Evil aims to Kill, to Kill Love and Truth

For every individual to understand apathy and the me, mine, narcissistic pathology to be the root of all suffering is my hope. For each individual to know the Truth of human evil would also require the knowledge of the sacredness of human life. This proposal is of course fear provoking in itself, for to actually recognize, accept and resist evil through knowledge gained and personal experience truly presents a danger to your individual psyche and therefore, is a huge threat to group evil maintenance.

The dangers of not knowing the Truth are far greater than knowing that you are in grave danger of remaining in ignorance, if you remain ignorant as to the presence of evil, that would seem like a far more threatening problem. You cannot conquer what you refuse to see as the enemy of your birthrite, happiness. Yet, I tell you to arm oneself in Truth with the most sincere love is surely to cause the spirit of evil to rear its ugly head with an even greater intensity.

Remember, those who are evil will not admit to their own imperfections. Therefore, they must project all imperfections outside of themselves onto others. The evil person is equipped with the knowledge of human weakness remember, for weapons in waging war against Truth. Evil aims to kill, to kill Love and Truth and will stop at nothing and will not give up or give in.

It distorts the principles at the foundation of every Strength. Do you understand that? Legion/evil are synonymous, with great success, right up until this very second and it will continue on. It convinces with ease the individual and group mind and heart that they are acting in righteous judgment, all the while set out to destroy the lives’ of others. That’s the hideous reality of it all. They have the power, to the degree unless of course, a more evil individual happens along, so to speak, and proceeds to toy with their, “their” meaning, the psychiatrists, the psychologists, self-righteousness as a client, I’m speaking of. The lackadaisical facade of being all knowledgeable is quite appealing to one who is masquerading as being in need of a little counsel. I think sometimes we get too comfortable hiding behind a piece of paper and a desk, this is unfortunate. So much for the “mental health system.”

Are YOU Aware of YOUR taskmasters???!!! Ego is the gate keeper…Are You Aware of that which is coming and going thru YOUR gate???!!!….

In Love and Truth, Task Master of Lite in this ocean of unconscious chaos


Love is The One Eternal Power which Cannot be Defeated

Love is not jealous, yet, we are taught in relevant christian doctrine that god is a jealous god, an angry god and will punish us. Yet, I find that very difficult to swallow, as would anyone who knows that a loving God would not have any of those ways, you see?!!!????

Love is the healing balm of all disease. Without love we will not overcome evil. Yes, I am saying that we must love even the filthiest hideously ugly evil person. Now, for most this seems absolutely impossible, I know. Therefore, the question of forgiveness is always coupled with this statement of loving all beings. But, to do anything other than love them is being just like them. Where is the balance, that’s the question.

Out of Pure Love is born Compassion. To be of Compassionate nature is to accept The Truth and Love despite evils’ obvious presence. I have countless times said to many who come to me, I Love Yourself, the you I see in spite of your perceived attachment to imperfections. I am reaching for your heart if you are willing to put out your hand. I’ll take you to the place where I stand and you can see what I see which is far more beautiful than we humanly imagine. I see your potential for true good. I am focused on the sacredness for which your whole self is born. The reason you have come is that you are a child of The Mother of god. I will come as close as you will allow me in your process of becoming. Love is the key, you see.

We are never without beacons of Light in any given lifetime. Those beacons know themselves to be but the vehicle for The Great Mothers’ will. They know they are to remain the instrument in the fight between good and evil and they do so willingly.

Evil will seek them out and crash upon their loving souls again and again. Like the furious waves crashing on the rocks in a treacherous storm at sea. A heart that is filled with love will drink in evils blows repeatedly. True love is unchanging, it cannot be destroyed. All of life is born of it. All of life depends on it and all of life dissolves back into it. Love being The Original Source of all. Love is the One eternal Power which cannot be defeated, only strengthened. It is the beginning, it’s the means it’s the Ultimate without end.
Many blessings to you all, may the wealth of Love spring forth from all, for your own self-growth and for all of sentient life. Peace, happiness, Love is the Birth Right of every Soul. Sisters of this life why do you send such HATE?… having lived w\This One in the Truths of which I remind you of ?

Truth is The Answer, The One

Breaking Truth… AMERICA, entire Country is STEEPED in HYPOCRISY, we’ll continue to update you

America, entire country is steeped in hypocrisy. You  are a mockery of truth because you cow tow to evil, that’s why, only because you choose to live in ignorance.  But many times the question arises, “Swami, do you think that people are evil deep within or good? The majority of people, would you say that they have good intentions or evil intentions?” Again, this is one of those entrapping questions, but again, I return to the place in the teaching, why is it that you are so willing to allow evil to be pervasive in humanity and accept its way as normal and then along comes the non-confomed person and they now are the trouble makers because they refuse to go along with the norm. Now, I ask you with regards to that question, what would you say, “How do you see it? Not, how do you want to see it, but, how do you see it?”

As a child I could not say the national anthem along with the Lord’s Prayer, you know we were supposed to in school, not that I didn’t love the praise of Spirit. As a matter of fact when I spoke about the Great Spirit in any way I had no control. I would always break out in tears, always. But, to bring together the rote words of dogma and try to make them a truth was very baffling to me. I couldn’t do it without getting severe adverse physical effects, of course, that was due to my own unwillingness to participate in such lies.

Being a young child as some, I’d say, most children would do, I tried to speak to my parents about the whole matter, bad idea. It only brought about severe anger and very painful punishments. Along with those punishments was the very harsh reminder that only a very bad evil person like the communists would think the way I was thinking and ask the questions that I was asking and that I was never ever again to demoralize or embarrass my parents or our, my family publicly by such questions or actions such as not saying the national anthem. I was to put my hand on my heart and I was to be completely grateful for living in the country of freedom and I was further to be very grateful for their feelings and thoughts for me. THEIRS WAS\IS NO LOVE for THIS CHILD. However, I understood what was being said. My birth mother had no qualms about sending her only child to bed without dinner, until of course, the admission of my wrong doings, and that was to be followed up with an apology. In order to make sure that I did this, I think for some of us we can relate, but, back then you would go through the process of having to write a hundred or thousand times, you know; I will not do this or I will not do that. This was fine for me, because I really enjoyed writing and I used it as a time of perfecting my letters. But, I was very young, at most five-six age wise it might have been first or second grade somewhere in that place. Anyway, I paid no mind to what I had to write I simply did the task. Well, I could not admit to any wrong doing and therefore, I had nothing to apologize about. This often went into the wee morning hours, 3-4 a.m.

Now, without a doubt, most of you would see this as an overly willful rebellious child, which is something some of conscious children struggle with at times. But, deeply in my heart I knew there was something wrong. Well, she did not budge in her punishment, complete isolation with the shades drawn down in my room and hunger, over some time, will cause you to find a way of making amends and so it was done much to indoctrined shame and the denying of my own conscience. But, still at such a young age I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it all. But, I can tell you one thing, I did not state the national anthem along with the Lord’s prayer ever again in school. Of course, my parents and the teacher had colluded in to informing each other of any more annoying ways of rebellious behavior. With my parents ending, of course, that they would immediately correct any problems that I caused. I learned to lip sync the 21st psalm like Millie Vanillie did. You know, I was saying that while the rest were saying something else. I admit I was not a good student with respect to history and government. But, I did learn to shut up because the group consciousness and power was large, bigger than I could take on at that time. Thanks to my pedophile birth father I had a pretty good command of speaking and therefore, I learned how to pose questions in class as I got older. I admit that they were questions that were sure to stir the thoughts of a least one or two other oppressed souls. But, nonetheless, without incident it allowed the teachers to go on with their instruction without too much disruption.

I am certain, without a doubt, that this is what has brought me to this place of institutionalized education, being in the mass problems that it is in now, children cannot deny their hearts. Yet, evil is huge, pervasive and difficult to stand up to when you are one dependent on its very self for your basic needs. And therefore, they know nothing else to do but to rebel in their own little ways. Yet, if you’ve paid attention to the teachings you recognize that in fact they learn\become the evil, little ones creating too much problem. Oh, we’ve tried to bring them all together in a collective oneness through uniforms, dress codes, trying too hard to indoctrinate cohesive training much to the power and liking of evil choice but, thanks to The Great Mother it doesn’t work.

How much better it would be if parents and others were able to see the Truth. The Truth is, I do not, have not, ever known any child who doesn’t want to learn. But, what I do see and I do know is they fight against lies and evil, thank The Great Mother. But, it isn’t because they don’t want to learn, they want to know the Truth. They don’t want to be told something because it has been the institutional norm for so long that the evil lies are accepted without question. May they always question, may ALL CHILDREN always question. I am concerned that it will only get worse before it gets better. Sometimes, manifesting childlike idealistic resonance of memory as to how would it be if all the children decided that they would not go to school and continue on in the way things are any longer. And, that if they were going to be taught, because they want to learn, that they would have more say so in how that would be. I am certain that it wouldn’t be as bad as so many believe they would make it because of course, we have to sit in self-denial and believe that they want it easy and they want it this way and that way so they won’t even try to learn, no, no it’s not true.

May we each and every one of us take action for the freedom of our own Self. May we be free from self-denial, that we may be an example of conscious awareness for children and all others to take in and learn that they may experience it in themselves.

You are LOVED, Mataji


Your personalities, relationships and life philosophies are so incredibly distorted with this di-sease; your body mind and spiritual growth\attainments are confined in a mire of endless judgement and expectations of such stuporous multitudinous proportions that most of you have successfully forgotten the cure for this plague – ACCEPTANCE.

99.9% of humanity live in fear much of their waking hours – Why? As individuals and groups you feel threatened. You have to believe suffering gives meaning to life.

One of humanities BIGGEST problems is that the vast majority as individuals as well as groups are quite willing to ADAPT  to imposing beliefs and manmade laws without question. Some call this acceptance.

Relieved of responsibility, resentfully adapting, individuals and groups acquiesce. Applauding themselves for surviving, they hastily build internal as well as external defenses, believing this to be the exertion of free will. Few see, even fewer understand the obvious problem – FEAR.

Fear gives birth to all sorts of malevolence; I’m right you’re wrong. We are better than them. My religion is holy – yours is therefore evil – Complete with the ability to expound literal interpretations of scripture with prolixity minus feeling and true understanding, competition – supposedly resulting in the one most powerful; and those with the most are obviously more deserving. All of which require defensiveness. None of which stem from or give rise to acceptance, which by the way is an endless buried reservoir deep within the minds and hearts of all humanity.

We are an endangered species for at the very core of humanity is the biggest drought few of you concern yourselves with. If you are not willing to acknowledge the concepts and beliefs of one another the reservoir will dry up – be forgotten in your so called evolutionary process.

There is a way out of your ignorance. You can begin by detaching from your preconceptions of one another as individuals and groups. Once a day attempt to embrace the concepts of another person or group expanding your mind to the potentials of acceptance. You will find your fears weakening. Expanding your mind beyond the preconceptions you held helps dissolve your defensiveness. You are free to be accepting of others.

Suppression of acceptance at best produces tolerance. Tolerance is not enough for it gives birth to repression. We are all apart of life not apart from it.

Many blessings to ALL that ALL may be, a blessing unto one another


The so-called founding fathers were not christians

The overbearing puritan religious power was intercepted and changed by a secular power. What do you really know about the founding fathers, so they’re called? You know those guys, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Payne, James Madison, Ben Franklin, remember them? They manifested the ideas and the documentation of the American, British revolution. They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They formed the legal political structure of American government, more importantly, the ideals of freedom and independence of thought and behavior, maybe….?!?!

I find this interesting that pre-christian reign, that is in the ancient times of the original religion of The Mother, there was no need for radical reforms of anything, ideas, thoughts or behaviors. There wasn’t even a lack of or the thought of a lack of freedom. And independence, well, everyone understood themselves to be an individual, a part of the whole but, they also as you remember, recognized the interdependence, the inclusiveness of every part of the whole in order for there to be the working of the cycles in totality. The Iroquois Indians had an influence that is not taught in this countrys’ learning institutions.

These men, these founding fathers were not christians, however they were completely familiar with the Puritan way of life as they were definitely a part of such hell, it was a part of their own his-tory. Deism, being an 18th century rationalist philosophy, was their path to god, for them, god being the intelligence and organizing principle in the universe, but they considered it to be the principle deduced through rational thought and investigation. God was not considered by these men, to be some overseer of humanity, the big eye in the sky concept, whose will was to be enforced by gods’ chosen ones, through gods’ organizations or institutions, that being the priests and the church and the state under church rule or in collusion with church. When they spoke of god, they referred to a cosmic law. They considered themselves spiritual and good persons. They were against the judeo-christian dogmas of the church. Particularly we’re speaking again of the catholic church and the Protestants.

Please choose TRUTH beyond the ignorant condition you are in of relevant truth… Be Fearless


The naked human body

Consider this for some time. Start with yourself. Now extend your thoughts and your eye to include all others. How many human beings are fearful, if not terrified, of simply communing with nature, with Mother Earth Herself? How pervasive is the fear of and condemnation of, nature or naturalness? Meaning of course, the forests, the animals and yes, the human beings who commune with Her raw creations and become one with nature?

How pervasive is the fear in those human beings who consider the oldest religion(This One speaks of religion as ritual, a way of constant and consistent ways of life) so threatening to them? For one who fears not, and recognizes they are a part of life, and recognizes their part in life, lives a peaceful harmonious existence, at least within their own self. This is true freedom! Lest rare be you reminded. Take into consideration even the naked human body, just the mere thought brings about fear, shame, guilt and damnation in need of redemption. Yet, is this not how we enter the world, naked, natural?

Women kind fear revealing their bodies for good reason, they have been conditioned and through experience have been taught that they are the temptresses of the devil because of their bodies, because of their natural inclinations of sensuality. The beauty of their natural sensuality is considered a sin and should be kept cloaked because man cannot control his lust, oh yes, and that’s Her fault!!!???

Girls who are molested and sexually abused, are definitely at fault according to the patriarchal belief system. For the act of molestation, abuse inflicted upon them occurs, because after all, they were dressed indecently. They walked seductively, obviously they were asking for it. We see\hear of this daily lazily tolorating it as an EXPECTED\ACCEPTED act.

Man has intercourse with helpless animals: sheeps, cows, dogs, etc. Predators are so vile they see women & children just as helpless and easy prey. Priests actually sexually assault targeted children in their own homes with the parents  in the home!!! Fathers’, uncles, brothers, so called friends are just as vile.

The pretense of the many so called FOR CHILDREN people is < than noble. Few of integrity. Children know they are misinformed, deceived, conditionally “cared for”, unloved. Love for loves’ presence first, foremost is RARE to NOT.


The Soul

Our Soul is a drop in the ocean of the immortal Divine Mothers womb. The Soul is the center of all of life. It is our home of origin. Only when we return home does all pain and misery cease. For we merge with The One.

Our separateness only exists because of forgetfulness. In your mind visualize a triangle. Mother Goddess is the apex, you and consciousness are the foundation, in the middle is Primordial Matter. This matter is the veil separating us from Conscious Awareness of The True Self.

As human beings we have samskaras- best defined as inherent traits- subliminal traits of our past. These are karmic activators. These subliminal traits are not learned they are preexisting. We also have kleshas. These are best termed in English as hindrances or obstacles, which are weaknesses such as food, sex, drugs, sleep, ego, etc… These are the blocks earthlings remain stuck in and preserve the continuity of our suffering/elation or pain/pleasure. We all have what we call in Yoga—chitta—mind stuff. This mind stuff is basically of five divisions. Four being of mis-perceptions and one being True perception. To attain the One Truth or True perception of life the other four must be eliminated or melted into the One.

Through experience I see people searching for peace, peace of mind and peaceful existence. But this is impossible if we remain on the treadmill of continuous fluctuations within our mind stuff. Peace of mind cannot be experienced through the logical endeavor of problem-resolution. The resolution is always limited to the means by which we attack the problem. These means are usually a fact-finding  adventure which results in the process of the reduction theory based solely on tangible evidence. What about intangible evidence? Facts based on the experience of feeling , intuitive knowledge, which by the way far exceeds the limitations of tangible resolve. Modern science tends to exclude what they term as unseen and insists what cannot be physically proven does not exist. However, I would suggest we expand our mind to include a further understanding of seen and unseen.

In Yoga, seeing has more to do with inner vision, memory and Pure perception. Whereas, unseen has to do with not remembering. Therefore, our True perceptions are hidden behind the egos veil of ignorance. The Yogi sees her\his universe as comprised of Soul, prana (life force) and the body physical. At the human level of existence we live in suffering because we have no recollection of that which is unseen and therefore, not remembered. We rely solely on our senses wandering into so-called fact-finding missions based on tangible evidence and common sense. We say we seek to learn. But when we are based in True perception we know all learning is but a remembering. A remembering of all that has occurred in one’s past life, all that’s occurred in this life and all future incarnations. This continuity of memory develops through the use of True perception. To cognize The Truth is to perceive beyond all scholarly endeavors in search of knowledge. Pure knowledge. Pure knowledge can only be attained after we have exhausted all plights of higher knowledge through physical means. Then one realizes there is a vastness of knowledge which fact-finding logicians cannot harness through the limitations of scholarly intellect.

One who resides in the Highest Intellect is One who sees the eternal living flame, the immortal Soul in herself\his self and all of life. Human beings imagine such a One to be superior to them. But, I tell you One of the Highest Knowledge knows they are a part of life not separate from it. The question remains, how does one attain the greatest knowledge? That knowledge which is beyond mere human conceptualization. As with all learning one requires a teacher, a master, a guide with instruction on the given subject. One who is adept as to inquiry, understanding and having perfected such knowledge can aide the sincere student to such realization. A person need not rid themselves of desires, emotions or previously obtained knowledge. One need only to be willing to challenge ones own concepts and extend their mind beyond those limitations formed through samskaras and the existence of kleshas binding them to ignorance. A person must be willing to forfeit the “I- ego” of existence and see the totality of their being. We are all an extension of the One Universal Soul emeshed in Primordial Matter. To remove our emeshment is to merge with the One Supreme Knowledge. To be in Peace is to serve life through True perception, to see KNOWER and ignorant one as one in the same. One without a second.

Peace be within the Hearts of All,
Your Mother in the Dharma

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
January 2002

People who fear homosexuality are ignorant U need to fear the self rightious betraying ones but, U are blind, eh!?

Just as people fear color rubbing off, people fear homosexuality as though it is a disease that can overtake the heterosexual person. The only disease to fear in this case is that of the ignorant mind, the mind filled with wrong thought that gives rise to wrong action. This is due to wrong understanding, narrow concepts, and the distortion of truth, leaving a society that prides itself in tolerance at best, and only if homosexuality doesn’t enter their realm of existence, their family, their neighborhoods, their work place, their church. Should we not awaken to the reality of the impossibility of such a fantasy? Or will we continue our violent means of BULLYING, genocide, ignoring, shaming, hating, ridiculing, abusing, persecuting, and yes, killing of ones Spirit and potential to destroy quality of life for generations to come!

Homosexuality, remember, has been since time immemorial, and will continue to be forever more. In the name of religion and so-called moral righteousness, we can remove basic human rights but, never can the nature of a person be destroyed, only distorted. Herein lies the cause of sexual deviance in the homosexual relationship. Rejection, BULLYING, tolerance not acceptance, abuse, incest, rape, the catholic\christian right church hierarchy on down to lay preachers can\does change the victimized @ the depth of Being.

Parents deny their homosexual children and attempt by force to make them be like everyone else. Thus, we see the psychological harm created by fear. These psychological ramifications lead a child into shame and self punishment. Love is no longer the basis of relationships but, the need to be loved and accepted becomes even more paramount and the means to attain it can and does become a dark vicious cycle often leading to self-destructive patterns in desperation.

Do any of YOU know what it FEELS like to know you are\were UNLOVED as a child? To FEEL that is what gives birth to the predator, the enabler, or The awake LOVER of Life born of compassionate understanding. Knowing Truth, Intelligence, never accepting the LIES we are fed as the foundation for surviving the human condition. The young ones will rise up and fight the establishment AGAIN and will succeed beckoning the lite of The Mother having enough BETRAYAL of entrusting in THE UNTRUSTABLE.

Everyone wants to be loved.


Full Moon symbolizes The Mothers’ Left Eye

Symbols were used by the ancients. They are powerful images succored with the human hearts and mind. In the Mother religion, the interconnected-ness of all of Mother’s creation was expressed through plants, animals, all of life.

Klan’s as well as individuals had totems. Totem means related through The Mother, the knowledge that we are not separate from The Mother or any other form of Her creation. The Great Spirit is alive in and through all of life. The Great Mother Herself continuously/simultaneously assuming all shapes and forms. All of life is the rhythmic dance in Her breath.

Did you know that Jesus said, “the whole on high hath part in our dancing. Who danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass.” This truth has its origin of words in the ancient pagan sacred cave dances. Did you know that his-story about evolution is not inclusive of evolving spiritually, understanding the true meaning of human existence and an interconnectedness of all cultures, because that is her-story oppressed and requires understanding the nature of humankind. Instead the western Christian patriarchy insists on evolving through technology, through what is called analysis based on man, indoctrined logic, reason, and deduction based on inserted ego and some undeniable facts; or just mere human intellect, repudiation of spiritual truths and let us not forget the process of his conventional mind, called reason/logic for each and every man becoming one now for this moment. Here is the insertion of relevant truth and as a result wala!, we have alienated ourselves from The One, disconnected from the very Source of life. Yet, the rhythmic dance continues, even in our lonely fragmented existence; love, interconnectedness, peace, memory, and vision have all atrophied in the projected confirming vibration of patriarchal religion, especially Roman Christianity, a manmade road of rules.

As long as you continue to follow nose to ass like cattle the linear LIE line of what you are told and you do not question you will remain ignorant by choice. See the documentary EARTHLINGS with your children so they too are educated. These truths were given to the children The Great Spirit intrusted this One with @ every young years. When we crossed the street I held out my finger, impressing in their consciousness hold to The Mother, no one in those cars is watching out 4 U! It only took a moment in time for TRUST is our bond. Teaching them the truth of the human condition, what appears to be authoritative is fear mongers here to oppress your vulnerable view of life yet U must learn to live in this world strengthen the pineal gland be fearless. Know that what U hear in school is NOT the truth, most important NEVER allow anyone to speak to or do to U anything Your Mother has not. Symbolism,nonverbal communication encouraged telapathic  attunement. Experience with severe abuse @ the start of this life by a predator pedophiliac who fathered me and EVIL enabling womb bearing mother symbolizes why I did not allow them to experience the fragile little flowers I was cultivating in this beautiful garden of life. NO contact! This is inclusive of now deceased mother of the predator of a sister and deceased abused brother and husband of the bio-mother. The present wife and sister of the predator, included.

Born fully enlightened, old,tiny, overflowing with Love, unloved, a mother to siblings(they agree.) Caucasians can be slaves too!

This Ones life work has been undoing the fear,confusion and affects of abuse esp. SEXUAL ABUSE of thousands of children,serving to reshape the character of victimized survivors.

An ashram is the place for the feminine reemergence of your true Self, lifting your consciousness, grow\develope study, be safe and abundantly LOVED !


Motherhood of God Ancient Pagan Path of The Cosmos

The entire biblical story of god the father is founded upon the inherent truths of ancient myths found in the oldest religion of the Motherhood of God. Now, in the ancient religion we find a lot about paradise on earth, the garden, the birth and death. The cosmological teachings of the original path of ascending spirit, all suppressed and converted to appear as revelations of patriarchal mind. So we end up with what? The partial concept of human existence. What does that concept really say? Do you know? It says that, “human existence began with a crime against god the father.” That crime being, disobedience. Hmm… when and where did they come up with that? It’s not hard to figure out. So the Bible story would have us believe of course, that the fault of any consequences of this disobedience lies solely with the woman, who is said to be corrupt and disobedient of the father God. And somehow clever and deceitful woman-kind caused the Original Sin. And we are therefore, all damned under this Original Sin. And the patriarchal guidance is needed to liberate us from Her clutches and therefore, the Bible lays out the rules and the regulations of both men and women according to God the Father. And the laws and the rules are to be strictly followed. All of this is an evolving away from The very Source of creation. Human life has always begun and always will begin from the womb of Mother. Not the invention of a father who is supposedly deemed necessary for absolving humanity of their evil ways or following the circular path of nature’s rhythmical dance. All means of worship of the creative power of The feminine were\are punishable by death. THINK PEOPLE! Let me make it perfectly clear: the very thing we are, we come from, we desire to be sustained in, by, with, and for ourselves and each other, punishable by death! Father god is not inclusive when it comes to power, not inclusive of power that he was not the inventor of or has exclusive patent over. Now, this is a problem for even though there is plenty of “evidence” for the empirically minded, it is still denied wisely.

Well, I am hoping that this teaching, if anything, will make you think, most of all feel.

Better to be a heathen than a hipocrite! Those aware of the shift in conscious we are in for some time now insists on revealing the oppression of humanity by the lifting of the veil of ignorance. It is inevitable the “civilized, dogmatic, traditional, conversional, patriarchal dictatorship of church\politics be revealed and annihilated.  YOU have all been lied to and are still being lied to; the his-story of this country is a fantasy fed to your mind killing your heart and distroying your Spirit!

Communicating with U on this box is one dimensional     Compassion is just a word here  May YOU some how FEEL its resonance from This One