Dissolution\Transformation of patriarchal domination coming to the end.  The Feminine Principle continues to STRENGTHEN!

Often my words are perceived negatively. Idealism, authenticity, integrity, vulnerability, are from where I speak.

The escalation of violence against women & children globally is in effort to keep the feminine down because its strength makes mankind feel impotent. Man is fearful therefore lashes out in lude\lasivious  reactions to TRUTH! This is a first hand attestment  @ your service!

Change is what living in this realm is all about. Our environment shapes us…

One who is here with clear vision is not here to sugar coat TRUTH w\made up strategies to entice you.

#Freethenipple is an IN YOUR FACE example of the call to egalitarianism! Are WE there yet?

According to Astrological computation the coming alignment of planets coming into place and escalating this quantum leap in consciousness began Capricorn New Moon 12\21-22 2014 followed by the Cancer Full Moon 1\4-5 2015 & culminating climactically 1\20\2015 bringing vitalizing energies to annihilate concretized  habitualized patterns of individual\collective archetypes.

Choose to release yourself from organized religion… from fear of knowing your full potential hidden in your untapped essence.

This IS the time of GREAT expanse! Seize the moment!  Women you need to take command of your life as The Feminine Force Be WILLING to balance your life & face your shadow side and liberate your suppressed energies!

Love Light Truth in the coming year to ALL, SEE YOU…



Contemplative Offerings to heal YOU “THE FEMININE IS THE MEDICINE-AHIMSA”

It is from The Sacred Feminine that The FIRST trinity takes birth-Spirit, Mother & Child. The patriarchal perversion is father, son & holy ghost. The re-emergence of The Sacredness of The Feminine is The Medicine to heal the dis-ease of separation in the collective psyche. The serpent is the symbol of the rejuvenating power of  Mother Nature, symbolized thru the shedding of its skin. Knowledge of snake venom is known to be Healing & the Bringer of death of the physical body. For over 4,ooo years patriarchy has attempted to oppress, dominate, reject & even KILL the Primordial Feminine. The masculine force has suppressed Her thru forced conversion, deviant pretense, brutal terror, immobilizing fear using Her Love, beauty, grace, Truth, Peace, & Wisdom as WOMD against Her. NOT ANY MORE!!! Every act of violence(himsa) first exists in the mind. Lack of Ahimsa(NONviolence) is a drought man has convinced its ignorant self that must keep the world warring to attain. The Love in the Feminine nature is the teaching of the art of Peace.  Woman MUST Seek to understand and preserve Unity. Man is too stupid to realize IF he wants to destroy the entire Feminine Presence he’ll have to get over his homophobia & pretentious  preachings of his-story re:bestiality  “god forbid!” The very existence of humanity would not BE if not for The Feminine!  To continue to exist\survive under a power-over mandated separatist god the father dictatorship IS the bastardization of THE TRUTH of human existence, is it not!? The handful of men not in this sickness-HOW will you aid humanity?


Love & Peace, The Feminine

Signing Out

This is a time for expanse. It is time to come away from this narrow non-productive form of communication. Too many cowardly ones stop in leaving behind their dark gaseous lingerings. The point of this space has always been to educate with TRUTH and feed those whom wish to be fed. It has been clear for some time that feeding the psychopathic hate filled separatists, voyeuristic students of the past, ones of pure ignorance (egoic-prideful) ill willed and curious has darkened the purpose. Just becuz U hide behind the screen and spew hate out into the etheric realm does not stop your prarabdha karma(creating now) coming from the gravity of your kriya mana karma(conscious mindful actions) from  affecting U. It does so FIRST although most are too dense to notice unless you are finally stricken w\ physical misfortune. The sensitive Beings are always aware of the energies most importantly thot forms and must not contribute to any on going negativity.

Love is not the opposite of hate IGNORANCE is!!!

Forgiveness is balanced emotion giving birth to Feeling which is Spiritual Maturity. ONLY then does one KNOW Compassion!

UNITY is REALITY unrecognizable by blinded separatists!         ALL of Life is RELATED & INTERCONNECTED!

Universal Reorientation thru more positive means. We will dance into the Dark Introspective transformative energies of the forth coming Equinoctial New Moon………


Love,Light, Deepest Blessings,

Dr. Shubhrananda Swami


In children, indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice

Indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice. It has been for quite some time, just look at our own children and how they are handling life and their surroundings. Adapting to indifference while still fighting the pain of its’ evil reality all around them.

The children do suffer to the depths of self-mutilation trying to find their soul, trying to feel, to express, if you really pay attention. You will find that what they do create is the expression of evil coursing through their little veins.

They are reminded daily that they must fit in with the norm. Do good in school that’s the number one rule. Just shut up and follow the rules. Go to college; get a job with a good company and oh yes, most importantly, do not think for yourself. Parents will out right refuse to pay for college if the child wants to be say, be an artist or a musician because that is not a profession that will actually earn a living, according to many.

I have sat with these parents and these children and entire families where the refusal to help with the college endeavor was yanked out away from the child where it once was in full tact. But, the child’s choice of what to study did not align with what the parents want and after all it is their money.

Are we to give up hope, then in that case and accept doom as the reality or are we to change our values and teach the truth?  What if we were to teach acceptance and love by giving children classes in school, beginning from grade school all the way up, on different societies, cultures and religions in their truth. Why not teach them the very nature of evil, it’s psychology, how it works and how to prevent the disease from infecting them. Or if in fact that has already occurred giving them measures to eradicate it from their own self. For that matter adults would greatly benefit from such teachings as well.

2013 UPDATE: In order to give the children of sight the advantage of further teachings to include that which is required of the state to “graduate” the institution of public school enhanced in their intelligence rather than repress them, confine them in tradition you would save an other wise secluded, or suicidal demand sure to end in a misinformed moment of life and death decision. If so called “loved ones” do not support the idealistic child they will perish in silence till’… or arrive @ their station in this life to serve humanity in their plight to remembre  KARMA!

“Working Class Hero” by John Lennon  speaks directly of the oppressive reality of children in America, remember? feel that memory? The mental\emotional states you adapted to helped shape your character along w\ the collective consciousness you were influenced by and what you did or not with such.

The child sees you no matter your self delusional force of conversion! …   THE ONE


“Perfectness, the constant state, no matter what else, perfection reigns over all things. It is in everything. It is all things. Remember? That is the spark of your life, that perfectness. That perfect energy is what keeps you a living being. It is the breath of Mother. The more we meditate the more we fix our mind’s eye all of our senses on perfection that lies within us, the more we rid ourselves of negative thought. Just constantly tell yourself, “I will remember my blessed perfect Self. I will remember by living my life consciously, by making conscious choices in this imperfect world.”
Always bask in the glory of the memory that you are a child of The Goddess. Born of the very seed and breath of perfection.

The Goddess religion; the original religion.

The Goddess religion; the original religion is known and documented to have made beautiful images by painting and carvings on stones. They also made clay images, all female images, in worship of the feminine in human form. God, being the Mother of all, yet it is ad nauseam evident throughout his-story that the masculine insists on repressing the Universal Mother’s presence by exclusively documenting the idea that man has evolved over the ages, while women were and are assumed and expected to adapt to the evolving needs of man and serve the male dominance.

Well, the reality is this, male dominance sanction by god the father may claim exclusiveness with regard to evolution, but this pitiful self-proclamation is born of fear due to feeling threatened by the true power that cannot be dominated and does not acquiesce to the invention of god the father as a means to control. For you see all the experiences of God The Mother still vibrate in our psyche. They are the primal essence unchanged, the primal essence expressed by humanity through psychological and spiritual experience. Experience cannot be denied. Memory is the means of Her re-emergence and is seen throughout all cycles of nature. God is, and eternally reveals Her powerful essence in all of The Great Mother’s creation.

In the very beginning, the sea, the great earthly womb, an all female environment. In the beginning of a newborn’s life, the environment then and now is predominately female, mother and child. The mother, fulfilling the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the child through her body, mind and spirit.


“Why does man seek to destroy their very breath?”

“Why does man seek to destroy their very breath?”

The answer to this question is, “because there is a collective unconscious, somewhat conscious, fear of feminine power.”

Simply, males must repress and mutilate the feminine power; for it is the Absolute Ultimate power, which they fear renders them helpless. That is the power of love. The perversion of this power, is further sanctioned by god the father, as necessary to keep the body, mind, and soul of womankind in control.

Love, remember has no boundaries. This process of repression and mutilation is not solely done in one place on earth but, everywhere on earth. Visualize it, if you will, for just a moment as an upward facing triangle. First and foremost at the apex of the triangle is god the father, creator of the world. In the higher center, man as creator deems, everything is for him, god the father said so. In the center, once again womankind is man’s servant. God the father deems it so. Womankind needs to be controlled and has one main purpose, to propagate the world of man and serve it willingly or not, but definitely quietly or else, and the very foundation of the upward facing triangle being the very foundation of every organization sanctioned by god the father. This is institutionalized according to god the fathers’ rule and laws. This is found in most religions and throughout the cultures of the world, the customs and traditions of its people.

Anyone who recognizes the facts, which by the way have been documented by men, mind you. The first relationships are with Mother and child. The first spoken words of a child are Ma Ma. First tools to be found were womans’ digging sticks. You can easily research and validate endlessly this truth.

Sustenance came first from Mother and womankind. Women were the first to gather for sustenance, for the tribes, and for the children growing older, water, plants, fire, all having to do with womyn, their gathering of foods of sustenance and the fire. First fire users were womyn using it for ritual, warmth, the cooking of foods, but not sacrifice of living beings. Womyn were the first to make eating implements and clothing. Womyn were the first medicine doctors, the priestesses, shamans. Womyn were the first to document on their sticks and on stones the lunation cycles.

The first teachers to man were womyn.


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