide washes up on the shore and the inert little body waxes and wanes with the force of the moving tide. Only it’s dead, no life breath. The apathetic person still has the vital life force flowing through its vessel. However, it fails to energize the vessel with the very essence by which it exists, still believing that they are in charge of their very limited existence. Do you follow?

If a person cannot recognize the very love by which they have the opportunity to take the human birth, then giving and receiving love are impossible without conditions. Those conditions revolve around the infusion of what I term outside breath, or vicarious life force being fed from another, you see. This is the very point that aids in our understanding that apathy is changeable, whereas, indifference is impenetrable.

Apathy is termed a desire-less state, I do not want you to walk away from this teaching with this sad belief, for it is not entirely true. Perhaps it would be better understood as a contentedness in the desire to remain impenetrable out of fear, this fear being a leading factor in the person’s self-centeredness state, or state of illness.

The apathetic person will often stay at the doorway of change, peering out through the eyes of a contented gloom, or a helpless, hopeless disdain for life itself.

A word of caution to the apathetic: apathy leads to indifference, if not in the very same life right now, in lifetimes to follow, so to speak. This spark of desire that I speak to you about that is in the apathetic, it is because of this spark of desire that remains within the apathetic, that apathy is penetrable. I tell you this, because the seed of aspiration can still be awakened, providing the willingness to live beyond the existing contentedness in fear, can be sparked. This usually occurs vicariously, and it must begin with self-serving means.

The reason that I’m attempting to walk you through this process of understanding and recognition with little tiny baby steps is because 99.9% of humanity suffers in an apathetic state in their life, teetering on indifference. Yes it’s true, whether we care to admit it or not.

Prepare for the renegades  of Lite YOUR DNA NEEDS your every thot\feeling\action to be windows of opportunity!!!



Do YOU refuse to Accept that evil DOES exist?

If you sit still and really listen to their gospel of shallow words, only quotes from the bible, that I have yet to hear the everyday christian expound upon, beyond the repetitious, what do you say, quoting, especially truthfully. And then of course, when questioned, hee gads, do they get pissed off. You can truly hear the yiping like a pack of hyenas.

Just as there are those so called “soldiers of god”, interesting analogy for a group of people who fain how horrifying it is that the Muslims wage holy wars on the Americans. Anyway, there are christians who are truly followers of ’ Jesuses’ teachings, not just mans interpretations and lies in the bible to force people to follow their word or else…?! That’s man’s way, that’s evil in all of it’s glory. Having so many puppets to do its’ work through means that have apparently worked for thousands of years. Is it any wonder to you now about the power of evil and if it’s still doubtful that evil exists; or do you refuse to accept that evil does exist? Then know that’s just what evil needs and thrives upon, your ambivalence. Fear that it does exist and has been identified may be a beginning in the right direction rather than continual denial out of fear.

The conversional force is oppressive, catholics, christian missionaries really take their oppression seriously, their soldiers marching all over the continents pissing like dogs on a fire hydrant to put their mark. Always giving the appearance of giving… when their actually taking. Schools, orphanages, food, all come w\ a price. They own the people starting w\ the indigenous including the needy, impressionable (children) unsuspecting, even the dying will sell their Soul to fear.

Ol’ pat robertsons’ most recent remarks re: womyn excepting that men will cheat, THAT’S THE NATURE of A MAN & its’ the womyns’ JOB-DUTY to FORGIVE him and go on act normal, continue to give ALL of YOURSELF to the deviant. These womyn are perfect examples of “NON-SURGICAL LOBOTOMIES.” However, they have gone thru an “INVASIVE PROCEDURE”…OPPRESSION.

Consciously, WE who re-teach you, the apparent collective mind is insisting on DUALITY as what makes the world go ’round is a skism of mind. Well AWARE, The Lite of unequivocated Truth may be warred against, but will never be conquered.

WOMYN take COMMAND of YOUR NATURE  instead of creating physical ills in your body and life due to suppressing the feminyn U and turning to mans methods of “creating a healthy you” When ever you go AGAINST your being WILLINGLY or WILLFULLY COERCED your very Spirit will fight for its BE-ING.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the process of healing YOU! The children are depending on THE cultivating, nurturing, sustaining matrifocal guidance into BE- ING THIS NOT THAT!!!


Mother of All Children, Doctor of The Soul

Evil leaves no Soul untouched, given ripe minds\ jaded hearts for the conversional force to root

I once  told  you of the woman who came to counsel with me for several years and she refused to allow me to speak of hope in her presence. She found it repulsive, that was her word. She claimed that simply just speaking about it hurt her. I know evil had its’ roots in her heart quite deeply. I knew her personality exuded evils’ presence more and more each time we met. I knew her mind was completely captive to evils demands.

I tell you this because in every meeting she pleaded with me not to give up on her. I always told her I’d never would give up on her. She could not; she would not accept the truth of her own self-denial. She insisted that she was not worthy of my love, it hurt. The stories she related to me about family left no doubt in my mind or my heart that her mother was in fact evil. Her father the passive one, her siblings the victims like herself. This is all from many sessions spent together speaking about the family dynamic, her growing up years. Growing up self righteously, arrogantly shrouding the human soul in the darkness of ignorance.

Evil leaves no Soul untouched. The self-righteous individual feels quite justified in naming another evil. Evil needs to blame to keep the light away and off of it. A healthy person of good judgment may see evil clearly yet, hesitate to name it in which case evil is working right here because the person rests in self-doubt and fear of what? Of being right.

A big reason that we choose not to see evil for what it is, first person, is judgmental, second persons of a discerning nature attempting to use good judgment. Evil usually wins out here because fear of bad judgment immobilizes you. You fear being right and you fear being wrong. Perfect breeding grounds for evil. I always ask a client in these types of situations, “what’s the worse that can happen?”. In other words, exercise your free will, make a decision. You are all willing to dole out pity for another, maybe they didn’t mean it, poor things, they’re just struggling. Pity is another word for \ poor them, arrogance, thank mans god its’ not me or us… but you are pitiful because smiling faces leave tell tale traces of the evil that lurks within, I see this Truth EVERYDAY!

Conviction rooted in Ignorance is not an excuse

Shree Guruji

Love is The One Eternal Power which Cannot be Defeated

Love is not jealous, yet, we are taught in relevant christian doctrine that god is a jealous god, an angry god and will punish us. Yet, I find that very difficult to swallow, as would anyone who knows that a loving God would not have any of those ways, you see?!!!????

Love is the healing balm of all disease. Without love we will not overcome evil. Yes, I am saying that we must love even the filthiest hideously ugly evil person. Now, for most this seems absolutely impossible, I know. Therefore, the question of forgiveness is always coupled with this statement of loving all beings. But, to do anything other than love them is being just like them. Where is the balance, that’s the question.

Out of Pure Love is born Compassion. To be of Compassionate nature is to accept The Truth and Love despite evils’ obvious presence. I have countless times said to many who come to me, I Love Yourself, the you I see in spite of your perceived attachment to imperfections. I am reaching for your heart if you are willing to put out your hand. I’ll take you to the place where I stand and you can see what I see which is far more beautiful than we humanly imagine. I see your potential for true good. I am focused on the sacredness for which your whole self is born. The reason you have come is that you are a child of The Mother of god. I will come as close as you will allow me in your process of becoming. Love is the key, you see.

We are never without beacons of Light in any given lifetime. Those beacons know themselves to be but the vehicle for The Great Mothers’ will. They know they are to remain the instrument in the fight between good and evil and they do so willingly.

Evil will seek them out and crash upon their loving souls again and again. Like the furious waves crashing on the rocks in a treacherous storm at sea. A heart that is filled with love will drink in evils blows repeatedly. True love is unchanging, it cannot be destroyed. All of life is born of it. All of life depends on it and all of life dissolves back into it. Love being The Original Source of all. Love is the One eternal Power which cannot be defeated, only strengthened. It is the beginning, it’s the means it’s the Ultimate without end.
Many blessings to you all, may the wealth of Love spring forth from all, for your own self-growth and for all of sentient life. Peace, happiness, Love is the Birth Right of every Soul. Sisters of this life why do you send such HATE?… having lived w\This One in the Truths of which I remind you of ?

Truth is The Answer, The One

In children, indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice

Indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice. It has been for quite some time, just look at our own children and how they are handling life and their surroundings. Adapting to indifference while still fighting the pain of its’ evil reality all around them.

The children do suffer to the depths of self-mutilation trying to find their soul, trying to feel, to express, if you really pay attention. You will find that what they do create is the expression of evil coursing through their little veins.

They are reminded daily that they must fit in with the norm. Do good in school that’s the number one rule. Just shut up and follow the rules. Go to college; get a job with a good company and oh yes, most importantly, do not think for yourself. Parents will out right refuse to pay for college if the child wants to be say, be an artist or a musician because that is not a profession that will actually earn a living, according to many.

I have sat with these parents and these children and entire families where the refusal to help with the college endeavor was yanked out away from the child where it once was in full tact. But, the child’s choice of what to study did not align with what the parents want and after all it is their money.

Are we to give up hope, then in that case and accept doom as the reality or are we to change our values and teach the truth?  What if we were to teach acceptance and love by giving children classes in school, beginning from grade school all the way up, on different societies, cultures and religions in their truth. Why not teach them the very nature of evil, it’s psychology, how it works and how to prevent the disease from infecting them. Or if in fact that has already occurred giving them measures to eradicate it from their own self. For that matter adults would greatly benefit from such teachings as well.

2013 UPDATE: In order to give the children of sight the advantage of further teachings to include that which is required of the state to “graduate” the institution of public school enhanced in their intelligence rather than repress them, confine them in tradition you would save an other wise secluded, or suicidal demand sure to end in a misinformed moment of life and death decision. If so called “loved ones” do not support the idealistic child they will perish in silence till’… or arrive @ their station in this life to serve humanity in their plight to remembre  KARMA!

“Working Class Hero” by John Lennon  speaks directly of the oppressive reality of children in America, remember? feel that memory? The mental\emotional states you adapted to helped shape your character along w\ the collective consciousness you were influenced by and what you did or not with such.

The child sees you no matter your self delusional force of conversion! …   THE ONE


You do understand that all I am saying applies to the majority of human beings with regard to evil. It is not at all about each and every ordinary human being, that’s what I’m trying to get across to you here. There are those who are unafraid of unveiling the truth, be what it may. Therefore, they are very aware of any ensuing consequences of being singled out, for they have personally initiated the process you realize, by staying out of the circle of evil.

I ask you, how are the examples given any different from what Hitler did to the masses of Jews; I agree, the afore mentioned examples are seemingly on a much smaller scale but, nonetheless evil, this is my point.

Two sayings that are often used during my counsel with people often come up when discussing such things. I am careful in discussing evil with many human being because, for the most part most people are not prepared to even think about, let alone discuss it. One saying is something to do with, ” having your own agenda” and the other “having too much on my plate.” Now, these sayings produce somewhat cringing reflex in my whole being and my throat wants to close and this is because they reek, reek of laziness, inertia and narcissism. It leaves a person with plenty of room for an out; I wasn’t involved so how could I possibly know; it’s not my job, I’m only the little guy, I have no power to make decisions.

Now, I know better than anyone the absolute awareness of my childlike idealism. I brought it with me into this life and it has served me well and it will always be. And, I have been warned about my idealistic ways and many situations namely doctors in the clinical field of psychology and I have received very stiff consequences for it.

Numerous attempts to squash it, kill it, have not succeeded. If we’re punished harshly enough we may choose to see things differently, which of course, as we’re told will make our life a lot better, a lot easier, so why fight it. Well, of course, these consequences for refusing to go along with the collective norm, evil, plane and simple are confining.

I do Accept WILLING female students, perhaps we’ll meet in my travels teaching, or you will contact This One when you choose. You are @ least worthy to know of the matrifocal hidden studies since you live the patriarchal hell! Peace is in the BALANCE!!!



What is it that happens when you feel lesser than? What is it that you are likely to do or not do? I would say even the sheepherder, so to speak, at this point will accept responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their leadership and therefore, stake themselves as followers but, instead they may deflect their responsibility as a leader upon one they would call the ultimate leader or the one who’s directly the responsible entity.

Remember, evil is the unwillingness to acknowledge our own wrong doing, self-deceit. It is a willingness to plunge willingly into conforming to the mass mind of evils intent, even when someone in the collect group dies or moves on there is always another warm body willing to bring its willful power forward waiting for the opportunity to unleash that power. This is how the spirit of evil is kept alive.

I mentioned that human beings have a driving need to be needed and further they can be quite demanding in their usefulness and even more demanding that, that usefulness be accepted by others. Human beings want to prove their worth, this of course is an abundance of pride and pride is useful to evil.

Most human beings want to be remembered for something after all what better than to go down in history as having been a powerful leader of some group even the followers will feel a great sense of significance in that they followed a particular leader. For what they would term as a good cause, however, I find it interesting that Jesus was considered a martyr and yet the leading man in the christian organization, Jesus was in direct opposition to the forces of evil. He was in direct opposition to evil human beings. Therefore, it was evil in mass mind that needed him murdered because fear made it impossible to live, live in his leadership, do you understand? This fear is the pervasive factor in all conforming. He was a light shining the Truth in the conversional forces of mans karmic proclivities. The FEAR you have been taught is not of a Being of Love and Truth but, MAN  “playing A stage\station” not of their consciousness. So, disruptive of the law of karma chaos ensues pride, hate, greed, anger, vanity, self  righteous… Jesus had NO religion, He walked the path of all the ancient Truth he was awakened to in his time of  journey with the Wisdom Keepers.

Since there are SO MANY “chakra  in the bible seekers” combing these teachings remember, unless you have knowledge that there is much misinformation in mans revisions’ lest you understand there are NUMEROUS books you are not privy to and the LIE owns you your frustration and need to be rite will consume you. The Seven Seals in Revelations is a perfect example of that which you seek to deny! Indulge your mind a little… This One is aware that your use of these teachings is how you thwart the Truth and go out into the world wearing your various masks of deception to APPEAR to be “new age-ish” while building your MEGA HOUSES OF IGNORANT NEEDY FOLLOWERS INCLUSIVE OF HELL HOUSE, creationist theory, all for your mantra the all mighty $$$$$$$ 


NAMASTE’ The Motherhood of god

Breaking Truth… AMERICA, entire Country is STEEPED in HYPOCRISY, we’ll continue to update you

America, entire country is steeped in hypocrisy. You  are a mockery of truth because you cow tow to evil, that’s why, only because you choose to live in ignorance.  But many times the question arises, “Swami, do you think that people are evil deep within or good? The majority of people, would you say that they have good intentions or evil intentions?” Again, this is one of those entrapping questions, but again, I return to the place in the teaching, why is it that you are so willing to allow evil to be pervasive in humanity and accept its way as normal and then along comes the non-confomed person and they now are the trouble makers because they refuse to go along with the norm. Now, I ask you with regards to that question, what would you say, “How do you see it? Not, how do you want to see it, but, how do you see it?”

As a child I could not say the national anthem along with the Lord’s Prayer, you know we were supposed to in school, not that I didn’t love the praise of Spirit. As a matter of fact when I spoke about the Great Spirit in any way I had no control. I would always break out in tears, always. But, to bring together the rote words of dogma and try to make them a truth was very baffling to me. I couldn’t do it without getting severe adverse physical effects, of course, that was due to my own unwillingness to participate in such lies.

Being a young child as some, I’d say, most children would do, I tried to speak to my parents about the whole matter, bad idea. It only brought about severe anger and very painful punishments. Along with those punishments was the very harsh reminder that only a very bad evil person like the communists would think the way I was thinking and ask the questions that I was asking and that I was never ever again to demoralize or embarrass my parents or our, my family publicly by such questions or actions such as not saying the national anthem. I was to put my hand on my heart and I was to be completely grateful for living in the country of freedom and I was further to be very grateful for their feelings and thoughts for me. THEIRS WAS\IS NO LOVE for THIS CHILD. However, I understood what was being said. My birth mother had no qualms about sending her only child to bed without dinner, until of course, the admission of my wrong doings, and that was to be followed up with an apology. In order to make sure that I did this, I think for some of us we can relate, but, back then you would go through the process of having to write a hundred or thousand times, you know; I will not do this or I will not do that. This was fine for me, because I really enjoyed writing and I used it as a time of perfecting my letters. But, I was very young, at most five-six age wise it might have been first or second grade somewhere in that place. Anyway, I paid no mind to what I had to write I simply did the task. Well, I could not admit to any wrong doing and therefore, I had nothing to apologize about. This often went into the wee morning hours, 3-4 a.m.

Now, without a doubt, most of you would see this as an overly willful rebellious child, which is something some of conscious children struggle with at times. But, deeply in my heart I knew there was something wrong. Well, she did not budge in her punishment, complete isolation with the shades drawn down in my room and hunger, over some time, will cause you to find a way of making amends and so it was done much to indoctrined shame and the denying of my own conscience. But, still at such a young age I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it all. But, I can tell you one thing, I did not state the national anthem along with the Lord’s prayer ever again in school. Of course, my parents and the teacher had colluded in to informing each other of any more annoying ways of rebellious behavior. With my parents ending, of course, that they would immediately correct any problems that I caused. I learned to lip sync the 21st psalm like Millie Vanillie did. You know, I was saying that while the rest were saying something else. I admit I was not a good student with respect to history and government. But, I did learn to shut up because the group consciousness and power was large, bigger than I could take on at that time. Thanks to my pedophile birth father I had a pretty good command of speaking and therefore, I learned how to pose questions in class as I got older. I admit that they were questions that were sure to stir the thoughts of a least one or two other oppressed souls. But, nonetheless, without incident it allowed the teachers to go on with their instruction without too much disruption.

I am certain, without a doubt, that this is what has brought me to this place of institutionalized education, being in the mass problems that it is in now, children cannot deny their hearts. Yet, evil is huge, pervasive and difficult to stand up to when you are one dependent on its very self for your basic needs. And therefore, they know nothing else to do but to rebel in their own little ways. Yet, if you’ve paid attention to the teachings you recognize that in fact they learn\become the evil, little ones creating too much problem. Oh, we’ve tried to bring them all together in a collective oneness through uniforms, dress codes, trying too hard to indoctrinate cohesive training much to the power and liking of evil choice but, thanks to The Great Mother it doesn’t work.

How much better it would be if parents and others were able to see the Truth. The Truth is, I do not, have not, ever known any child who doesn’t want to learn. But, what I do see and I do know is they fight against lies and evil, thank The Great Mother. But, it isn’t because they don’t want to learn, they want to know the Truth. They don’t want to be told something because it has been the institutional norm for so long that the evil lies are accepted without question. May they always question, may ALL CHILDREN always question. I am concerned that it will only get worse before it gets better. Sometimes, manifesting childlike idealistic resonance of memory as to how would it be if all the children decided that they would not go to school and continue on in the way things are any longer. And, that if they were going to be taught, because they want to learn, that they would have more say so in how that would be. I am certain that it wouldn’t be as bad as so many believe they would make it because of course, we have to sit in self-denial and believe that they want it easy and they want it this way and that way so they won’t even try to learn, no, no it’s not true.

May we each and every one of us take action for the freedom of our own Self. May we be free from self-denial, that we may be an example of conscious awareness for children and all others to take in and learn that they may experience it in themselves.

You are LOVED, Mataji


The potential consequences for uncovering evil will keep an individual and groups silenced with the perverse reality that even a single peep of Truth will be traced back to the lone courageous soul and they will be dealt with, and harshly so. Therefore, they will be the perfect example of why it is best to remain in fearful silence rather than stand out in Truth. With this example it is obvious why human beings prefer to feign unconsciousness to the Truth and this in turn is a permission of sorts to be lazy and inert, that is to allow someone else to make all the decisions. This is, oh so contraire, to the prided American saying, “I am free”.

America, land of the free and home of the brave, why is it that you are so ready to believe, in stead you are glazed eye and willing to remain in inertia and trade for being allowed to plod along in the collective herd hopefully mostly unnoticed overtly appearing to serve one master, mans god, of course. Freedom under mans god, one nation and oh yes, justice for all, that is, all that conform to the powers that be, while quietly complaining carefully of course choosing your audience and your words so as not to be singled out and made example of. I think maybe this is what you distort as freedom of speech.

Even as a group, you know you are doing wrong with the wheels in motion, you set out to absolve your part in the wrongdoing by convincing yourselves you are only one person and after all, you are sworn to the groups so, “carry on”, as they say in the military.

I want to point out right here that there are groups of collective evil; of course I would hope you realize there are groups not of collective evil. There are groups of collective good in which case you may see the one evil human being as separating  themselves or standing apart from that group because the groups good is impenetrable and the one evil being cannot find a way to reach its roots into that collective mind. This is just as much a reality as the group of collective evil is a reality.

Please do not see what I am saying to you without also viewing it in the way I’m asking you to. I have seen this for example in groups inspired in goodness, no malice, simply goodness. Where there is one or two who just cannot seem to find their place in the group and this I say is a beautiful sight to behold, rare, as rare, as rare can be, but it does exist. When that evil-minded being cannot find its place in the group the only thing left to do is do its best to create havoc within the group of good-by creating fear and doubt. By pitting group members against one another, now of course, if  there is any inkling that evil could arise in anyone of those good beings, it will. But, I have seen where it hasn’t. The potentials may arise but, they are quickly offset by Truth and by Love and therefore, the spirit of evil cannot flourish in that group.

COMPASSIONATELY, The Matriarch of LIGHT on earth

There is more True evil in the human condition than we want to accept

There is, for the vast majority of human beings the desire to be taken care of, there is as I have said, those who are childlike and those who are childish. The childlike individual is innocent and mature by innocence in this respect I mean not cunning, not charming, not planning their next move, fearless, forthright not blunt, there is no malice of thought and deed. There is no need for self-deception. Yet, there is the distinct awareness of malevolence in others be it overt or covert and it’s coercive collusional force in others to draw them into the childish realm of evils pervasive psychology of motive and intent.

Childish is of course, a regressive state it is best termed I believe, naive!, devoid of any childlike qualities. We live in such self-deception that we have co-mingled the words and the definitions of innocence and naive! to appear as one and the same.

To some of you there is a ghastly miss perception born of laziness, a willingness to excuse or an ignorance in order to blame other for not truly understanding the blatant difference of the two. Now, indeed who is really the scapegoater and the scapegoatee here? I realize this is difficult to ingest in your otherwise main stream of thought; because to accept what I’m saying to you would mean to accept that there is a great deal more True evil in the human condition than we would choose to take in. To accept its’ presence means the lack of ignorance vitalizes ones’ ability to begin the process of reversing the power which evil wields.

I wish for you all peace of mind, because of what you learn and how you personally can set out to create change within your own self and therefore, all sentient life.

My deepest blessing,

Shubhranandaswami Psy.D.